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1 Internet dating sites tend toward either many people but no help in selecting compatibility, or the opposite. Solve the problem with a hybrid, letting users change between few, some, or many criteria to either widen or focus their search. E-mail
2 Hand Me Downs: a service pairing rich families with poor families so that instead of discarding used stuff, the rich can give it to the poor, like many extended families and close friends do with their old cell phones, toys, clothes, etc. E-mail
3 Hunger Helper. Alerts to avoid foods in shortage. When a crisis (drought or war) spikes the price of a food like rice that poor people need, issue alert to avoid that food. Volunteers avoiding that food reduce demand and price, helping poor avoid hunger. E-mail
4 Develop a sport using an atlatl (spear-throwing lever) to throw a ball. The distances achieved would be impressive. E-mail
5 Olds: a service to report news on old events. News often ignores items after a crisis ends. But people may still wonder what happened weeks, months, years, or decades later. Olds would follow up items that were in the news but now are ignored. E-mail
6 Simple classroom app for smart phones and computers. Teachers are given an application that allows them to quickly access, edit, and scramble the roll of their class. Also allows for automated emails to be sent on command to principals & parents. E-mail
7 Just as group violence is reported in the news, a place on the front page of the newspaper should be for news of young people who are making a positive difference. Maybe more people would do things to get in this article than those doing violent things. E-mail
8 Browsing channels in TV using thumbnails. If we can have a channel devoted to capturing thumbnails of what is happening in other channels it will help us in avoiding browsing all the channels. E-mail
9 To advertise a small business, give a free t-shirt with a big purchase. It will display the business slogan and location. To encourage customers to wear it in your area, give a 5% discount each time they wear it during a purchase. Tell me if you try it. E-mail
10 "Real Heroes" TV show: since Drama in Real Life in Reader's Digest and Rescue 911 on TV are popular, do a show on ordinary heroes. It can be not just about emergencies, but any charitable sacrifices of time and effort. E-mail
11 Scientific journals should accept papers by e-mail rather than post to save time, postage, and trees. There are normally >7 mailings required (author to editor, editor to reviewers, and back, then repeat for revisions), delaying life-saving information. E-mail
12 A local online auction and bartering site for used books, CDs, VCDs, DVDs, etc. could be a very hot proposition for students at a university. Since it's local, students could then meet to exchange items in person without postage or delay. E-mail
13 It would be cool if video rental stores had a website or a channel on interactive TV that let you scroll through their selection of videos, so you can find a movie to rent before making a trip to the store. E-mail
14 The cost of printing and distribution of public transport tickets could be recovered by putting printed advertisements on them. E-mail
15 Films could be shot on high-resolution digital cameras without worrying about rejected shots. After the final editing it could be transferred to celluloid. Otherwise it could be directly projected through a digital projector. E-mail
16 For TV remote we can also use alphabetic characters (as we use for sending SMS) to go to the proper channel for viewing. Instead of remembering the channel numbers we can type the first three letters of the channel, making remembering easier. E-mail
17 For people with low vision, websites should provide alternate versions of their pages with fewer colors (too many are distracting) and with larger fonts. E-mail
18 Common Comedy: TV comedy show with skit ideas sent by public and selected by the actors. Dedicated team of writers for shows runs dry of jokes after a while, but millions of viewers and freelance comedians can always produce fresh material. E-mail
19 To allow browsing of the internet on airlines, archive a number of popular sites and connect to the in-flight entertainment system. That way the archive will be updated when the plane is on the ground and this will save on newspaper and magazine waste. E-mail
20 Human News, a website whose editorial policy is to report news with equal attention to all people, instead of more to Americans or other popular news countries. E-mail
21 Many elected representatives seldom participate in the debates of the parliaments/congresses. The media should publish some indexes of their participation in the parliaments at the times of elections. E-mail
22 On airlines allow more choice in entertainment for economy class passengers by renting out portable DVD players and movies for the duration of the flight. E-mail
23 I have an idea for a tv show for teens. It should be run by teens and show real teens in the real world with real life issues where there is not always a happy ending. It should tell how teens view the world.
24 Instead of "Wheel of Fortune," show "Wheel for the Unfortunate" for the homeless, jobless, people who just got burned out of their homes, etc. The contestants on WOF always seem to have good jobs and look nice. WOU would be reality TV. E-mail
25 College teachers, instead of writing their own lectures, can share them to save time. Example. (supercourse,teaching,university,professor,instructor) E-mail
26 In India with multiple telephone service providers now a unified Phone Book (Phone Directory) has now become essential. The major organization BSNL should take the lead. E-mail
27 The WWW is moving far too rapidly towards a "pay for information" environment. I wish that my search engines could distinguish between free and pay information sites and let me choose. E-mail
28 Dungeon & Dragons for PS2 based on the D&D series 2-8 player game. Create a character mode, quest mode, vs. mode, free play mode, timer mode. E-mail
29 LCD screens are now big enough to use in movie theaters, eliminating the projector and allowing seats to be arranged in a vertical grid in front of the screen. Everyone would have a front-row seat. E-mail
30 It's possible to do a computer simulation of time travel by solving fixed-point equations. I would love to see a "Sim Time Travel" program to let one experiment with simulated time travel. For details, email me. E-mail
31 On radio, many songs are played thousands of times, but others are never played. To introduce a greater variety of music, stations should have a Unique Requests program playing listener-requested songs that have never before been played on the program. E-mail
32 Playstation 2 game idea: GSN - TV game shows (A) The Price Is Right, 2-4 player; (B) Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, 2-player; (C) Deal Or No Deal, 1-player; (D) Press Your Luck, 3-player; (E) Card Sharks & much more. E-mail
33 Put a black star in front of your commercial name in the yellow pages, to indicate that a live person will answer the phone. Customers may be attracted, knowing that they won't need to deal with an answering machine. E-mail
34 Companies design new products. They need names for them. Devise a website, inviting the public to submit names for new products that are intended to hit the market. Product details should be sketchy, to prevent rivals copying them. E-mail
35 When I study for exams, it's tedious and wasteful to make flashcards from index cards. Someone could write a computer program that displays user-defined flashcards, keeps track of your score, and drills you on flashcards you miss often. E-mail
36 Songwriters and singers could easily produce hits by translating popular songs from other languages. Since they've already proven their popularity, the songs should be more likely to make the charts in other languages as well. E-mail
37 Website wish list: World language translator. I enter my text. Translated text is displayed, and also retranslation to my language from that. This allows me to avoid idioms and other language difficulties. E-mail
38 Game idea: Dungeon & Dragons for Playstation 2. Create a character mode: name, height, weight, hair, eyes, bodytype, race, age, level, status, inventory, & map. Str/Dex/Con/Int/will/sta/cha/hp. Build/quest/freeplay mode. E-mail
39 There are so many scholarship databases for college students looking for financial aid: Fastweb, Fund Finder, SRN, etc. Someone should unify these in one database to make it easier on students. E-mail
40 A website for downloading short movies made by the hobby film makers. Some of them, though of 10 minutes duration, are excellent to watch and quick to download. E-mail
41 King For A Day website: people submit a list of things they would do if they were leader of an organization (from village chief to UN secretary general). Each day, one entry is chosen, by voting or at random, and posted on the website. E-mail
42 Movie: Again, as sarcastic reply to "Never again." Stories of 1994 Rwanda genocide. See this book or the movie "Hotel Rwanda." E-mail
43 Charmed PS2 game: 2-4 player game based on the television show "Charmed." (TV, Play Station, video, computer) E-mail
44 Merge any two forms of music to make a new wave in the music business. A great example is country/rock or gospel/rap. This idea will bring in a wide variety of music listeners and attract more money to your musical ventures. E-mail
45 Free postal services could be provided if the cost of the postage is supported by printed advertisements on the envelope. E-mail
46 All operating systems should come with a typing tutorial for new keyboard users. E-mail
47 Create a platform where African students can have access to the same education as US students (via internet). Upon graduation, allow these students to post their diplomas where big US corporations can out-source their work. E-mail
48 A (global) web site with full details of making useful things (e.g., invitation/greeting cards, handmade paper, toys, etc.) for craft and hobby enthusiasts. E-mail
49 Make a website for an online examination center. You go through an exam of your choice for free, and if you pass the exam, you request your certificate. Can help to promote education. E-mail
50 Build a website called List people like Enron's CEO (Jeff Skilling, Harvard MBA) & CFO (Andrew Fastow, Northwestern MBA), etc. The list is long, and I can help you. On the website list Motto for each of Top MBA programs. E-mail