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1 Divert carbon dioxide from power plants or other sources to greenhouses or fields to increase crop yields. Legumes may benefit most. E-mail
2 To protect against loss of power to a nuclear power plant, use a water tower. Gravity can force cool water through the reactor until power is restored. E-mail
3 Office cleaner's duties could extend to turning off non-critical electrical appliances (computer monitors, lights), thereby reducing that office's green footprint. E-mail
4 To conserve electricity, companies can give their workers half the money saved in electricity compared to last year, which would encourage workers to turn off lights, air conditioning, and unused equipment. Please e-mail me your results if you try this. E-mail
5 Close roof vents on large manufacturing facilities in winter to conserve energy costs. Open in summer to let heat out. Sounds like a simple practice but some managers won't pay for the manpower. I feel it is a good investment. E-mail
6 A bluetooth device to insert into wall socket to measure electric usage and transmit to computer. Similar device to attach to wired devices like electric heater. Computer collects and produces usage graphics. Possible rental.
7 To save the cost and environmental impact of building a new pipeline for Alaskan North Slope gas, just wait until all the oil is pumped out, and then convert the oil pipeline to a gas pipeline. E-mail
8 Install motion sensor light and air conditioner switches to turn off electricity when people leave rooms but neglect to use switches. Commercial buildings like offices, stores, or clubhouses can reduce their electricity cost. E-mail
9 Small air destratifiers can balance ceiling-floor temperatures for businesses & home owners to save on heating and AC. (energy conservation)
10 If the energy meter is located at the eye level height, and if it displays directly bill amount figure instead of displaying units consumed, people will use less power to save money, as most people get surprise when bill comes. E-mail
11 A gasoline pump that you can pick how much fuel you want, then insert the money into it, like you do a vending machine, or like many pumps already can do with credit/debit cards. It would save time and hassle.
12 To save electricity in offices and other buildings, put a timer on light switches to turn them off after 12 hours. Workers will turn on lights when arriving in the morning, and the lights will turn off 12 hours later, after everyone has gone home. E-mail
13 Measure the water pressure before and after the discharge valve in water pumping systems to analyse the energy conservation opportunity in water pumping systems. E-mail
14 In places that run short of electricity and have frequent power cuts, revise electric meters to record power consumption with time to allow higher billing for the peak hours. E-mail
15 Video game idea: Diablo 2 for Playstation 2. A dark, fantasy-themed, role-playing game for 1 player. Character classes: Confessor/Warrior Caster/Necromancer/Barbarian/Paladin. Players can hire 5 of several mercenaries to help them. E-mail
16 We can have an array of large concave reflectors of superfine aluminum foil in space to send some sunlight to the dark side of Earth by reflection, especially to the polar regions in the long nights. E-mail
17 Optical fibres can transmit light almost without any loss. Thick pipe-like structures made of optical fibres can transmit sun-light from lower latitude to higher ones (also East-West longitude). This can provide some lighting in Polar areas. E-mail
18 Water from oceans evaporates and we get rain. However solar energy is not being used to desalinate sea water. Encourage development of technologies to evaporate sea water on a large scale, and this can be used for hydro power generation & purifying water. E-mail
19 Install electricity meters that allow customers to buy electricity using prepaid smart cards. The Dhaka Electric Supply Company (DESCO) does this in Bangladesh to improve payment. E-mail
20 Ocean wave energy by using floating devices, such as Pelamis, Wave Dragon, and Limpet. E-mail
21 Scheduled trip to return library books: Collect the books that are due and take them back to the library for neighbors.
22 Collect gas from decaying garbage in landfills, as is already done in some places. E-mail