Soumi Dutta's ideas: (click suns to rate or comment on ideas)

1 To promote tourism, the tourism development agencies of developing countries can provide cheap interpreter-cum-guides. Teach the poor but intelligent youths some lesser learnt (in that region) foreign language. Help them & the region earn more. E-mail
2 Just 5-10% of our party expenses can provide a lunch to more poor children than the number of guests. Try to donate after each party and have more smiling faces than just of the guests. E-mail
3 The buttons of TV remotes, phones etc. can be shaped as numbers and letters rather than being round, rectangular etc. New look and lesser faults when pressing inattentively. E-mail
4 Transparent roof-top water tanks will allow easier checking of amount & cleanliness of stored water. With Sun-rays on water, much lesser chance of mosquito / insect larva growth in it. E-mail
5 To slow population growth, with 2 healthy children alive each time a couple makes a baby their socio-economic supports from government should be reduced and taxes increased. E-mail
6 Do not keep the name of organ donors secret for more than a year. A TV program can be arranged where the organ donor's family meets the recipient's. The emotion & gratitude of the recipients will encourage more organ donation. E-mail
7 Babies suffer a lot of pain after vaccination injections, mainly tetanus. Alternate oral/ inhaling/ ointment type should be developed. There can also be more vaccination to mother when the baby is in womb/ breast feeding. E-mail
8 To strengthen your gum & cure the pain due to loosening of teeth just chew a guava leaf twice a day. You can feel the difference within 2-3 days. This is my grandma's Indian recipe which I have used extensively. She still has all her teeth at 75+. E-mail
9 On a clear empty wall, put peacock feathers like X (with 2) or \|/ (with 3). It looks so nice, especially if the wall is on the opposite side of a fluorescent light. Very cheap but nice room decoration. E-mail
10 For a simple dessert, slice 20 dates, 10 gms. almonds & grind 4 cardamoms. Boil 1/2 lit. milk & add 200 gms of sugar, the dates & almonds until it thickens. Add the cardamom powder just before taking off-heat. Serve cold with raisin & cherry dressing. E-mail
11 For cleaning gold: Take a cup of warm water. Mix a spoon of detergent & half a teaspoon of turmeric powder. Keep the gold ornaments in this solution for 15-20 mins. Then clean with a soft brush. E-mail
12 If everyone has at least one plant in each room, then we can have a better environment: a billion plants more. E-mail
13 In offices, the handrest, backrest, and even the seating portion of the sofa and chairs can have small drawers to keep handy magazines, folders etc. & even cash also. E-mail
14 Witty t-shirt saying: "Wait Witty Wet" E-mail
15 In hot countries, on roof of buildings, put water sprinklers and temperature sensors to sprinkle water when the roof is hot. This will reduce heat in rooms under the roof. Small water spraying system can be put on Sun-facing walls also. E-mail
16 Ancient Indian way to slim: Every morning on empty stomach take 1 spoon each of fresh lemon extract & honey in a glass of lukewarm water. You will start losing fat within a month. To preserve fresh honey add 5-6 black peppers per kg of honey. E-mail