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1 Website wish list: Website emergency kit. A site which allows me to rapidly construct a website for lost child, natural disaster, explosion, etc. Information on site contents, who to contact, how to get info to public, etc. E-mail
2 Establish an institution that is a combination of old people's home, destitute women's home, and orphanage. This will create an institution with three generations of people requiring help or support under one roof, and these people can help each other. E-mail
3 Just as group violence is reported in the news, a place on the front page of the newspaper should be for news of young people who are making a positive difference. Maybe more people would do things to get in this article than those doing violent things. E-mail
4 Use more retired and elderly people in daycare centers. Background checks could be used if necessary. A lot like the adopt-a-grandparent program a few years ago. E-mail
5 Credit card companies should stop printing card and personal info on receipts / bills. This info can be gathered and used fraudulently. All that is needed on receipts is a unique transaction number linked in the company's database to your details. E-mail
6 A website where people can type in their zip code and find out the location of the nearest recycling facility for metal, glass, paper, plastic, etc. E-mail
7 Put a missing persons picture on the welcome page to the internet. A different one every few days. Please let me know if you try this on your own website. E-mail
8 In most cities, there are many trash bins, but almost no recycling bins. To decrease the amount of waste, have recycling bins right beside garbage bins. E-mail
9 Transit rest homes (day care centers) in regions and countries where they are not yet common. They would help nuclear families by keeping their children for one or more days or even hours in safety so that parents can do their work in peace. E-mail
10 One credit card (with photo) with different chips/magnetic strips for different accounts. Eliminates need to carry many cards. Better if cardholder's finger print(s) are used to activate. E-mail
11 A separate household garbage bin, colour-coded for collection by the local garbage service, only for organic waste (eg. vegetable waste etc.) and without plastic bags, for conversion into organic manure at a central plant. E-mail
12 A Stockholder Representation Organization: a worldwide group shareholders can join that would vote their proxies for them at annual meetings according to policies in the interest of stockholders rather than management. E-mail
13 A convenient way to provide romantic dates for couples with no legwork. Just show up, and a menu of romantic interests is provided as "packages" that include whatever the individual enjoys, and the romance service makes the arrangements for a fee. E-mail
14 WORLD SHIP FLEET: Unique, well developed, spectacular, "world's-fair-by-sea". Seven huge ships voyaging worldwide for decades for those seeking new international business or cultural and humanitarian contacts. E-mail
15 Many elected representatives seldom participate in the debates of the parliaments/congresses. The media should publish some indexes of their participation in the parliaments at the times of elections. E-mail
16 Check your own income rank among everybody in the world at Global Rich List and see what your money can buy for yourself or for poor people. E-mail
17 Given the problems that elderly people are having with declining retirement savings and having to work again, a temporary employment agency should be set up for old people that will focus on jobs they can do. (work) E-mail
18 In places where computers are left on for much of the day (internet cafes, libraries, offices), these computers could be working on distributed computing projects in the background. E-mail
19 Click,, & daily to donate 7.3 cups of food to the hungry for free (sponsors pay). E-mail
20 Mass produce instead of custom make oligos for gene mutation screening or SNP genotyping, to reduce prices. E-mail
21 A lot of infants have umbilical hernia. Current devices have a lot of disadvantages. Our idea is to put an adhesive band on each side of herniated navel and approximate these bands with previously glued velcro tape and so close the hernia defect. E-mail
22 Some families in the US do not have long distance phone service. My idea is to make a greeting or a Christmas card that you can send to your loved ones. It will include a 1-800-number and a pin number they can use to call you for your live greeting. E-mail
23 Businesses can help their local schools w/their budgets. If we don't do something soon we won't have to worry about our kids cutting classes; our schools will be cutting kids from classes. Donate a month of service (tax deductible): lawn care, cleaning. E-mail
24 Measure the water pressure before and after the discharge valve in water pumping systems to analyse the energy conservation opportunity in water pumping systems. E-mail
25 Swear jar for first-world problems. When you complain about a trivial difficulty, write down a comparable but much more serious problem that someone in a very poor place might have, to give you perspective and maybe lead you to try to fix it. E-mail
26 To spread an anti-smoking message, use comic strips in papers and magazines. One could be Camel Joe trying to kiss a girl, but his foul smell and yellowed teeth send her running. E-mail
27 Allow large corporations/private entrepreneurs to run third world countries. To the degree that the country's GNP increases these companies take a percentage. Does this sound weird? Not really! The country like a company will be run to maximize profit. E-mail
28 A college application service for U.S. colleges, located in other countries. High school students in many areas, like Hong Kong, are eager for help in applying to U.S. colleges. E-mail
29 Start a temporary employment agency in Hong Kong.
30 Job Seekers should send resumes directly to hiring managers, skipping the recruitment pre-screen process. Use sites like which offers contact info for over 28,000 hiring managers at Fortune 500 companies. E-mail