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1 Put soluble orange dye in the alcohol hand gel used in hospitals by staff and visitors. Then anyone not using it would be identified. It would wash off easily on leaving hospital. E-mail
2 Put shampoo and conditioner in one bottle, in separate ends with a separator in the middle so that it doesn't mix, and doesn't take up as much room in the shower. Have pop cap lids on both ends. E-mail
3 Escape from building fires. Once people are trapped in storied-building fires, a self-contained rope platform can help people evacuate from upper windows quickly. E-mail
4 Make non-shaded but polarized glasses for driving at night so that reflections on the road from lights, especially when it's rainy, won't make it hard to see the lane markers, etc.
5 A spiral slide as a fire escape from tall buildings. It has a cover and may use seats (& seatbelts) on gears (to regulate speed). It goes 10 floors at a time. Access via metal, locked doors, opened only in an emergency. Faster than stairs. E-mail
6 Lollipop cough drops: to prevent choking on normal cough drops that might be inhaled when sucking in air before a cough, cough drops could be made as lollipops with paper or plastic sticks or rope loops. E-mail
7 'Porta Potties' should contain wall mounted vending machine for dispensing handi wipes (wet naps). E-mail
8 A chain of drive-thru healthy food restaurants that provide a menu including nutritional info and compatibility with popular diets (Atkins, Weight Watchers, etc.). Also serves bagged lunches. E-mail
9 Since Chinese restaurants keep fishtanks to let diners select live fish for their meal, why not keep a garden next to a restaurant where diners could select their own live vegetables, fruits, and herbs? You couldn't get more fresh. E-mail
10 Over your stove in the kitchen, approximately 1x1m, on the wall, a thick asbestos-type vinyl (or whatever) fireproof cloth, which can quickly fall over a stove fire and smother it. The cloth would be decorative, before needed. E-mail
11 Post Clinical Trials: Make drug companies monitor new drugs for 24 months after release and provide reports on effectiveness as part of the public literature. E-mail
12 An escalator intergrated handrail liquid cleaner or ultraviolet light inside the machine that disinfects and dries the handrail instantly, with each cycle. E-mail
13 Grocery stores, drug stores and department stores should offer 'REACHERS' for wheelchair-bound customers and short people. E-mail
14 Backward facing seating arrangement in buses can reduce head & upper body injury due to sudden braking or accidents because the upper-body will get pressed into the backrest cushion instead of bumping on the front seat. E-mail
15 To make reading, while lying down, easier, we can have a lightweight stand that can hold the book at the angle we want. Then we need not use our hands, which may be painful for many suffering from spondilytis. E-mail
16 Sell wine in small bottles for cooking or drinking. Now you must buy a whole liter even if you only need a few mls. The chemical in red wine which might prolong life, resveratrol, degrades once exposed to air, and serving-size bottles would preserve it. E-mail
17 With universal, cheap cell phone service, a wide range of real-time, health monitoring equipment could be deployed. With 2-way communication, patients can be directed to take action before a crisis occurs. The cost of such capability will decrease. E-mail
18 Use the same technology to dissolve gallstones (ultra shock) to dissolve roots of teeth that need to be extracted (especially wisdom teeth). That way, the tooth is removed easily and the near liquified roots will drain out with the blood. E-mail
19 In the multi-purpose exercise machines, add thin rubber lining to the adjustable weight plates. That stops annoying noise when they fall suddenly because of lack of control/practice with this equipment. E-mail
20 Spinal cord regeneration is inhibited by myelin, but dibutyryl cAMP overcomes this inhibition in animals. Test db-cAMP in humans. E-mail
21 Fast food chains should include one helping of vegetables in all their burger and other menus, for example, disguised as finely chopped vegetables added to the burger or more salad into the burger beyond the lettuce leaf! Roopa Karkhanis E-mail
22 Miniature Wall Refrigerator for bathroom to store medications, vitamins and other small products requiring storage under 25 degrees C.
23 Nobody can carry a soap bar or dish in a pocket or purse to wash themselves. I have invented a disposable paper soap (10 strips in one packet) to overcome this problem. Similar example E-mail
24 For people with very bad close-sight (thus are far-sighted), but who love to read books, an "Easy Reader" that magnifies the words. It could be a simple video camera and large screen to avoid the distortion of a magnifying glass. E-mail
25 How about over-the-counter crown and caps for teeth--they already have temporary fillings--or shrink-to-fit false teeth? E-mail
26 Computerised indoor swimming holes big enough for an adult and using elastic bands tied to ankles or waist to allow a person to swim. Saves space and costs. Computer to track duration and speed. Similar example E-mail
27 PC in doctor's waiting room with an artificial intelligence system with an animated human interface to take the patient through a series of diagnostic filters and present the results to the "real" doctor at a much shorter and cheaper consultation. E-mail
28 In order to remove soft drinks from the 'JUNK-FOOD' category, several vitamins and minerals can be added. This will definitely be appreciated by the consumers, and the sales will also increase. Same can be done with potato chips and pizzas. E-mail
29 Hamburger restaurants should use spinach rather than iceberg lettuce. The U.S. government should provide incentives for restaurants to limit portions and provide more nutritious fare. E-mail
30 A computer device in cars which restricts their speed to the local legal limit by communicating to devices by(in) the road. This would reduce accidents from drunk driving, drag racing, and other speeding, and would prevent many dangerous police chases. E-mail
31 To reduce harm of smoking, breed and use tobacco plants with little or no nicotine. My wife is a specialist on growing of Oriental tobacco plants. She is a selectionist and is involved in seed production, and she has such experience. E-mail
32 A weight-based control and alarm to alert nurses for intravenous bottle change when empty. Bottle is suspended by a rope over a pulley with a weight attached at the other end to trigger an alarm when the weight descends far enough. E-mail
33 Cars should have hidden cameras or at least audio devices on driver side window, by glove compartment, and by trunk. Should be able to activate it during police stops, with video automatically sent to your email and/or lawyer's email. E-mail
34 A simple improvisation of a portable xray machine fitted with a CCD X-Ray Camera and a PC could be a very low cost alternative to a C-ARM (a realtime imaging machine used during orthopaedic surgery). E-mail
35 For plucking flowers not within reach in the garden, a long handle with a hand-like attachment with adjustable length. E-mail
36 I hear of women who are attacked by men who use the woman's own taser. I think if there were several multi-colored buttons, that only the woman could remember the right color, and that would be a solution. E-mail
37 Develop drug to inhibit or reduce expression of insulin receptors only on fat cells since fat cell-specific insulin receptor knockout mice are lean and long-lived. E-mail
38 An entire range of home medical testing devices, such as BP monitor, consisting only of the electronics to test function and then pass results via bluetooth, to users smart cellphone. E-mail
39 Babies suffer a lot of pain after vaccination injections, mainly tetanus. Alternate oral/ inhaling/ ointment type should be developed. There can also be more vaccination to mother when the baby is in womb/ breast feeding. E-mail
40 Apollo's Contacts: There are glasses that change to become sunglasses in the sun. Why not have contacts do the same--without changing color. That is to say, let the contacts absorb UV and keep your original eye color. E-mail
41 Leaves of the custard apple plant are an effective cure for head lice. Just make a paste and apply, shampoo after 1 hour, and reapply after 3 days for better results. Added benefit: your hair is soft and conditioned. E-mail
42 Pedal-operated public toilet taps can save water & also prevent infection. E-mail
43 Instead of walking frames, develop a folding frame attachment (detachable when not needed) to the standard walking stick. E-mail
44 To prevent medical problems from inhaling dangerous fumes (soldering, welding, melting plastic), a simple "fume-sucker" can be constructed using an old vacuum hose with a fan attached to one end. The hose can lead outside. E-mail
45 To treat post partum depression, try giving the hormones of pregnancy to bring back the elevated mood temporarily. E-mail
46 How to use transdural patch to monitor for things like sugar level: Use chemical which when mixed with certain concentration of sugar turns color or causes heat. This gives continuous, non-invasive testing. E-mail
47 Movie: Again, as sarcastic reply to "Never again." Stories of 1994 Rwanda genocide. See this book or the movie "Hotel Rwanda." E-mail
48 Combine a 3D printer and a fluorescent-activated cell sorter (FACS) to print cells to create tissue or organs. Also combine a FACS and an atomic force microscope to print cells in microscopic patterns to create tissue or organs. E-mail
49 Develop 2 drugs--one to slow & another to increase "coping mistakes of DNA" (mutations). Drug 1 will delay bacteria/viruses becoming drug resistant. Drug 2 will help agricultural & other developments that use selection methods. Both can have many uses. E-mail
50 I would love to see a dog toilet created. It might take some doing to attach it to the sewer, but a round flat toilet "bowl" could flush automatically after the dog's weight leaves the "toilet." Dogs would have to be trained to just go in that place.