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1 To advertise a small business, give a free t-shirt with a big purchase. It will display the business slogan and location. To encourage customers to wear it in your area, give a 5% discount each time they wear it during a purchase. Tell me if you try it. E-mail
2 New, small businesses could buy their equipment, furniture, and computers cheaper by using an online auction service, such as ebay or yahoo. Those closing a business may also recover more by liquidating stock or equipment using online auctions. E-mail
3 Walk-in quick teeth cleaning service, like barber or manicurist. (tooth, dentist) E-mail
4 Barbers/hairdressers could make their customers more comfortable during a hair wash if they used a padded sink instead of hard ceramic to let them rest their necks and heads. E-mail
5 Hourly rental rooms for sleep and quiet in highly populated shopping malls. A place to relax and take a time-out from the day of crazy shopping, running around between errands. Home might be too far. E-mail
6 Work as a designer online and sell the designs to card designers or clothing designers. E-mail
7 A store with used stuff that is super cheap--kind of like a Salvation Army or thrift store in that the store would come with a truck to pick up your items from your home. But you would keep part of the proceeds from selling your stuff. E-mail
8 Teach all people to look for the time theirs was a fashionable face/figure in the past and to adapt their clothes, hairstyle, etc. to that. It would suit them and leave time and money free to pursue other activities than following fashion in lockstep. E-mail
9 People search for sales by going to stores. To make this easier, a website can list desired offers and nearest stores. E-mail