Bill Rao's ideas: (click suns to rate or comment on ideas)

1 A world-wide web page with a list of expired patents and information on how to use that knowledge. E-mail
2 One credit card (with photo) with different chips/magnetic strips for different accounts. Eliminates need to carry many cards. Better if cardholder's finger print(s) are used to activate. E-mail
3 A separate household garbage bin, colour-coded for collection by the local garbage service, only for organic waste (eg. vegetable waste etc.) and without plastic bags, for conversion into organic manure at a central plant. E-mail
4 Let U.N. conduct annual essay/project competitions for students from developing countries to evaluate/improve the functioning of democratic institutions in their countries. Helps to spread awareness/critical evaluation. E-mail
5 To save time in the kitchen: grind in a (mini) food-processor large quantities (separately) onions, ginger, garlic etc. Put in clean glass bottles and just cover in good (light) oil. Refrigerate. Use as needed and don't add any oil while cooking. E-mail
6 Encourage the growth of health conscious takeaway food shops, independent or as a part of the supermarkets, to save time on cooking at home every day. E-mail
7 Many elected representatives seldom participate in the debates of the parliaments/congresses. The media should publish some indexes of their participation in the parliaments at the times of elections. E-mail
8 Redesign PCs to make inlets and outlets accessible from the front of the PC. Simplifies connecting/disconnecting and carrying for service/repairs. E-mail
9 In the multi-purpose exercise machines, add thin rubber lining to the adjustable weight plates. That stops annoying noise when they fall suddenly because of lack of control/practice with this equipment. E-mail
10 Design programmable phones to automatically turn off & on ringing at set times. Useful to those who don't want to be disturbed (especially older people with poor memory) when they go to bed. E-mail
11 A website for downloading short movies made by the hobby film makers. Some of them, though of 10 minutes duration, are excellent to watch and quick to download. E-mail
12 Brahmi (Bacopa bacosides, an Indian herb) seems to have a brain stimulating effect. Do more controlled research and publish the results. E-mail
13 In many DTP programmes: e.g., Publisher, PageMaker, etc., it isn't possible to insert footnotes automatically as in WP software: e.g., Word. A programme to make that possible would be great. E-mail
14 Medical education encourages specialisation. In general specialists are too narrow and lack an overview. Teach in med-schools "systems" approach to understand the overall effects of treatments. Build computer models of human systems to simulate and learn. E-mail
15 Many students in the developing countries are not well informed about the scientific method as a tool to search knowledge. The West may encourage this by providing skills and resources as part of aid. E-mail
16 Instead of walking frames, develop a folding frame attachment (detachable when not needed) to the standard walking stick. E-mail
17 Same phone number (with a prefix eg. 04 for the cellular) for the existing home and cellular phones, with higher charges for calls made from cellular. Simplifies storing numbers and paying bills. E-mail
18 A (global) web site with full details of making useful things (e.g., invitation/greeting cards, handmade paper, toys, etc.) for craft and hobby enthusiasts. E-mail
19 A speedometer that buzzes/beeps mildly when the speed limit is exceeded, with adjustable speed limits. E-mail
20 Clean Indian fish dishes: Select flaked fish pieces eg. Mackerel, Ling, Cod etc. Marinate in salt and chilli powder over night. BBQ (medium). Prepare a gravy (U like) from a recipe book. Add fish. Cook for 5 minutes. Eat with rice. E-mail
21 We have electrical toothbrushes, water jets etc. We need, I think, an electrical dental floss. Not hard to invent. E-mail
22 Develop a swimming trolley that moves forward automatically and also stops to help the handicapped to exercise in (shallow) training swimming pools. E-mail
23 Levy a tax of 20% on non-recyclable greeting cards. Encourages use of removable separate message page(s) in the card. New messages can be inserted to save expenses and paper waste. E-mail
24 An inexpensive duplex printer that can print on 40 to 60 gms paper, plus basic equipment to make small books with saddle stitch. Knowledge can be spread more rapidly and authors can market books directly. E-mail
25 A system to help to watch any missed TV programme. Of course for a reasonable price. For example, TiVo. E-mail
26 Develop a gadget to fit the domestic pressure cookers to make good coffee. First steam should pass through the coffee powder and then hot water through the steamed coffee powder to get your coffee. E-mail
27 Bull bars are useful in the country but dangerous (for pedestrians) on the city roads. It would be simple to design bull bars that can be removed and replaced when necessary. E-mail
28 Fit a powerful magnetic device to all the wheel guards of vehicles to attract/remove nails and other sharp metal objects from the roads. Saves punctures in the tyres and prevents some accidents. If you use this idea, please acknowledge this source. E-mail
29 The long-run (LR) effects of new medicines generally are not fully known. I think it is possible (though complicated) to build computer (dynamic) models of a typical person and simulate the LR effects of new and old medicines. E-mail
30 At present PC to PC voice chats are of poor quality in sound. Perhaps it is possible to devise a small amplifier (external or a card) to improve the quality of in and out sound signals. E-mail
31 Develop a machine or process (easily and energy efficiently) to erase text printed by laser printers so that paper can be reused. E-mail
32 Students (especially research students) from outside Europe have problems with the theory of knowledge because they use the belief system. So teach them the Western theory of knowledge first to help understand knowledge by reasoning. E-mail
33 Encourage university education in neglected subjects like law, political science, philosophy and in general all humanities. Advanced countries may provide more funds and encourage students from the developing countries to enroll in them in the West. E-mail
34 A modified vehicle carburetor with a device to redirect leaked/overflown excess fuel (when accelerating) back to the fuel tank instead of letting it evaporate. E-mail
35 Develop special retread-cups to recycle used tennis balls. E-mail
36 Perhaps it is possible to design (wind assisted) sails to assist riders of bicycles and tricycles (rikshaws in the Asian countries). Very useful for travel in small towns and developing countries. E-mail
37 After shaving, hang the brush with bristles facing down. The brush dries quicker and lasts longer. E-mail