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1 S-SPACE House Modules: The all-in-one family solution to generate abundant healthy food, clean energy for home and transportation, all within an inexpensive and eco-friendly house. E-mail
2 Use an outer layer of tear-proof paper and an inner layer of inflatable bubble-wrap to make warm, durable camping tents or emergency shelters for refugees. E-mail
3 The United Nations was established to help maintain balance in international affairs. So why not pay closer attention to int'l genocide and ethnic "cleansing," by holding each leader--not nation--accountable? Treat them as separate entities. E-mail
4 Student exchange programs for students of all ages--not just in high school or college. E-mail
5 Nationalised banks should be merged in to two or three banks. Instead of multiple banks, one or two banks should be opened in all locations so that branches would be within 1 km of each other and operated 24 x 7. E-mail

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