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1 Bananasicle: Freeze a banana to eat like a popsicle, but much richer, tastier, and healthier. E-mail
2 Vending machine manufacturers should program their vending machine dispensers to rotate past 360 degrees, like 380 degrees, then go back 20 degrees to a neutral position so that your chips or candy will fall down every time. E-mail
3 S-SPACE House Modules: The all-in-one family solution to generate abundant healthy food, clean energy for home and transportation, all within an inexpensive and eco-friendly house. E-mail
4 Create a flavorful dog food and cat food gravy/juice for fussy animals who don't like the cheap dry food, but will eat it with the juice on it. E-mail
5 Fast food automated drive thru station that allows you to touch keys to place your order. When order is placed, it is sent directly to the food prep person, and gives you an order #. Cashier matches order numbers and gives the customer proper order. E-mail
6 Since Chinese restaurants keep fishtanks to let diners select live fish for their meal, why not keep a garden next to a restaurant where diners could select their own live vegetables, fruits, and herbs? You couldn't get more fresh. E-mail
7 A chain of drive-thru healthy food restaurants that provide a menu including nutritional info and compatibility with popular diets (Atkins, Weight Watchers, etc.). Also serves bagged lunches. E-mail
8 Toaster ovens should have a replaceable wire in them that melts at extremely high temperature to cut the power, like a fuse. This could prevent oven fires from getting out of hand. (appliances) E-mail
9 Doughnuts with ice cream in the middle instead of cream or custard. E-mail
10 In restaurants, the server writes down your order then walks to a screen and inputs the order. Instead, the server could carry a wireless pad (pocketsize) to record the order at the table to save time and reduce errors. E-mail
11 A food machine wherein a person has only got to insert ingredients and dish will be prepared by machine. (cooking robot) E-mail
12 A tea or coffee mug with a built in thermostat-controlled, battery-operated heater to keep the coffee warm for people who enjoy sipping the coffee for long durations. The heater can be switched on before serving. E-mail
13 Sell wine in small bottles for cooking or drinking. Now you must buy a whole liter even if you only need a few mls. The chemical in red wine which might prolong life, resveratrol, degrades once exposed to air, and serving-size bottles would preserve it. E-mail
14 An idea to save time and money at the grocers would be to put a scanner on the baskets so you would know your spending amount. It would add taxes too, and you would just pay the cashier. E-mail
15 To reduce solid waste, use biodegradable plastic grocery bags made partly with tapioca starch. E-mail
16 Colored salt. That way you could see how much salt you put on your food. E-mail
17 World Desserts: chain of cafes selling desserts from different places around the world. Would be popular since people may find a dessert there that they love but can't find anywhere else in their city, thus attracting a loyal following. E-mail
18 Plastic produce bags in grocery stores are hard to open because they are too slippery. To ease opening, make the bags with a rough area along the top to give some friction for fingers. E-mail
19 Chinese food is worldwide, except Chinese dessert, like almond cream, sesame shakes, or azuki sundaes with condensed milk. Sell them in big city, where people are willing to try something new. If you try this, please e-mail me. (restaurant,cafe,recipe) E-mail
20 Fast food chains should include one helping of vegetables in all their burger and other menus, for example, disguised as finely chopped vegetables added to the burger or more salad into the burger beyond the lettuce leaf! Roopa Karkhanis E-mail
21 In order to remove soft drinks from the 'JUNK-FOOD' category, several vitamins and minerals can be added. This will definitely be appreciated by the consumers, and the sales will also increase. Same can be done with potato chips and pizzas. E-mail
22 Hamburger restaurants should use spinach rather than iceberg lettuce. The U.S. government should provide incentives for restaurants to limit portions and provide more nutritious fare. E-mail
23 Pressure cookers have fixed mass weights for the pressure release valves. These should be replaced by a set of 3 detachable weights to allow low, medium and high pressure cooking as necessary, depending on the food being cooked, to save fuel consumption. E-mail
24 Supermarkets could provide radio ID tags on each of their items (with product & price info) so that you could just walk though a passage and your smart card with digital cash gets debited automatically, and the bill pops up from a slot for you to collect. E-mail
25 New style of container for beverage and or food. Addresses real health issue. Many uses and benefits. Simple to manufacture, immense profits in billion dollar industry. For exclusive licensing. E-mail
26 Instead of fuel wasting thick-walled pressure cookers with lids needing to be locked on, we can use much thinner-walled cookers with variable weight pressure-liftable lids, to save fuel and preclude excessive pressure build-up and vessel bursts. E-mail
27 To reduce harm of smoking, breed and use tobacco plants with little or no nicotine. My wife is a specialist on growing of Oriental tobacco plants. She is a selectionist and is involved in seed production, and she has such experience. E-mail
28 A rack that holds knives and kitchen ware in a locked position so that when driving or in an earthquake they do not move. Good for RV. E-mail
29 "Sour Stardust": like Pixie Stix but sour, similar to the sour sugar shaken off from the bottom of a bag of Sour Skittles or Sour Patch Kids. E-mail
30 Coffee Makers should install in the cup for coffee filters gadgets to hold the coffee filter to keep it from folding inside the cup. It would eliminate a mess and keep coffee grounds out of our coffee. E-mail
31 Paper used for shopping bags is to be replaced by cotton bags (old fabric rags, etc). E-mail
32 Develop 2 drugs--one to slow & another to increase "coping mistakes of DNA" (mutations). Drug 1 will delay bacteria/viruses becoming drug resistant. Drug 2 will help agricultural & other developments that use selection methods. Both can have many uses. E-mail
33 Chocolate: The Original Recipe. Sell the original Aztec chocolate: the spiced, unsweetened drink. It might be surprisingly popular like that other bitter drink from a Central American tree--coffee. E-mail
34 Almost 80-95% of the fuel used in conventional cooking, even with pressure cookers, is wasted. Most of this can be avoided by using thermally insulated cooking vessels or by transferring the vessels to insulated boxes once boiling point has been reached. E-mail
35 New, small businesses could buy their equipment, furniture, and computers cheaper by using an online auction service, such as ebay or yahoo. Those closing a business may also recover more by liquidating stock or equipment using online auctions. E-mail
36 Produce and market high protein quick meals for the niche market of bodybuilding. There are many supplements available out there, but food is better for you than a supplement. Email me for more info. E-mail
37 Sugar that floats so that it doesn't sink to the bottom of the cereal bowl, but would melt in hot coffee. E-mail
38 Gadget for the handle on coffee pots, that displays the last time a pot of coffee was made. Especially good for large companies where people drink and make coffee all day long. You never know if the coffee has been freshly brewed or not. E-mail
39 A new kind of ice box for the freezer could be made of an air bag which will form individual ice cubes. To pick ice cubes out of the box, let the air out of a bag. Le Quoc Bao Ngoc: 5 years old, Vietnam. E-mail
40 Edible Ice-Cream Stick. When eating the bottom of a popsicle, the wooden stick pokes the throat, which is dangerous. Make the stick edible. E-mail
41 They should make beer cans and bottled beer different colors (six pack--2 colors, 12 pack--4 colors, etc.) to help you avoid drinking out of someone else's beer. Pick a color and stick with that color for the duration of your drinking. E-mail
42 Some kind of equipment to bend the tines on forks back into position. I have a good set of silverware, but unfortunately the dishwasher manages to bend the tines on occasion. E-mail
43 A battery heated ice cream scoop. E-mail
44 Combine electric slow cooker and solar oven to have both a low energy appliance and minimal cooking temperatures.
45 A collapsable mug, made of soft plastic, that can be carried in a brief case or purse, for reuse to save the environment from disposables. Example E-mail
46 To prevent plastic wrap from sticking to itself and making a wrinkled mess when trying to tear off a piece, it should be sold in square sheets stretched over a rigid cardboard or wire square frame, stacked but separated by slips of paper. E-mail
47 Coffee M&M's
48 For healthier fast food, salad dressings can very easily incorporate healthy vegetables like pumpkin & carrots instead of just mayo dressing. It can be lowfat mayo+yoghurt+fine chopped herbs. Burger buns could be wholemeal. E-mail
49 Sell frozen coffee cubes. That way, perfectly brewed, fresh coffee can keep long-term and be served quickly and easily. E-mail
50 Make sweet & sour pot pies, like the sauce you put over rice. Both chicken and pork are good-tasting in sweet & sour sauce. You may even want to put rice in with the sauce.