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1 What about a computer program that uses voice recognition to control the mouse pointer, perform common computer functions, and surf the web, for people who cannot use their hands or have carpal tunnel syndrome? E-mail
2 Fast food automated drive thru station that allows you to touch keys to place your order. When order is placed, it is sent directly to the food prep person, and gives you an order #. Cashier matches order numbers and gives the customer proper order. E-mail
3 In restaurants, the server writes down your order then walks to a screen and inputs the order. Instead, the server could carry a wireless pad (pocketsize) to record the order at the table to save time and reduce errors. E-mail
4 Auto rotation of photos. Photos taken in vertical position are actually stored horizontally. To view on computer you need to rotate them. Cameras can use mechanism like spirit level to record camera position and rotate photo accordingly. E-mail
5 A food machine wherein a person has only got to insert ingredients and dish will be prepared by machine. (cooking robot) E-mail
6 Concept: Reduce wasted time at the fuel pumps.
Idea: Create a system built into the vehicle which transmits type of fuel desired, charge card number, and amount of fuel the car needs. Also, increase the fuel flow to decrease time it takes to fill.
7 Often, people print on only one side of a piece of paper, and then throw it out. However, a piece of paper can be used again on the other side for draft copies. E-mail
8 In many K-12 classrooms, there is a computer and an overhead projector. There needs to be a simple, reusable, inexpensive and reliable way to transfer a powerpoint presentation from computer to the wall. E-mail
9 In a warehouse environment, install tiny chips in items which will tell warehouse computer where each item has been stored without human intervention. It is usually impossible to store all of one item in same place. E-mail
10 It would be convenient to have a computer's CMOS battery accessible from outside for easy replacement. E-mail
11 Redesign PCs to make inlets and outlets accessible from the front of the PC. Simplifies connecting/disconnecting and carrying for service/repairs. E-mail
12 My college's Disability Resource Center scans in and auto-converts books to Braille, but math/economics/chemistry books must be entered by hand because the scanning software can't "read" the formulas. Software capable of this would be immensely helpful. E-mail
13 Place to register online if your laptop is stolen. If you are in this registry, associated software on your computer sends out a 'distress signal' over the internet with the IP address, screen name, & ISP of the thief the moment he gets online. E-mail
14 Develop a program that is voice activated to use on the web. It would be used like a Franklin Planner. You record info all day on tape then down load using voice command to computer. This would include banking, calender, email, phone #, ext.
15 PC in doctor's waiting room with an artificial intelligence system with an animated human interface to take the patient through a series of diagnostic filters and present the results to the "real" doctor at a much shorter and cheaper consultation. E-mail
16 Instead of having your computer find drivers for a specific piece of hardware, have the driver itself stored on a chip within the hardware. That way you wouldn't have to go to the trouble of finding drivers for unknown hardware. E-mail
17 In many DTP programmes: e.g., Publisher, PageMaker, etc., it isn't possible to insert footnotes automatically as in WP software: e.g., Word. A programme to make that possible would be great. E-mail
18 While forwarding e-mails, the program should automatically remove previous mailing address list and forward the innermost message or embedded attachment directly (however, keeping the entire message can be optional). E-mail
19 Linux is a free, stable and powerful operating system. It can be used along with Samba to access files stored on Windows computers. E-mail
20 All externally connected wires to the computer should follow a standard color coding for easy identification. E-mail
21 A gadget that will help with grocery shopping. It will be a computerized list, including stored recipes so that all you have to do is highlight what you need out of everyday items and recipes, and it will all be with you when you go to the market. E-mail
22 When I study for exams, it's tedious and wasteful to make flashcards from index cards. Someone could write a computer program that displays user-defined flashcards, keeps track of your score, and drills you on flashcards you miss often. E-mail
23 It would be great having transparent computer cabinets to let us see what is inside. E-mail
24 How about having a computer monitor with an inbuilt antiglare screen instead of the normal screen? E-mail
25 Solar cell powered laptop for a much longer wireless existence. E-mail
26 Hands-free computer: light-sensitive screen detects where you are looking by detecting laser pointer you wear on a visor. Good for people who are paralyzed or whose hands are busy. E-mail
27 Design a plate, bowl, cup which will indicate the percentage of sugar and/or salt content. Like thermometer. To help diabetic and hypertensive patients. E-mail
28 Website/portal with links to all nessesary anti-virus/anti-spam/anti-whatsoever software you may need. E-mail
29 The WWW is moving far too rapidly towards a "pay for information" environment. I wish that my search engines could distinguish between free and pay information sites and let me choose. E-mail
30 Protect all things by using a thumbprint only, i.e., credit card, voting, paying bills. It would be easy to do. E-mail
31 Game idea: Dungeon & Dragons for Playstation 2. Create a character mode: name, height, weight, hair, eyes, bodytype, race, age, level, status, inventory, & map. Str/Dex/Con/Int/will/sta/cha/hp. Build/quest/freeplay mode. E-mail
32 Extended PC monitor. Two parts on each end of the screen (horizontally) can be extended to increase the monitor size whenever the user needs more space. E-mail
33 Tablet PC needs to be more rugged and less expensive. With a wireless keyboard, this should be a much more dominant form factor. E-mail
34 To allow blind individuals to use computers or graphing calculators, an adapter could be developed that represents the data on the screen in a tactile format. E-mail
35 To safeguard transactions: Set up bio identification stations (fingerprint, iris scan, etc) at public places like banks & public buildings to pre- or post-verify transactions. E-mail
36 It's possible to do a computer simulation of time travel by solving fixed-point equations. I would love to see a "Sim Time Travel" program to let one experiment with simulated time travel. For details, email me. E-mail
37 I would love to see a dog toilet created. It might take some doing to attach it to the sewer, but a round flat toilet "bowl" could flush automatically after the dog's weight leaves the "toilet." Dogs would have to be trained to just go in that place.
38 All operating systems should come with a typing tutorial for new keyboard users. E-mail
39 Instead of throwing away old computers, you can use them as web servers. Computers as slow as 33mhz can be used for this. E-mail
40 A Vocal Language Translator. Speak in, select the language (English, Spanish, French, etc.), press the button to translate your language into the desired language selected. This is an excellent device for traveling to other countries. E-mail
41 Back To The Future PS2 Game: Based on the movie trilogy, 2-4 player game, memory card, analog control, vibration function, could play on-line. (playstation 2 game idea) E-mail
42 Install Stirling engines on car radiators and exhaust manifolds to increase efficency and reduce overall emissions. The idea could also be applied to computer heatsinks. E-mail
43 You can now buy wind-up mobile phone chargers. How about a wind-up laptop battery?! It would have a low power warning sound or light so the user just winds it up again and never runs out of power! E-mail
44 A gadget connected to a landline phone to give an alert when a new email is received. A service provider has your email address and phone number, and the software dials your number and the gadget gives a ring when you receive an email. E-mail
45 In word processing software, the user should be able to "right-click" on a word and then, like with a thesaurus, they can select another word that means the same as the original. This would definitely be possible as thesaurus software already exists. E-mail
46 An LCD or HUD (heads up display) screen on a car's front windscreen (the passenger half) that could be used to access GPS devices and show maps, current car location, time to travel, fuel needed and available, and entertainment (DVDs) as well if parked. E-mail
47 A worldbot: a robot controlled remotely via the internet allowing randomly selected surfers to participate in magnificent occasions for short periods of time.
48 An electronic sign for the lower rear window of cars and controlled by the driver's pre-programmed keypad to send messages to the car behind, like "Please keep a safe distance", "Thanks for letting me in", "Your lights are off", etc. E-mail
49 The most basic problem of 3D modeling is creating a 3D object but viewing it in a 2D medium--the computer display. Why not perform 3D modeling in a virtual reality? E-mail
50 Book which could be filled with text & images through an electronic port from a PC. The pages would feel like paper. We can take it to a beach and read it at our leisure. It can be erased later. More info E-mail