Idea of the Year

In 2017, Warren Graham submitted the idea receiving the highest rating over the last year:

"S-SPACE House Modules: The all-in-one family solution to generate abundant healthy food, clean energy for home and transportation, all within an inexpensive and eco-friendly house."

It received a rating of 3.0, or Excellent, on the scale of 1-3. Here is his comment:

The idea has since been renamed to just "SPACE House". Thank you for voting this concept as the best idea of 2017. I hope to bring it from idea to market soon.

SPACE House: Combine a high efficiency house with a high efficiency greenhouse with a modernized Jean Pain composting system = a comfortable shelter which endlessly and abundantly regenerates: nutritionally complete food, heat and biofuel for a family. Make all product packaging for everything we buy, use only 100% compostable materials which degrade completely in the aforementioned modernized Jean Pain composting system = eliminates pollution + generates virtually limitless eco-friendly energy for additional things like; the car(s), the boat(s), etc. for a family. Design the house so that it is a Scalable, Portable, Automatable and a Closable Ecosystem. Mass produce them to reduce their construction costs, then give them away for free to families. Why? How? If everyone on Earth used SPACE Houses, this would eliminate global poverty, global pollution and global climate change. Thus, use those savings combined with the revenues from carbon taxes to pay for those free houses. They will: quickly pay for themselves, generate trillions in savings, guide us in an eco-responsible direction, etc.

The SPACE House is the smallest practical version of a self-sustaining, pollution-free living space that reliably regenerates all basic necessities; like a miniature version of a domed city or a space colony. As such, it could even be the foundation upon which to design far less expensive and less complex towns, cities, domed cities and orbital colonies; as no power grid, pollution mitigation systems, food generation systems, water works, or municipal sewage systems are needed - just plug-and-play SPACE Houses. We can use the SPACE concept to colonize space in a safe and responsible way, thus humanely eliminating overpopulation and its consequences on Earth. See

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