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1 Simple classroom app for smart phones and computers. Teachers are given an application that allows them to quickly access, edit, and scramble the roll of their class. Also allows for automated emails to be sent on command to principals & parents. E-mail
2 Website wish list: Website emergency kit. A site which allows me to rapidly construct a website for lost child, natural disaster, explosion, etc. Information on site contents, who to contact, how to get info to public, etc. E-mail
3 Internet dating sites tend toward either many people but no help in selecting compatibility, or the opposite. Solve the problem with a hybrid, letting users change between few, some, or many criteria to either widen or focus their search. E-mail
4 Credit card companies should stop printing card and personal info on receipts / bills. This info can be gathered and used fraudulently. All that is needed on receipts is a unique transaction number linked in the company's database to your details. E-mail
5 What about a computer program that uses voice recognition to control the mouse pointer, perform common computer functions, and surf the web, for people who cannot use their hands or have carpal tunnel syndrome? E-mail
6 Fast food automated drive thru station that allows you to touch keys to place your order. When order is placed, it is sent directly to the food prep person, and gives you an order #. Cashier matches order numbers and gives the customer proper order. E-mail
7 To make text files smaller, file compression utilities could include a pre-stored database of English words mapped to two-byte codes. Therefore, every word in this sentence could be swapped with a two-character code like "&@". Much smaller! E-mail
8 Make a website with list of charities that now have matching donation programs, enabling you to give to a worthy cause and have your gift doubled by another donor, increasing the effect of your money. E-mail
9 Yahoo and similar public e-mail systems should provide a way to detach the file attachments and keep the mails. It can have the filename and path of where the file has been stored. This will be useful to conserve storage space and mail history. E-mail
10 A World Phone Directory Site: A website where every person & company can register own phone & mobile no.& addresses (res., off. & email) free of cost. There can be a categorised business section with chargeable entry (like yellow pages). Free accessing. E-mail
11 A world-wide web page with a list of expired patents and information on how to use that knowledge. E-mail
12 In restaurants, the server writes down your order then walks to a screen and inputs the order. Instead, the server could carry a wireless pad (pocketsize) to record the order at the table to save time and reduce errors. E-mail
13 A local online auction and bartering site for used books, CDs, VCDs, DVDs, etc. could be a very hot proposition for students at a university. Since it's local, students could then meet to exchange items in person without postage or delay. E-mail
14 Holiday Discount Website: A service where people would register an interest in a holiday, and when the requisite number of people had been reached to get a group discount, the holiday would be booked. (chartered vacation) E-mail
15 Use translation software to allow multilingual pen pals. Translates letters into other language and back again to let sender check translation. Sender may then accept translation or rephrase. E-mail
16 For people with low vision, websites should provide alternate versions of their pages with fewer colors (too many are distracting) and with larger fonts. E-mail
17 In a warehouse environment, install tiny chips in items which will tell warehouse computer where each item has been stored without human intervention. It is usually impossible to store all of one item in same place. E-mail
18 A website from where people of developing countries could buy cheap refurbished computers from USA or Europe. E-mail
19 My college's Disability Resource Center scans in and auto-converts books to Braille, but math/economics/chemistry books must be entered by hand because the scanning software can't "read" the formulas. Software capable of this would be immensely helpful. E-mail
20 Website that generates a map and driving or bus directions between any given addresses. Yahoo and Whereis do so only for driving or walking and only in the US or Australia, respectively. E-mail
21 To help learning drivers, a computer program should be developed that would be like a driving simulator. It would be no subsitute for real driving, but it would help drivers to learn the rules. (cars, driving) E-mail
22 Develop a program that is voice activated to use on the web. It would be used like a Franklin Planner. You record info all day on tape then down load using voice command to computer. This would include banking, calender, email, phone #, ext.
23 Place to register online if your laptop is stolen. If you are in this registry, associated software on your computer sends out a 'distress signal' over the internet with the IP address, screen name, & ISP of the thief the moment he gets online. E-mail
24 Website wish list: World language translator. I enter my text. Translated text is displayed, and also retranslation to my language from that. This allows me to avoid idioms and other language difficulties. E-mail
25 A website for downloading short movies made by the hobby film makers. Some of them, though of 10 minutes duration, are excellent to watch and quick to download. E-mail
26 While forwarding e-mails, the program should automatically remove previous mailing address list and forward the innermost message or embedded attachment directly (however, keeping the entire message can be optional). E-mail
27 A fast food restaurant with internet cafe capabilities. The spin on the fast food however is that the food is left in fridges for people to see and pick out, made fresh daily. Sort of like the frozen food section. E-mail
28 It's possible to do a computer simulation of time travel by solving fixed-point equations. I would love to see a "Sim Time Travel" program to let one experiment with simulated time travel. For details, email me. E-mail
29 Companies design new products. They need names for them. Devise a website, inviting the public to submit names for new products that are intended to hit the market. Product details should be sketchy, to prevent rivals copying them. E-mail
30 Website/portal with links to all nessesary anti-virus/anti-spam/anti-whatsoever software you may need. E-mail
31 The WWW is moving far too rapidly towards a "pay for information" environment. I wish that my search engines could distinguish between free and pay information sites and let me choose. E-mail
32 While opening a bank account, the account holder's iris scan could be stored into the database. Thus, when the account holder goes to an ATM, just an iris scan (no cards!) could allow him to access his account. E-mail
33 In places where computers are left on for much of the day (internet cafes, libraries, offices), these computers could be working on distributed computing projects in the background. E-mail
34 When I study for exams, it's tedious and wasteful to make flashcards from index cards. Someone could write a computer program that displays user-defined flashcards, keeps track of your score, and drills you on flashcards you miss often. E-mail
35 Protect all things by using a thumbprint only, i.e., credit card, voting, paying bills. It would be easy to do. E-mail
36 A website listing all pundits in an area so that it's easy to get puja (Hindu rituals) done in a correct manner and time. E-mail
37 Game idea: Dungeon & Dragons for Playstation 2. Create a character mode: name, height, weight, hair, eyes, bodytype, race, age, level, status, inventory, & map. Str/Dex/Con/Int/will/sta/cha/hp. Build/quest/freeplay mode. E-mail
38 Set up a small Wireless Local Loop, take a broadband connectivity and share the bandwidth and the expense within a locality. No wires!!! No hassles!!! E-mail
39 All operating systems should come with a typing tutorial for new keyboard users. E-mail
40 Create a platform where African students can have access to the same education as US students (via internet). Upon graduation, allow these students to post their diplomas where big US corporations can out-source their work. E-mail
41 Instead of throwing away old computers, you can use them as web servers. Computers as slow as 33mhz can be used for this. E-mail
42 A gadget connected to a landline phone to give an alert when a new email is received. A service provider has your email address and phone number, and the software dials your number and the gadget gives a ring when you receive an email. E-mail
43 A (global) web site with full details of making useful things (e.g., invitation/greeting cards, handmade paper, toys, etc.) for craft and hobby enthusiasts. E-mail
44 glean idle PC time from volunteers by selling it to companies for data processing, then use the money for charities chosen by the volunteers. Use the same software as used by SETI@home and Proteinfolding. (computer) E-mail
45 To save money, USA or European companies could scan and email/fax sketches of engineering drawings to Indian firms for conversion to proper engineering drawings with AUTO CAD. (outsource,outsourcing) E-mail
46 Make a website for an online examination center. You go through an exam of your choice for free, and if you pass the exam, you request your certificate. Can help to promote education. E-mail
47 In word processing software, the user should be able to "right-click" on a word and then, like with a thesaurus, they can select another word that means the same as the original. This would definitely be possible as thesaurus software already exists. E-mail
48 Instead of throwing out old computers, donate them to a developing country. E-mail
49 Hard drives taken from obsolete machines can be used to back up more data on newer machines, and are usually capable of storing more information and retrieving it more quickly than CD-Rs/CD-RWs. E-mail
50 Website to let you see the past by blocking access to sites changed or dated after the date you choose, resulting in news/style from that time (at least back to the early internet). Similar: Wayback Machine E-mail