Human News

The chart below gives very crude estimates or guesses of the number of people killed/saved or affected (by loss/gain of family, home, or health) by each item over one decade.

Meningitis Vaccine300 thousand5 million12 million
TB Test500 thousand5 million10 million
Patent Pool100 thousand500 thousand3 million
Food Aid Deficit500 thousand10 million20 million
HIV Treatment Retreat1 million2 million30 million
Indian Generic Drug Dispute With EU200 thousand500 thousand6 million
Intellectual Property vs. Drug Access100 thousand300 thousand3 million
Artesunate1 million3 million30 million
Measles Rebound1.6 million10 million64 million
Kala Azar Drugs1 million2 million30 million

Total6 million40 million200 million

Human News aims to devote 1 character to each 40,000 life-years, or 1000 average lives. Thus, the number of characters on these subjects could be 200 million life-years / 40,000 life-years/character = 5,000 characters. This article has 3800 characters plus about 1000 characters for the two photos.

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