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10 January 2006Archive Subscribe for free by E-mail or Human News RSS feed

This first issue of the year is special. To illustrate the differences in article lengths caused by a quantitative editorial policy such as that of Human News, we have taken the subjects of all of the articles in this issue from the front page of a standard international newspaper. You can compare the lengths of the standard and quantitative articles by clicking "How was this story's length set?" at the end of each article.

Netanyahu and Sharon

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Dow Over 11,000

Stock prices in the United States have climbed lately. On Monday, the Dow Jones industrial average hit the highest level in five years.

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EU Services

José Manuel Barroso, European Commission president, is pushing for speedy adoption of a controversial EU services plan. It would let companies open subsidiaries in other member states without going through a difficult approval process, and it would let any company offer services in all EU states as long as the company obeys the laws of its home country. Supporters and critics disagree on whether the plan would increase or decrease jobs.

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Turkey Flu

H5N1 virus

Lab tests found bird flu virus in Turkey in 14 people, of whom three died. Cases are spread over six provinces, but a WHO team saw no evidence that the virus has increased its transmissibility or is spreading from person to person. Most people under investigation are children, often from the same family, and almost all are linked to sick poultry; several children had played with the severed head of a diseased chicken.

Turkish officials were slow to pursue reports of sick poultry, but have now confirmed H5N1 in birds in 10 of the country’s 81 provinces. Culling is under way.

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Iran Uranium

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Where Have All The Young Girls Gone?

About half a million abortions are performed yearly in India solely because the fetus is female, according to a survey published Monday in the medical journal The Lancet. Over the two decades since widespread prenatal sex screening became feasible by ultrasound, that would total 10 million abortions. Daughters are commonly considered a liability due to social and economic factors, such as the practice of dowry.

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