How to list websites

To refer readers to a website from your idea, use html. Decide which word or phrase you would like to be the link, then precede it with <a href=" plus the website address plus ">. Follow it with </a>. For example:

A world language: Finally, a possibility of understanding, real and direct, for more than 6 billion people speaking 6,700 languages. Adopt the state-of-the-art, planned international language <a href="">Fasile</a> as the 2nd language.

As long as the length of your idea, including the link, is less than 256 characters, your idea can be displayed. If your idea is too long, try to cut out less important parts.

You can also add other html features, using the following delimiters:

  • Italics: <i>your italicized text</i>
  • Bold: <b>your bold text</b>
  • Underline: <u>your underlined text</u>