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1 In most cities, there are many trash bins, but almost no recycling bins. To decrease the amount of waste, have recycling bins right beside garbage bins. E-mail
2 Organize and find papers fast: Fold a throw-away sheet in half, title it on the folded edge, and slip in over the papers. It's much faster to finger your way through the titles than with file folders, because they have some depth. E-mail
3 When you want to do work and do not know how to start, then start with the first thing you think to do.
4 When doing an activity, don't worry about it or view it as an observer would to the point of misery. Also, don't analyze the activity while you're doing it unless it's for improvement of the activity. This keeps the activity much more enjoyable! E-mail
5 Job Seekers should send resumes directly to hiring managers, skipping the recruitment pre-screen process. Use sites like which offers contact info for over 28,000 hiring managers at Fortune 500 companies. E-mail