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1 An ionic exchange converter for removing carbon dioxide from car exhaust to prevent climate change. (automotive, CO2, emissions) E-mail
2 Tiny CCTV cameras in cockpit of plane connected to a multi-channel digital video recorder. Store the hard drive in the blackbox. If the plane crashes, full audio/video recordings of the crew and instruments, passengers, & out-of-windscreen view. E-mail
3 Car companies should build new, hybrid vehicles for the postal service, thus keeping the auto industry alive, replacing the aging postal service fleet, and putting the bailout money to constructive use.
4 Heavy buckets of water are very difficult for older people to carry. The manufacturers should add removable wheels so that the buckets can be rolled, then lifted. E-mail
5 To improve railway safety, install GPS devices and radio transmitters on all train locomotives. A computer at a control center would monitor all train locations and alert any trains headed for a crash, based on position and velocity estimates. E-mail
6 Digital vehicle traffic accident recorder: a small, digital camcorder mounted into vehicle front grill would record for 30 seconds, allowing visual recall of collision causes. E-mail
7 Escape from building fires. Once people are trapped in storied-building fires, a self-contained rope platform can help people evacuate from upper windows quickly. E-mail
8 Air inside city buses can be more polluted than outside. Buses should completely flush their air when at clean portions of their routes, or should store clean air in a tank to release it gradually into the interior during the day. E-mail
9 Biplane wingsuit or hang glider or jet suit. Fold out from elbow-like joint at hands to double the wingspan. Wear on arms and backpack to have two wings for double the lift. Propel from small jets on back. E-mail
10 Put designs on the outside of concrete highway dividers for nicer landscapes. E-mail
11 Road Rollers are too heavy for moving from one site to another. A lightweight but strong & high-power roller can use a tank of water or sand to increase its weight & capacity at site. The same road roller can be used for various weight categories. E-mail
12 Helicopter parachute. If engine fails, main rotor is fired away and a parachute is deployed. Tail rotor could be programmed to steady the craft, or it too could be fired away. Surely better than the alternative! E-mail
13 In big cranes, a series of telescopic, concentric, cylindrical buckets filled with water or sand from site can compensate for 20% - 40% of the counter weights. Thus the purchase & transportation cost of the big cranes can be reduced. E-mail
14 Sensors mounted on the sides of escalator can sense if somebody is using it or not (like infrared signal obstructed by body). If no one is using for say 1 min. it should stop & only re-start when someone is on it. This can save power. E-mail
15 Portable wheelchair ramp
16 In order to encourage drivers to keep a safe stopping distance between vehicles, a detector could be fitted to the front of vehicles and warn when a safe stopping distance is not maintained for that speed. E-mail
17 To reduce accidents, install devices on traffic lights to change them automatically to green whenever an emergency vehicle is approaching. The light for the cross-street would simultaneously be changed to red. Such devices have long been available. E-mail
18 There can be some sort of device (piezoelectric generator?) beneath the roads which when pressed by passing vehicles can generate power, and the road lights can be powered through them without fuel cost. E-mail
19 Make public transit more convenient: replace coins with cash card accepted on buses and subways by swiping near a machine. Refill card at machines in subway stations. Hong Kong uses one. E-mail
20 Car headlights should automatically turn off with the engine. This would prevent the driver forgetting to turn them off and draining the battery. To use headlights when the engine is off, they could be turned on again manually. Toyota Camry does this. E-mail
21 Non-air-conditioned public transport buses in hot countries like India should have exhaust fans. When the buses are crowded, exhaust fan would bring some comfort to the passengers. E-mail
22 A skateboard lock. Skateboards are popular, so you have a chance of getting it stolen when you go somewhere where they don't allow you to bring it in. Use a lock that hooks on to the bearings and then to any kind of pole, just like a bike lock.
23 Warning flashers that actuate automatically when a vehicle slows down in an abrupt manner, when airbags deploy, or when the vehicle skids sideways. This device will caution the drivers who only watch the red tail lights in dense fog & heavy rain. (cars) E-mail
24 Bicycle with turning signals and green lights and a red brake light. E-mail
25 LostBug: a microchip to put in one's luggage so that if it gets lost the airline can scan it and post it online. So long as the owner has his number, he can go online and then give his address and verification as the owner of the item to locate it. E-mail
26 A basket that fits securely across the arms of a wheelchair so that a small pile of clothes, food, etc. can be carried from one room to another sure would be helpful. E-mail
27 Concept: Reduce wasted time at the fuel pumps.
Idea: Create a system built into the vehicle which transmits type of fuel desired, charge card number, and amount of fuel the car needs. Also, increase the fuel flow to decrease time it takes to fill.
28 An escalator intergrated handrail liquid cleaner or ultraviolet light inside the machine that disinfects and dries the handrail instantly, with each cycle. E-mail
29 Grocery stores, drug stores and department stores should offer 'REACHERS' for wheelchair-bound customers and short people. E-mail
30 Backward facing seating arrangement in buses can reduce head & upper body injury due to sudden braking or accidents because the upper-body will get pressed into the backrest cushion instead of bumping on the front seat. E-mail
31 Design elevator button panels as a single surface (like on microwave ovens) that can be easily wiped clean for regular disinfection to prevent spread of disease via the hand-surface-hand route. Panel must have Braille for the visually impaired. E-mail
32 To allow browsing of the internet on airlines, archive a number of popular sites and connect to the in-flight entertainment system. That way the archive will be updated when the plane is on the ground and this will save on newspaper and magazine waste. E-mail
33 We need computer and camera driven traffic lights, so that traffic will not be held up when the other lanes are clear. Especially at night and during other low volume periods. For gasoline savings and personal safety. (energy conservation) E-mail
34 In a warehouse environment, install tiny chips in items which will tell warehouse computer where each item has been stored without human intervention. It is usually impossible to store all of one item in same place. E-mail
35 When you're pushing a pram in the rain and trying to hold an umbrella at the same time, why not have an umbrella that attaches to the handle bars: more hands free to hold other child's hand or do shopping. Example E-mail
36 The train average speed falls due to stopping at stations. Increase average speed by not stopping. Passengers enter and exit by a pilot box which will add to the front or detach from the back of the non-stop train near each station. E-mail
37 Install a device on a vehicle that requires you to insert your drivers license. It keeps track of age, insurance, and drunk driving record, and will not let you drive if your record is bad. E-mail
38 Braking distance lights on the back of cars to let the person behind you know if they are following too closely. Could use a tacho to measure speed and use a laser for distance measurement. Weather conditions could be measured too. E-mail
39 I often lose keys and the remote control. We need a system that is hung on the wall with buttons. When you press one button, after putting some gizmo on your keys, it will beep so you can find them. E-mail
40 Honda recently added speech recognition to some vehicles so drivers can control their CD players, A/C, etc. hands-free. This has been combined with a GPS system, making it convenient to get directions while on the road. (driving, cars) E-mail
41 Glowing paint on 2 wheeler tyres (tires) for increased rider safety at night. The fluorescent colors can be used to create a halo warning other road users of the coming or going 2 wheeler. (bike, bicycle) E-mail
42 The government should implement some sort of highly inexpensive electrified coil that would be strategically placed on major intersections to melt instantaneously all snow that falls, thus reducing the bulk of winter accidents. (driving safety) E-mail
43 Disposable covers for wheelchair wheels and baby strollers. Easier than wiping off the wheels before going indoors. E-mail
44 A custom car horn: you record your voice into it, and when you honk, it will replay your message. For example, when you honk your horn, it may say "Get out of the way!" or "Coming through!"
45 An amusement theme park bumper car, made of lightweight N-pole magnet shell, that can hover and float along an S-pole magnet sheet lane. E-mail
46 Car companies should adopt frosted glass technology. When you park your car outside, you press a button and the windows become opaque. This keeps out the sun and hides the contents of your car from would be thieves.
47 Cars should have hidden cameras or at least audio devices on driver side window, by glove compartment, and by trunk. Should be able to activate it during police stops, with video automatically sent to your email and/or lawyer's email. E-mail
48 Special turning signal for U-turns: a U-shaped light on both sides of car or truck. E-mail
49 A computer device in cars which restricts their speed to the local legal limit by communicating to devices by(in) the road. This would reduce accidents from drunk driving, drag racing, and other speeding, and would prevent many dangerous police chases. E-mail
50 An electric motor for a bicycle that is charged using a brake system that instead of transferring kinetic energy to heat, creates electric current (while reducing wheel speed), like hybrid-electric cars. E-mail