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1 IPO auctions: companies lose money when their stock prices rise just after their initial public offerings. Companies should auction their shares to the highest bidders instead of the current practice of fixing a price and choosing buyers by lottery. E-mail
2 To increase lending, better guarantees are needed. Personal guarantees can be dictated as videoclips, perhaps notarised. Personal guarantees address the problem of no title books. In traditional societies, guarantors' assets are well known. E-mail
3 Credit card companies should stop printing card and personal info on receipts / bills. This info can be gathered and used fraudulently. All that is needed on receipts is a unique transaction number linked in the company's database to your details. E-mail
4 Make a website with list of charities that now have matching donation programs, enabling you to give to a worthy cause and have your gift doubled by another donor, increasing the effect of your money. E-mail
5 A world-wide web page with a list of expired patents and information on how to use that knowledge. E-mail
6 Commercial Grameen bank: a bank for the poor like the original in Bangladesh, but raising capital from conventional sources (stock and bond sales, deposits). The high repayment rate (98%) and spread may attract Wall Street investment. E-mail
7 Put photo ID on credit cards like they do in Europe. E-mail
8 A Stockholder Representation Organization: a worldwide group shareholders can join that would vote their proxies for them at annual meetings according to policies in the interest of stockholders rather than management. E-mail
9 Stock charting service should provide the option of showing not only price, but also earnings/share or cash flow/share versus time, with options of different cumulative periods. Suitable for multi-year charts. E-mail
10 Check your own income rank among everybody in the world at Global Rich List and see what your money can buy for yourself or for poor people. E-mail
11 Stock analysts should give their estimate of a fair price for a stock (meaning to sell if above that price or buy if below) rather than a Buy or Sell rating. Thus when the stock falls or rises for no good reason, the recommendation would remain valid. E-mail
12 To prevent corrupt lending, banks could randomly & secretly assign applications to loan officers to prevent borrowers from bribing them. Assign multiple officers for big loans. Punish officers for defaulted loans & reward them for loans repaid. E-mail
13 Medical insurance for pets. E-mail
14 Insurance companies must justify any increases in writing within your bill. I have an exceptional driving record and I still am subjected to increases. My less-than-perfect bro gets decreases from the same company!!! Company can't explain this. E-mail
15 Hold credit card companies and credit reporting agencies criminally responsible for obviously negligent handling of credit info. The norm presently is getting your info wrong. E-mail
16 Points or loyalty rewards earned from purchases made on credit cards can be used towards building a fund for higher studies of children and health insurance. E-mail
17 Price-Earning ratio (PE) actually has units of time, usually years, because price is in $ and earnings are in $/yr. Thus, think of PE as the number of years of current earnings people are willing to pay to buy the company. E-mail
18 While opening a bank account, the account holder's iris scan could be stored into the database. Thus, when the account holder goes to an ATM, just an iris scan (no cards!) could allow him to access his account. E-mail
19 Build a website called List people like Enron's CEO (Jeff Skilling, Harvard MBA) & CFO (Andrew Fastow, Northwestern MBA), etc. The list is long, and I can help you. On the website list Motto for each of Top MBA programs. E-mail
20 Pet health insurance: insurance like medicaid on pets, or "petacaid," so that owners can afford to take pets to the vet if they are unable to afford it at the moment. Already available in some places. E-mail
21 I think corporations should set up a means by which people can submit ideas that would help the company and the consumer get ideas out there without going thru the procedures for getting a patent. The suggestions should be rewarded if put into use. E-mail
22 Gas stations only allow debit or credit card payments when they are closed. Have a cash machine or dispensor when the store is closed. E-mail
23 A store with used stuff that is super cheap--kind of like a Salvation Army or thrift store in that the store would come with a truck to pick up your items from your home. But you would keep part of the proceeds from selling your stuff. E-mail
24 In light of the current economic situation, I think an automated hotline in which people could call in at any time to hear their stocks' values read to them by computer could be a popular and profitable venture. E-mail
25 Credit Card Fraud Control: Require a PIN or answering a call from the bank before allowing large transactions. E-mail
26 The Baby Boom is famous, but shouldn't we analyze the Baby Bust? The birth rate in the now-rich countries was probably low from 1930-1945 due to depression and war. The Busters are now becoming elderly, affecting economics and medical care. E-mail
27 Mobile service providers can enter banking. Any person should be able to pay any other person (irrespective of the mobile service provider) via his mobile number. E-mail
28 To safeguard transactions: allow users to preselect a set of passwords over secure line and then use them during the day for transactions. E-mail
29 A "complete type" credit card that can be used for different store rewards like points or memberships, that does not carry money value so you don't have a bunch of junk cards. E-mail
30 Businesses can help their local schools w/their budgets. If we don't do something soon we won't have to worry about our kids cutting classes; our schools will be cutting kids from classes. Donate a month of service (tax deductible): lawn care, cleaning. E-mail
31 Use genetic algorithms to evolve a market/stock prediction tool. E-mail
32 Why can't we have an accounting system which gives the profit or loss per hour? E-mail
33 Nationalised banks should be merged in to two or three banks. Instead of multiple banks, one or two banks should be opened in all locations so that branches would be within 1 km of each other and operated 24 x 7. E-mail
34 A company to help people or organizations to copyright ideas. E-mail
35 Ocean wave energy by using floating devices, such as Pelamis, Wave Dragon, and Limpet. E-mail
36 An alliterative title for yet another book on Warren Buffett: Moats and Margins: Buffett's Buffers. E-mail
37 Debt collection is not a simple task. Use web-based software to help streamline the process. E-mail
38 Create web portal that provides peer to peer capital, via shares, to court advertisers to fund purposes conventional loans ignore, and in return advertisers have the ability to directly market to a very specific demographic. E-mail
39 Withdraw money from ATM locations by using cheques. For this we can apply credit card technology. E-mail