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1 Internet dating sites tend toward either many people but no help in selecting compatibility, or the opposite. Solve the problem with a hybrid, letting users change between few, some, or many criteria to either widen or focus their search. E-mail
2 Pet rental: service to rent dogs, cats, and other pets to people for an hour, a day, a week, or longer. This would let people decide whether they like and can handle pet care and would reduce abandonment. E-mail
3 Develop a sport using an atlatl (spear-throwing lever) to throw a ball. The distances achieved would be impressive. E-mail
4 Holiday Discount Website: A service where people would register an interest in a holiday, and when the requisite number of people had been reached to get a group discount, the holiday would be booked. (chartered vacation) E-mail
5 A convenient way to provide romantic dates for couples with no legwork. Just show up, and a menu of romantic interests is provided as "packages" that include whatever the individual enjoys, and the romance service makes the arrangements for a fee. E-mail
6 LCD screens are now big enough to use in movie theaters, eliminating the projector and allowing seats to be arranged in a vertical grid in front of the screen. Everyone would have a front-row seat. E-mail
7 Playstation 2 game idea: GSN - TV game shows (A) The Price Is Right, 2-4 player; (B) Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, 2-player; (C) Deal Or No Deal, 1-player; (D) Press Your Luck, 3-player; (E) Card Sharks & much more. E-mail
8 Digital frames for digital photos: a website or the cd chip in a digital camera could provide frames for all seasons and special crazy things that people come up with in our world that catch our moments in life. (internet,computers) E-mail
9 Charmed PS2 game: 2-4 player game based on the television show "Charmed." (TV, Play Station, video, computer) E-mail
10 Night Kite: Mount LEDs on a kite along with a button cell battery and use it for advertising in local areas in the most inexpensive way. (Very cheap and easy to work as compared to hot air ballons) E-mail
11 Pet health insurance: insurance like medicaid on pets, or "petacaid," so that owners can afford to take pets to the vet if they are unable to afford it at the moment. Already available in some places. E-mail
12 Hand Gestures: Send your feelings to someone in the guise of a stuffed glove shaped into a recognisable hand gesture that conveys the message you want delivered. E-mail
13 A shop using 3D printing to sell custom ice sculptures, candles, or anything plastic. E-mail
14 New video game:Resident Evil:Anthology. Resident evil game collection, based on the series. 2-4 player game. Playstation memory card: 1 block, analog compatible. (1,2,3 & 4, code:veronica X, outbreak file 2, dead aim, Survivor 1&2). E-mail
15 The Simpsons gag: Homer and Marge in a heated (but random) argument, and Homer proposes an insane idea. Marge asks “Are you listening to what you are saying?”, only to turn to Homer and find him replaying his words on cassette! E-mail
16 A website to rank things. The interactivity would make it fun. Users could input personal characteristics and could select rankings set by subsets of people with characteristics similar to them, making the rankings more relevant to users. E-mail
17 TVGCH: Playable game channel on TV. 4-8 players. Joystick hookups, 2 power guns. For ages 5-up. Arcade, Atari, SNES, Sega Genesis, NES, PS1, PS2, Xbox, GameCube. (all-games systems/games-in-one)
18 Video game idea for Playstation 2: Legend of the Seeker, based on the TV show. Character classes: confessor/seeker/warrior caster/Mord-Sith/cleric/warlord/rogue/priest/ranger/knight. 2 player game. Genre: fantasy-themed roleplaying. E-mail
19 Increase the number of people allowed into online chat rooms during peak hours. E-mail
20 Some families in the US do not have long distance phone service. My idea is to make a greeting or a Christmas card that you can send to your loved ones. It will include a 1-800-number and a pin number they can use to call you for your live greeting. E-mail
21 A program or website enabling you to make your own icons, smileys, and wallpaper. E-mail
22 When you are in an instant message or in a chat room a small picture of yourself would appear next to your screen name so that the other person can see your photo.
23 Club Ed: Travel agency for trips from rich to poor parts of the world to educate people in rich countries on how poor people live, and to encourage appropriate charity. A similar example: AidCamps. E-mail
24 A soccer (football) team could launch a campaign for people to send an sms to a short phone number with the text, "Hire Kaka", saying the whole amount collected would be used to hire the soccer player. E-mail
25 World Wrestling Entertainment should have a radio station for the fans on the road. E-mail
26 Ring Tone: movie about a cell phone which brings the composer of its ring tone. Past composers suddenly appear in this time-travel, culture-clash comedy, giving us the chance to hear what they might have written if they had modern instruments. E-mail
27 Open a nightclub in a 747, and fly it once a year. E-mail
28 A website that compares your movie ratings with those of other users to pick people with tastes like yours and suggest movies you'd like, including new movies. E-mail
29 E-mail icons that are more attractive or can move, as on AOL instant messenger. E-mail
30 A party-planning business focusing on party favors. This would include wedding showers, birthday parties, office parties, etc. The favors would be handmade using various materials, as well as computer generated print design. E-mail
31 TNA wrestling should have a monthly magazine for people who can't watch it on TV. E-mail
32 Cricket boards of individual nations should start district-wise coaching centres in three areas: bowling, batting, fielding for betterment of their most respected game. E-mail