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1 Bubble Wrap, Pop and Smell: Popping bubblewrap is relaxing and stress relieving. Combine it with a smell, known for its stress-relieving properties, which is released when popped, and you have a product that delivers double the stress relief in one go. E-mail
2 Biplane wingsuit or hang glider or jet suit. Fold out from elbow-like joint at hands to double the wingspan. Wear on arms and backpack to have two wings for double the lift. Propel from small jets on back. E-mail
3 For online jigsaw fans, certain puzzles will have a "bonus" piece (or pieces) mixed in that would be added to others collected from various other solved puzzles to form a new puzzle.
4 Glow-in-the-dark window coverings: could come in cute, colorful designs to act as fun nightlights for kids; apply by heat transfer to blinds or curtains, or add the chemicals during plastic molding. View prototype. E-mail
5 A disturbing noise (sound) can be eliminated if it is taken through a microphone, shifted 180 degrees out of phase electronically, amplified and played with an audio speaker. May also be sold as a toy "Cone of Silence" to absorb anything you say. E-mail
6 Make a combination padlock that instead of numbers has letters that you can set to the word you want to have as your combination. It would be much easier to remember, and I know I would prefer it over a regular numbered padlock. E-mail
7 A tea or coffee mug with a built in thermostat-controlled, battery-operated heater to keep the coffee warm for people who enjoy sipping the coffee for long durations. The heater can be switched on before serving. E-mail
8 Pens with fragrant ink. I've seen (or rather, smelled) cherry pens before, but why not vanilla, almond, rose, jasmine, camellia, or coffee? E-mail
9 To make reading, while lying down, easier, we can have a lightweight stand that can hold the book at the angle we want. Then we need not use our hands, which may be painful for many suffering from spondilytis. E-mail
10 Tattoos lasting only five or ten years, by use of special dissipating inks. E-mail
11 Earrings, necklaces, bangles, pendants, etc. with sparkling lights, powered by a watch battery. E-mail
12 Night coat for pets that has glow in the dark strips so they can be readily located at night around the house. E-mail
13 Sell special worms that make your compost work faster and better. Clean, helpful, and profitable. E-mail
14 Flowers that are fake but smell real!
15 A single golf club to replace a set of irons with an adjustable head angle and a telescopic shaft. Player adjusts the head for the club needed and can also adjust the shaft length. E-mail
16 A bicycle mini sub would make a great entertainment for kids. It can be the new hit on or in water, and kids will do anything to get their own. E-mail
17 Pet water fountain for dogs & cats. It would look like a human fountain, but it would have a paw lever. The animal would put his or her paw on the lever, and the fountain will give water. E-mail
18 Invented a tool that clips to a golf club and allows it to stand upright on its own so that players donít have to lay extra clubs on the ground. Never bend over to pick up a club. Works on every club in the bag. E-mail
19 For plucking flowers not within reach in the garden, a long handle with a hand-like attachment with adjustable length. E-mail
20 Alarm clocks and telephones should be produced that look like antiques but have all the features of new gadgets. The new features could be camouflaged so that they are unseen. These new electronics would be more decorative than plastics. E-mail
21 LCD screens are now big enough to use in movie theaters, eliminating the projector and allowing seats to be arranged in a vertical grid in front of the screen. Everyone would have a front-row seat. E-mail
22 How about scattering an anti-growth hormone to stop grass growing so quickly. E-mail
23 Digital frames for digital photos: a website or the cd chip in a digital camera could provide frames for all seasons and special crazy things that people come up with in our world that catch our moments in life. (internet,computers) E-mail
24 Playstation 2 game idea: GSN - TV game shows (A) The Price Is Right, 2-4 player; (B) Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, 2-player; (C) Deal Or No Deal, 1-player; (D) Press Your Luck, 3-player; (E) Card Sharks & much more. E-mail
25 Dynamo power: The James Bond Package... Human powered satellite telephone and GPS system, with download maps. E-mail
26 "Sour Stardust": like Pixie Stix but sour, similar to the sour sugar shaken off from the bottom of a bag of Sour Skittles or Sour Patch Kids. E-mail
27 An amusement theme park bumper car, made of lightweight N-pole magnet shell, that can hover and float along an S-pole magnet sheet lane. E-mail
28 Charmed PS2 game: 2-4 player game based on the television show "Charmed." (TV, Play Station, video, computer) E-mail
29 I would love to see a dog toilet created. It might take some doing to attach it to the sewer, but a round flat toilet "bowl" could flush automatically after the dog's weight leaves the "toilet." Dogs would have to be trained to just go in that place.
30 For warmth and protection with added fun: a blanket with arms. It could be made for any sizes from ages 2 to 100. A must for girlscouts, boyscouts, sleepovers, campers, and those who love to fish, without their blanket falling off them. E-mail
31 To keep bath time fun, make soap into a gel and dispense it like shaving gel! My kids love playing with my can of shaving gel; why not let them spread soap all over themselves in the bath? E-mail
32 Back To The Future PS2 Game: Based on the movie trilogy, 2-4 player game, memory card, analog control, vibration function, could play on-line. (playstation 2 game idea) E-mail
33 Pimp My Ride for Playstation 2: based on the TV series Pimp My Ride, with 2 player action, p2 memory card, auto save modes, free play, mission, career, duel, create a character & story. E-mail
34 Spinner rims for bicycles! I was just out in my shop building a chopper bike for my boy, and all the kids said if I could only have spinner rims! E-mail
35 A bird feeder where, whenever a bird lands on the pirch in front of the feeding dish, the perch would go down slightly like a lever, and, depending on the weight of the bird on the pirch, it would dispense the right amount of food for that weight. E-mail
36 A Christmas tree skirt with a slit in it. This would make it easier to wrap around your tree. Make slit and add velcro to close. E-mail
37 They should make beer cans and bottled beer different colors (six pack--2 colors, 12 pack--4 colors, etc.) to help you avoid drinking out of someone else's beer. Pick a color and stick with that color for the duration of your drinking. E-mail
38 A way to store and process animal waste (dogs and cats) into a type of fertilizer to sprinkle onto your yard flower beds, etc. E-mail
39 To make baths more fun for kids, have plastic water containers with writable surfaces for the kids to sit in them in water and write with underwater pencils/colors. E-mail
40 Night Kite: Mount LEDs on a kite along with a button cell battery and use it for advertising in local areas in the most inexpensive way. (Very cheap and easy to work as compared to hot air ballons) E-mail
41 Velcro stress balls that will stick to cubicle walls or a bulls-eye target when thrown. E-mail
42 Handicapped Merry Go Round: A carousel with wheelchair access. A wheelchair can be secured in place. Being the first, this would promote 100% publicity. Handicapped people can now only watch and never enjoy. E-mail
43 A lipstick that changes color as per the pH of lips to have different colors after having a lemon juice/ soda-water/ soup/ after a face wash or even a French kiss. There can be lip gloss of various pH to adjust shades. E-mail
44 Heated bicycle grips and seat, powered by batteries. E-mail
45 A car that can change colors. The "skin" of the car is clear and can be filled with different colored fluids. These can be removed and replaced at the touch of a button.
46 I love to soak in the tub with a good book or magazine. My dream is a tub structure that is like a waterbed or memory foam or gel-filled material. E-mail
47 Use cloth to wrap your gifts to others so that it can be reused. The cloth can be sheets, pillow slips, tablecothes, towels, scarves or just a piece of material. Useful and helps the environment. E-mail
48 Cloth (silk) gift wrapping paper. Can be reused by recipient. If you try this, I'd be very curious to know the result, so please let me know. E-mail
49 A mini, cordless, leaf blower for golfers. It will blow any debris from the golf ball's intended path. E-mail
50 A special-purpose robot that moves your hands to teach you how to play piano. E-mail