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1 I can safely paint out of reach places without a ladder. I simply superglued a paint brush to the end of a light weight pole. Works like a charm! E-mail
2 Escape from building fires. Once people are trapped in storied-building fires, a self-contained rope platform can help people evacuate from upper windows quickly. E-mail
3 For children to wash their hands, one sink in every public restroom should be placed low, with the faucet closer to the front edge. Now I always need to pick up my child awkwardly, as if giving him an "airplane ride", to let him wash his hands. E-mail
4 A spiral slide as a fire escape from tall buildings. It has a cover and may use seats (& seatbelts) on gears (to regulate speed). It goes 10 floors at a time. Access via metal, locked doors, opened only in an emergency. Faster than stairs. E-mail
5 Put designs on the outside of concrete highway dividers for nicer landscapes. E-mail
6 In case of fire or smoke in your hotel room, the safety instructions posted on your door should blink or light up to instruct you what to do and where to go for safety. E-mail
7 Heavy buckets of water are very difficult for older people to carry. The manufacturers should add removable wheels so that the buckets can be rolled, then lifted. E-mail
8 Aerogel made of rice husks for insulation and other applications: Green Earth Aerogel. E-mail
9 Use an outer layer of tear-proof paper and an inner layer of inflatable bubble-wrap to make warm, durable camping tents or emergency shelters for refugees. E-mail
10 S-SPACE House Modules: The all-in-one family solution to generate abundant healthy food, clean energy for home and transportation, all within an inexpensive and eco-friendly house. E-mail
11 Road Rollers are too heavy for moving from one site to another. A lightweight but strong & high-power roller can use a tank of water or sand to increase its weight & capacity at site. The same road roller can be used for various weight categories. E-mail
12 Put a water jacket on air conditioning condensing coils/pipes so that hot water can be created for free (and make the a/c more efficient!). E-mail
13 'Porta Potties' should contain wall mounted vending machine for dispensing handi wipes (wet naps). E-mail
14 Instead of very heavy cast/fabricated steel supports/stands for equipment, try to design lighter (may be wider) open box type fabricated supports filled with concrete. Thus save on material, manufacturing, & erection costs of these items. E-mail
15 Salted carpet: A carpet that you can roll out before it snows, that prevents the snow from accummulating. Perfect for steps and walkways. E-mail
16 In big cranes, a series of telescopic, concentric, cylindrical buckets filled with water or sand from site can compensate for 20% - 40% of the counter weights. Thus the purchase & transportation cost of the big cranes can be reduced. E-mail
17 To make assembling flat pack furniture easier, put correctly placed, colour/shape coded, low-tack stickers directly on the pieces during manufacture. Putting the furniture together would be made easier by matching the shapes/colours of the stickers. E-mail
18 Voice messaging system activated by your doorbell. Like an answering machine. Good for passers by--milkmen, postmen, etc. To make it complicated, it could call your mobile phone when someone rings the bell, or even let you speak with them. E-mail
19 Make a combination padlock that instead of numbers has letters that you can set to the word you want to have as your combination. It would be much easier to remember, and I know I would prefer it over a regular numbered padlock. E-mail
20 Lay expandable polystyrene foam on roofs to insulate and reflect off heat and sunlight in very hot countries during summer. Also putting scrapped pieces of white ceramic tiles on the roofs with white cement could be a very low cost way to cool buildings. E-mail
21 An escalator intergrated handrail liquid cleaner or ultraviolet light inside the machine that disinfects and dries the handrail instantly, with each cycle. E-mail
22 Grocery stores, drug stores and department stores should offer 'REACHERS' for wheelchair-bound customers and short people. E-mail
23 Transparent roof-top water tanks will allow easier checking of amount & cleanliness of stored water. With Sun-rays on water, much lesser chance of mosquito / insect larva growth in it. E-mail
24 A fan with a temperature sensitive regulator. A cut off temperature could be set to switch off the fan (say 23 or 24 degrees C). E-mail
25 In flood-prone areas, build high-rise flats/condominiums instead of single-family homes so that the homes will stay dry in floods. Build parks on the remaining land. E-mail
26 Create a night light that senses the other lighting sources in your room. For example when you turn off your bedroom light, it comes on for 60 seconds then dims to off. This gives you time to find your bed! Interior lights in cars can already do this. E-mail
27 Design elevator button panels as a single surface (like on microwave ovens) that can be easily wiped clean for regular disinfection to prevent spread of disease via the hand-surface-hand route. Panel must have Braille for the visually impaired. E-mail
28 Ceiling fan blades are dirt catchers. A sleeve that slips over the blades (like a woman's stocking) could be slipped off and cleaned in the washing machine. Different colors would match blades for invisibility. E-mail
29 Ceiling painting flying robot based on quadcopter technology. E-mail
30 Computerised indoor swimming holes big enough for an adult and using elastic bands tied to ankles or waist to allow a person to swim. Saves space and costs. Computer to track duration and speed. Similar example E-mail
31 A small sensor in the door which can detect the darkness and switches on the door step light whenever you open the door in the night to go out. E-mail
32 In industrial liquid metal pouring, reduce chances of leakage (at launder junction) by lining ceramic mattress with a metal powder which can raise melting temp. of the service metal by a little alloying (Ti for Al). E-mail
33 Pet water fountain for dogs & cats. It would look like a human fountain, but it would have a paw lever. The animal would put his or her paw on the lever, and the fountain will give water. E-mail
34 A ceiling fan with a thermostat or a timer so that the fan rotation speed can be programmed to decrease or increase with temperature or time. E-mail
35 Cities make transition to 40 buildings or so. Super structures. That way we solve urban sprawl, population problems, consumption levels of energy and water and get rid of inefficiencies of populations commuting. Elevators to work. E-mail
36 Pedal-operated public toilet taps can save water & also prevent infection. E-mail
37 How about scattering an anti-growth hormone to stop grass growing so quickly. E-mail
38 Conserve water in industrial cooling tower operations with a vapor recovery system which will reduce the need for water make-up, drawoff, and chemical make-up. Save water, save money, and reduce pollution emissions. E-mail
39 The hot-cold water taps should have scale marking on the knob for quick setting. This will save water and time in adjusting mixed water temp. E-mail
40 A massive flotation (floatation) device that creates an artificial seafloor or lake floor about a meter under sealevel. This will cause the water above to evaporate more rapidly and affect the creation of rain. Surface can be colored to enhance effect. E-mail
41 On toilets, have two levers or two levers intergrated into one, so that you can choose the amount of water flow down the toilet. If there is a lot or heavy material, then choose high flow, or small flow for small amounts or liquids. This would save water. E-mail
42 Use a temperature sensor on the ceiling fan to switch on when the room temperature is high and switch off when temp. goes to normal. This will save electricity, especially at night. E-mail
43 To prevent tornadoes or hurricanes/typhoons from blowing out windows and roofs due to their low pressure, design buildings with vents allowing rapid outflow of air. E-mail
44 During summer in many parts of the world, the day temperature is high, but after nightfall temperature drops drastically. In those areas the air conditioners, if fitted with an outside temperature sensor, could directly pump in cold outside air. E-mail
45 A tarp or tent that covers your air conditioning unit to protect it against weathering, kind of like a carport to protect your car. E-mail
46 A leak detection system. Battery powered, with ultrasonic transmitter and receiver (adjustable sensitivity/LED level indicators). Multiple uses: car/fridge door seals, welded joints, window seals, containers, etc. Prototypes available. E-mail
47 Small air destratifiers can balance ceiling-floor temperatures for businesses & home owners to save on heating and AC. (energy conservation)
48 To prevent medical problems from inhaling dangerous fumes (soldering, welding, melting plastic), a simple "fume-sucker" can be constructed using an old vacuum hose with a fan attached to one end. The hose can lead outside. E-mail
49 Before you get to your door, you can already have it unlocked with a remote door lock.
50 Security gates for book stores and libraries should be built into the doorframes so that they will fit in well with any decor AND so that it is harder for customers to circumvent the security system. (Business products) E-mail