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1 Put soluble orange dye in the alcohol hand gel used in hospitals by staff and visitors. Then anyone not using it would be identified. It would wash off easily on leaving hospital. E-mail
2 Stores should have a small strip of one-way mirrors around the inside, where an armed guard could hide, even if a robber knew he was there, somewhere. A thief couldn't take hostages since he wouldn't know where the guard was (he might be behind him). E-mail
3 Website wish list: Website emergency kit. A site which allows me to rapidly construct a website for lost child, natural disaster, explosion, etc. Information on site contents, who to contact, how to get info to public, etc. E-mail
4 Establish an institution that is a combination of old people's home, destitute women's home, and orphanage. This will create an institution with three generations of people requiring help or support under one roof, and these people can help each other. E-mail
5 'Porta Potties' should contain wall mounted vending machine for dispensing handi wipes (wet naps). E-mail
6 As part of their professional development, doctors could spend one week each year in a free medical clinic in a poor part of their country or in a third world country. Imagine how much better a person each doctor would be from that experience. E-mail
7 To help stop or prevent abuse in nursing homes, hidden cameras should be placed in each room with the manager monitoring the activity daily. E-mail
8 Since Chinese restaurants keep fishtanks to let diners select live fish for their meal, why not keep a garden next to a restaurant where diners could select their own live vegetables, fruits, and herbs? You couldn't get more fresh. E-mail
9 A chain of drive-thru healthy food restaurants that provide a menu including nutritional info and compatibility with popular diets (Atkins, Weight Watchers, etc.). Also serves bagged lunches. E-mail
10 Harvest CD4/CD8 stem cells from HIV patient's marrow, then modify CD receptor gene so that its protein can't bind HIV (cf the HIV immune people in NYC), then autotransplant these stem cells to give partial new HIV resistant immune system. E-mail
11 Grocery stores, drug stores and department stores should offer 'REACHERS' for wheelchair-bound customers and short people. E-mail
12 With universal, cheap cell phone service, a wide range of real-time, health monitoring equipment could be deployed. With 2-way communication, patients can be directed to take action before a crisis occurs. The cost of such capability will decrease. E-mail
13 Human News, a website whose editorial policy is to report news with equal attention to all people, instead of more to Americans or other popular news countries. E-mail
14 Use the same technology to dissolve gallstones (ultra shock) to dissolve roots of teeth that need to be extracted (especially wisdom teeth). That way, the tooth is removed easily and the near liquified roots will drain out with the blood. E-mail
15 Fast food chains should include one helping of vegetables in all their burger and other menus, for example, disguised as finely chopped vegetables added to the burger or more salad into the burger beyond the lettuce leaf! Roopa Karkhanis E-mail
16 To reduce healthcare costs, companies that buy insurance for their employees could form a large buyers' union to bargain for cheaper prices from doctors and drug companies. E-mail
17 Using a pocket remote control device, switch off the neurons that send pain messages to the brain, eliminating the need for prescription pain killers. Although this is already a partial reality, more should be developed for other chronic pains. E-mail
18 Make dams of sand in rivers that flow through poor countries and communities that do not have fresh or clean water. The sand dams will filter the water for down-river safe use. The process is used in wells in poor countries. E-mail
19 Find disease-causing gene mutations or polymorphisms by pooling together DNA from hundreds of patients and comparing with pooled DNA from healthy people using chips for detecting >100,000 polymorphisms. E-mail
20 Medical insurance for pets. E-mail
21 Movie: Again, as sarcastic reply to "Never again." Stories of 1994 Rwanda genocide. See this book or the movie "Hotel Rwanda." E-mail
22 A law that requires health insurance companies and doctors to do 5 free operations or treatments for any type of health need a year. I myself know how much it is needed; I am dying in a year, and I can't afford the transplant. I am 38 years old. E-mail
23 Walk-in quick teeth cleaning service, like barber or manicurist. (tooth, dentist) E-mail
24 Health insurance premium for cigerette smokers could be significantly higher than others to discourage smoking. E-mail
25 Pet health insurance: insurance like medicaid on pets, or "petacaid," so that owners can afford to take pets to the vet if they are unable to afford it at the moment. Already available in some places. E-mail
26 Health insurance companies must accomplish forward integration by acquiring chains of hospitals. In doing so, there will be no claim processing hassles for clients, and they would love it. E-mail
27 A lot of infants have umbilical hernia. Current devices have a lot of disadvantages. Our idea is to put an adhesive band on each side of herniated navel and approximate these bands with previously glued velcro tape and so close the hernia defect. E-mail
28 The long-run (LR) effects of new medicines generally are not fully known. I think it is possible (though complicated) to build computer (dynamic) models of a typical person and simulate the LR effects of new and old medicines. E-mail
29 To spread an anti-smoking message, use comic strips in papers and magazines. One could be Camel Joe trying to kiss a girl, but his foul smell and yellowed teeth send her running. E-mail
30 Map our normal anatomy and design next generation MRI's and CT's to aid therapy by projecting the normal anatomy over each patient's anatomy so that doctors can readily see the abnormalities, which may be highlighted in different colors. E-mail
31 Gym where people can relieve stress by throwing out their anger on people they detest. There could be punching bags and targets with pictures of the people they cannot stand, which can be printed and implanted in the equipment by the gym staff. E-mail
32 At the Cancer Institute at the Medical College of Ohio physicians give the inspirational book "Healing Words For The Body, Mind, and Spirit" to incoming patients to help them deal with their fears and anxieties. E-mail
33 Staying Alive or Top 10 Killers: TV show on common causes of death and how to prevent them. (medical, health) E-mail