Ideas within topic services,transport: (click suns to rate or comment on ideas)

1 Air inside city buses can be more polluted than outside. Buses should completely flush their air when at clean portions of their routes, or should store clean air in a tank to release it gradually into the interior during the day. E-mail
2 In big cranes, a series of telescopic, concentric, cylindrical buckets filled with water or sand from site can compensate for 20% - 40% of the counter weights. Thus the purchase & transportation cost of the big cranes can be reduced. E-mail
3 Many tolled highways are avoided because of the cost. Instead, promote carpooling by exempting cars filled with three or more occupants. Prevents traffic jams and pollution. E-mail
4 Make public transit more convenient: replace coins with cash card accepted on buses and subways by swiping near a machine. Refill card at machines in subway stations. Hong Kong uses one. E-mail
5 LostBug: a microchip to put in one's luggage so that if it gets lost the airline can scan it and post it online. So long as the owner has his number, he can go online and then give his address and verification as the owner of the item to locate it. E-mail
6 Car headlights should automatically turn off with the engine. This would prevent the driver forgetting to turn them off and draining the battery. To use headlights when the engine is off, they could be turned on again manually. Toyota Camry does this. E-mail
7 Non-air-conditioned public transport buses in hot countries like India should have exhaust fans. When the buses are crowded, exhaust fan would bring some comfort to the passengers. E-mail
8 Warning flashers that actuate automatically when a vehicle slows down in an abrupt manner, when airbags deploy, or when the vehicle skids sideways. This device will caution the drivers who only watch the red tail lights in dense fog & heavy rain. (cars) E-mail
9 Grocery stores, drug stores and department stores should offer 'REACHERS' for wheelchair-bound customers and short people. E-mail
10 The cost of printing and distribution of public transport tickets could be recovered by putting printed advertisements on them. E-mail
11 Holiday Discount Website: A service where people would register an interest in a holiday, and when the requisite number of people had been reached to get a group discount, the holiday would be booked. (chartered vacation) E-mail
12 We need computer and camera driven traffic lights, so that traffic will not be held up when the other lanes are clear. Especially at night and during other low volume periods. For gasoline savings and personal safety. (energy conservation) E-mail
13 To allow browsing of the internet on airlines, archive a number of popular sites and connect to the in-flight entertainment system. That way the archive will be updated when the plane is on the ground and this will save on newspaper and magazine waste. E-mail
14 In a warehouse environment, install tiny chips in items which will tell warehouse computer where each item has been stored without human intervention. It is usually impossible to store all of one item in same place. E-mail
15 Children between ages of 15 and 17 are taken to a developing country to work for six weeks at the rate of pay that the average person in the country makes. This will raise awareness of how privileged we are in the US. E-mail
16 On airlines allow more choice in entertainment for economy class passengers by renting out portable DVD players and movies for the duration of the flight. E-mail
17 Website that generates a map and driving or bus directions between any given addresses. Yahoo and Whereis do so only for driving or walking and only in the US or Australia, respectively. E-mail
18 Mobile-Shredder is a van with different shredders installed on the back and with a deposit for paper. This could be a good service for companies who want to destroy and recycle old documents, forms, books, etc. E-mail
19 To help learning drivers, a computer program should be developed that would be like a driving simulator. It would be no subsitute for real driving, but it would help drivers to learn the rules. (cars, driving) E-mail
20 Insurance companies must justify any increases in writing within your bill. I have an exceptional driving record and I still am subjected to increases. My less-than-perfect bro gets decreases from the same company!!! Company can't explain this. E-mail
21 Create a railway delivery system along the Fedex lines. Guaranteed ontime delivery. Shippers get to the station on time or wait for the next train. E-mail
22 In India, rail companies give a number to find the status of your ticket through Web/Kiosk/HelpDesk. But big queues form near kiosks as many people don't know how to operate them. To solve the problem, allow checking via an automated phone system. E-mail
23 To save money, USA or European companies could scan and email/fax sketches of engineering drawings to Indian firms for conversion to proper engineering drawings with AUTO CAD. (outsource,outsourcing) E-mail
24 On major highways, for distances of 800 km or more, allow empty trucks to carry up to 6 passanger cars or 3 SUV/minivans. The amount of fuel used is less than the sum of fuel used by the 7 or 4 independent vehicles. E-mail
25 Hang bungee-cord nets across ends of runways to safely catch landing airplanes that can't stop in time. E-mail
26 Make paved roads with a lighter colored, more flexible material that is similar to what is used on tennis courts and playgrounds in order to reduce heat and injury. E-mail
27 A gasoline pump that you can pick how much fuel you want, then insert the money into it, like you do a vending machine, or like many pumps already can do with credit/debit cards. It would save time and hassle.
28 Paint your car with reflective paint, the same paint they use for road signs to make signs glow at night. I think the effect is created by adding small glass beads to the paint mixture. E-mail
29 If we have a clear plastic curtain with a zip, separating the front and back seats of our cars, we could use car air conditioning cost effectively, while driving alone or there is no one in the back seat. E-mail
30 To improve maritime safety, ships should register with a UN agency instead of individual countries, each with different laws. The agency would collect a small tax and inspect ships to impose a uniform safety standard. E-mail
31 It can be hard for truckers to find places to park. Construct parking spots or make an app to show available parking spots in real time. E-mail
32 Save weight on airplanes (and thus fuel) by not painting them. Instead, etch them with colored designs using this new femtosecond laser technique. E-mail
33 The tube system, much like a drive-thru banker tube. You could order goods on your TV or computer from your couch and have them delivered through the tube system right to your waiting hands.
34 Non-Stop Traffic Tube Interchanges. An idea for traffic from all directions to proceed straight, diverging right or left and "U" turning in all road interchanges without stopping for traffic lights. E-mail
35 Indian rail companies give a number to find the status of your ticket through kiosk. But many people don't know how to operate kiosks. To solve the problem, print number as bar code on ticket, and have bar code reader at kiosk. E-mail
36 Queues in railway reservation counters can be reduced with small electronic devices which let passengers enter information (destination, time, etc.) and which print a bar coded version of the information to be handed to the ticket agent at the counter. E-mail
37 Many large items that delivery firms deliver come in packaging that uses timber pallettes, bubble wrap, polystyrene balls, plastic wire, etc. which could all be re-used. Delivery firms should include links to websites which promote recycling of these. E-mail
38 A do-it-yourself garage that supplies tools and lifts for an hourly fee, professional mechanics to consult for a fee (by minute?), and materials for sale. E-mail
39 Driveway Rental: There are a large number of cities and towns where there are houses with driveways situated near the city or town centre. Why not rent these driveways out for parking? E-mail
40 People say the streets should be paved with gold. Instead, like maglev trains, roads could have a powerful magnetic lining under the surface. Cars would no longer have wheels, but magnetic undersides that were the opposite polarity of the street magnets.
41 Club Ed: Travel agency for trips from rich to poor parts of the world to educate people in rich countries on how poor people live, and to encourage appropriate charity. A similar example: AidCamps. E-mail
42 Require bikers to get a special biker's license if they are going to ride on roads because bikers who are ignorant of traffic laws put them and cars at risk of an accident. E-mail
43 Car insurance if not used should be refundable the second year after non-use, or reduced by 50% from the year before if not used, to reward responsible and good drivers. E-mail
44 Delivery Service: someone to accept freight packages and sign for them when I can't be home to wait.
45 Transport frozen meat rather than livestock. Creates employment in decentralized cities, improves quality of meat by reducing stress during transport on livestock, reduces pollution since less transport required for meat than livestock. E-mail
46 Design a Motor Trolley for refreshments sales people in trains. Why should they struggle with manual trolleys? E-mail
47 Many people are lazy and take elevators to go up just one floor. To encourage energy conservation and healthy exercise, charge people the real cost for using an elevator, using a coin or smart cash card machine on the door. (electricity) E-mail
48 Motorcycle tyre went flat. Stranded in remote place. I have got an idea how to fix this problem. E-mail
49 For airport emergency: No front landing wheel. Equip airport emergency vehicle with a large ring on top. Pilot lands plane so that nose of plane fits into the large ring, and then the vehicle serves as the front landing wheel. E-mail
50 Mail-order motorcycle engine repair: send it, I'll fix it and send it back. Dirt/street and more. E-mail