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1 Printing passport sized photos on self adhesive glossy paper sheets will be really helpful to the user, as mostly we are required to stick them onto something. E-mail
2 Glow-in-the-dark window coverings: could come in cute, colorful designs to act as fun nightlights for kids; apply by heat transfer to blinds or curtains, or add the chemicals during plastic molding. View prototype. E-mail
3 Browsing channels in TV using thumbnails. If we can have a channel devoted to capturing thumbnails of what is happening in other channels it will help us in avoiding browsing all the channels. E-mail
4 Scratch 'n' Sniff Cook Book: This is a novelty cookbook where the reader will be given the option to smell some of the recipes/dishes in the book. (food) E-mail
5 A book interviewing people in various careers, and people who failed in those careers, to inform students about good and bad career choices and give hard-learned tips for succeeding. E-mail
6 A TV-remote control that has a built-in beeper like phones to locate it easily when lost. Can be recharged, and the beeper button can be in the recharging base. Or, beeper could be activated by the sound of a hand clap. E-mail
7 To advertise a small business, give a free t-shirt with a big purchase. It will display the business slogan and location. To encourage customers to wear it in your area, give a 5% discount each time they wear it during a purchase. Tell me if you try it. E-mail
8 Scientific journals should accept papers by e-mail rather than post to save time, postage, and trees. There are normally >7 mailings required (author to editor, editor to reviewers, and back, then repeat for revisions), delaying life-saving information. E-mail
9 To allow browsing of the internet on airlines, archive a number of popular sites and connect to the in-flight entertainment system. That way the archive will be updated when the plane is on the ground and this will save on newspaper and magazine waste. E-mail
10 Common Comedy: TV comedy show with skit ideas sent by public and selected by the actors. Dedicated team of writers for shows runs dry of jokes after a while, but millions of viewers and freelance comedians can always produce fresh material. E-mail
11 In many K-12 classrooms, there is a computer and an overhead projector. There needs to be a simple, reusable, inexpensive and reliable way to transfer a powerpoint presentation from computer to the wall. E-mail
12 I have an idea for a tv show for teens. It should be run by teens and show real teens in the real world with real life issues where there is not always a happy ending. It should tell how teens view the world.
13 In India with multiple telephone service providers now a unified Phone Book (Phone Directory) has now become essential. The major organization BSNL should take the lead. E-mail
14 PC in doctor's waiting room with an artificial intelligence system with an animated human interface to take the patient through a series of diagnostic filters and present the results to the "real" doctor at a much shorter and cheaper consultation. E-mail
15 Twin Christian bed sheet set, 300-thread count, 100% cotton. Includes: flat sheet, fitted sheet, blanket, comforter, & 2 pillowcases. King or queen. The lord on the cross w/2 circles around the cross in the center w/Bible verses. E-mail
16 There are so many lists of things to memorize in college & high school; I would find an 'Encyclopedia of Mnemonics and Memory Aids' extremely useful. E-mail
17 Game idea: Dungeon & Dragons for Playstation 2. Create a character mode: name, height, weight, hair, eyes, bodytype, race, age, level, status, inventory, & map. Str/Dex/Con/Int/will/sta/cha/hp. Build/quest/freeplay mode. E-mail
18 It's possible to do a computer simulation of time travel by solving fixed-point equations. I would love to see a "Sim Time Travel" program to let one experiment with simulated time travel. For details, email me. E-mail
19 Playstation 2 game idea: GSN - TV game shows (A) The Price Is Right, 2-4 player; (B) Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, 2-player; (C) Deal Or No Deal, 1-player; (D) Press Your Luck, 3-player; (E) Card Sharks & much more. E-mail
20 When I study for exams, it's tedious and wasteful to make flashcards from index cards. Someone could write a computer program that displays user-defined flashcards, keeps track of your score, and drills you on flashcards you miss often. E-mail
21 Dungeon & Dragons for PS2 based on the D&D series 2-8 player game. Create a character mode, quest mode, vs. mode, free play mode, timer mode. E-mail
22 Songwriters and singers could easily produce hits by translating popular songs from other languages. Since they've already proven their popularity, the songs should be more likely to make the charts in other languages as well. E-mail
23 LCD screens are now big enough to use in movie theaters, eliminating the projector and allowing seats to be arranged in a vertical grid in front of the screen. Everyone would have a front-row seat. E-mail
24 Book of advice from different religions. E-mail
25 The WWW is moving far too rapidly towards a "pay for information" environment. I wish that my search engines could distinguish between free and pay information sites and let me choose. E-mail
26 Movie: Again, as sarcastic reply to "Never again." Stories of 1994 Rwanda genocide. See this book or the movie "Hotel Rwanda." E-mail
27 Medical education encourages specialisation. In general specialists are too narrow and lack an overview. Teach in med-schools "systems" approach to understand the overall effects of treatments. Build computer models of human systems to simulate and learn. E-mail
28 The 7 Swindlers: Make a movie like The Magnificent 7; victims of a stock fraud (like Enron) get an undercover cop, magician, salesman, accountant, etc., who were fired for being too honest, to scam the executives back. E-mail
29 Charmed PS2 game: 2-4 player game based on the television show "Charmed." (TV, Play Station, video, computer) E-mail
30 A revolvable polygonal prism-shaped multiple photo frame to display a couple of photos at a time on a centre table. On corner table change the facing photo just by rotating. Many sweet memories to display in a small place. E-mail
31 Merge any two forms of music to make a new wave in the music business. A great example is country/rock or gospel/rap. This idea will bring in a wide variety of music listeners and attract more money to your musical ventures. E-mail
32 Free postal services could be provided if the cost of the postage is supported by printed advertisements on the envelope. E-mail
33 All operating systems should come with a typing tutorial for new keyboard users. E-mail
34 For beginners to the ancient art of origami, I'd like to see an animated tutorial that doesn't move at light speed and includes every step and fold. E-mail
35 Back To The Future PS2 Game: Based on the movie trilogy, 2-4 player game, memory card, analog control, vibration function, could play on-line. (playstation 2 game idea) E-mail
36 Pimp My Ride for Playstation 2: based on the TV series Pimp My Ride, with 2 player action, p2 memory card, auto save modes, free play, mission, career, duel, create a character & story. E-mail
37 Write a relay book or short story: like a game of Telephone, you write one page, then pass it to a friend to write the next page, and so on. The plot turns will likely be very surprising. E-mail
38 If we really want to make the world a better place, we must reduce the volume of bad news spread through all vocal & visual media. Why can't we market good news? Is it because our minds are built to look for bad stuff. Let's change for a better tomorrow. E-mail
39 Build a website called List people like Enron's CEO (Jeff Skilling, Harvard MBA) & CFO (Andrew Fastow, Northwestern MBA), etc. The list is long, and I can help you. On the website list Motto for each of Top MBA programs. E-mail
40 Write a math book for teens written in a teenage style that shows actual applications for trig, calculus, imaginary numbers and other subjects typically deemed worthless by teenagers. E-mail
41 Compile an anthology of poetry exclusively of lyrics of songs. E-mail
42 The most basic problem of 3D modeling is creating a 3D object but viewing it in a 2D medium--the computer display. Why not perform 3D modeling in a virtual reality? E-mail
43 High school level math should be taught through a case-oriented approach of learning as opposed to memorizing billions of useless concepts and eventually applying them in Calculus. Ask the ninth-grade student what baffled the math pioneers and teach that. E-mail
44 A special-purpose robot that moves your hands to teach you how to play piano. E-mail
45 To remember nine planets of our solar system in right order just memorise this sentence: "My Very Educated Mother Just Showed Us Nine Planets." The first letter of each word stands for respective planet. E-mail
46 I would like to see a tool for three-dimensional artists/modelers that uses SONAR to map the 3d coordinates of real-life objects. Such a tool could be made relatively inexpensively for amateurs. E-mail
47 Make an extension for browsers that would let you bookmark any heading on the internet (coded with H1, H2, etc.), enabling readers to bookmark any sections in long articles. E-mail
48 There should be a program that shows you the lyrics of a (dirty) song, and it would let you choose the words that you would not like to be in the song. Thus, parents could know to what words or phrases children are listening. E-mail
49 It can be hard for truckers to find places to park. Construct parking spots or make an app to show available parking spots in real time. E-mail
50 Replace books with small digital data banks. This would work especially well for dictionaries. E-mail