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1 A device on your television that, when you are watching a television program and you channel surf during the commercial break, will alert you once the commercial break is over so that you can go back to your show without missing any of it. E-mail
2 Nanophone: a microphone to hear sounds at a microscopic scale, including cells moving and organelles moving. Maybe it could detect things that microscopes can't see. E-mail
3 Digital vehicle traffic accident recorder: a small, digital camcorder mounted into vehicle front grill would record for 30 seconds, allowing visual recall of collision causes. E-mail
4 Printing passport sized photos on self adhesive glossy paper sheets will be really helpful to the user, as mostly we are required to stick them onto something. E-mail
5 Bluetooth headphones are most prevalent today for mobile phones. TV manufacturers should incorporate Bluetooth compatibility in TV sets so that head phones will work as cordless headsets. E-mail
6 Thumb print activation device on a credit card or ID/Access card. Card only works if your thumb is on the card. E-mail
7 What about a computer program that uses voice recognition to control the mouse pointer, perform common computer functions, and surf the web, for people who cannot use their hands or have carpal tunnel syndrome? E-mail
8 Mark cell phone keys with Braille dots so that blind people can more easily use them. E-mail
9 Instead of EPABX (Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange) machines, develop wireless telephone hubs, like computer network switches, intelligently diverting calls to specific extension numbers in an office. This would save much hassle for wiring. E-mail
10 The buttons of TV remotes, phones etc. can be shaped as numbers and letters rather than being round, rectangular etc. New look and lesser faults when pressing inattentively. E-mail
11 Scratch 'n' Sniff Cook Book: This is a novelty cookbook where the reader will be given the option to smell some of the recipes/dishes in the book. (food) E-mail
12 Security device consisting of a pressure sensitive strip to go along the top of a wall. As thief attempts to climb over the wall, his weight will trigger the alarm. E-mail
13 To reduce accidents, install devices on traffic lights to change them automatically to green whenever an emergency vehicle is approaching. The light for the cross-street would simultaneously be changed to red. Such devices have long been available. E-mail
14 Browsing channels in TV using thumbnails. If we can have a channel devoted to capturing thumbnails of what is happening in other channels it will help us in avoiding browsing all the channels. E-mail
15 A TV-remote control that has a built-in beeper like phones to locate it easily when lost. Can be recharged, and the beeper button can be in the recharging base. Or, beeper could be activated by the sound of a hand clap. E-mail
16 Auto rotation of photos. Photos taken in vertical position are actually stored horizontally. To view on computer you need to rotate them. Cameras can use mechanism like spirit level to record camera position and rotate photo accordingly. E-mail
17 Mobile phones should have an internal electricity generator/accumulator just like the "kinetic" wrist watches. E-mail
18 The new MacBook Pros by Apple have LED-backlit screens, instead of the traditional fluorescent backlightingn. LEDs consume less power, therefore increasing battery life. How about doing the same for mobile phone screens? E-mail
19 Voice messaging system activated by your doorbell. Like an answering machine. Good for passers by--milkmen, postmen, etc. To make it complicated, it could call your mobile phone when someone rings the bell, or even let you speak with them. E-mail
20 LostBug: a microchip to put in one's luggage so that if it gets lost the airline can scan it and post it online. So long as the owner has his number, he can go online and then give his address and verification as the owner of the item to locate it. E-mail
21 A disturbing noise (sound) can be eliminated if it is taken through a microphone, shifted 180 degrees out of phase electronically, amplified and played with an audio speaker. May also be sold as a toy "Cone of Silence" to absorb anything you say. E-mail
22 One credit card (with photo) with different chips/magnetic strips for different accounts. Eliminates need to carry many cards. Better if cardholder's finger print(s) are used to activate. E-mail
23 Concept: Reduce wasted time at the fuel pumps.
Idea: Create a system built into the vehicle which transmits type of fuel desired, charge card number, and amount of fuel the car needs. Also, increase the fuel flow to decrease time it takes to fill.
24 Pens with fragrant ink. I've seen (or rather, smelled) cherry pens before, but why not vanilla, almond, rose, jasmine, camellia, or coffee? E-mail
25 Put photo ID on credit cards like they do in Europe. E-mail
26 A lightweight micro-sized digital camera that's built into a pair of sunglasses that could be programmed to snap a picture of something you see when you blink twice in a row. Then so many great photo opportunities wouldn't be wasted.
27 With increasing use of cell phones over the past few years, can we make cell phones as more entertainment channels by incorporating television with selected channels (news, songs, movies?), radio, and remote connection to servers? E-mail
28 A shirt with a thin and flexible LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) or e-ink screen on the front. Download a new picture to wear every day! E-mail
29 An idea to save time and money at the grocers would be to put a scanner on the baskets so you would know your spending amount. It would add taxes too, and you would just pay the cashier. E-mail
30 To make reading, while lying down, easier, we can have a lightweight stand that can hold the book at the angle we want. Then we need not use our hands, which may be painful for many suffering from spondilytis. E-mail
31 Create a night light that senses the other lighting sources in your room. For example when you turn off your bedroom light, it comes on for 60 seconds then dims to off. This gives you time to find your bed! Interior lights in cars can already do this. E-mail
32 A phone directory on cd rom or other digital media, available directly from the phone. Gets rid of paper phone directories. E-mail
33 In a warehouse environment, install tiny chips in items which will tell warehouse computer where each item has been stored without human intervention. It is usually impossible to store all of one item in same place. E-mail
34 A device that reads and sends electric meter reading to the electric supply company through telephone lines would be a real useful thing. The device can be programmed to dial the electric company once a month. E-mail
35 How many times have you gone into the basement with your hands full, fumbling for the light switch? Rig power outlet or light with a passive infrared (pir) sensor to turn on the light when it detects a person nearby, for security or convenience. E-mail
36 Smart cards could be refilled with "Digital Cash" from ATMs, helping their users to buy stuff from automatic vending machines or tickets from unmanned ticket counters. E-mail
37 Spectacles / head-band with a small but focused lamp (battery / solar-charged) mounted in one corner (adjustable angle), especially for reading on bed / train / aeroplane. (eyeglasses, light) E-mail
38 A digital camera which can be remotely activated by or attached to a passive infrared (pir) sensor for security. A similar example. E-mail
39 So that blind or immobile people can respond to people at their door, a hand-held intercom (like a cell phone) linked to a fixed intercom at the door. E-mail
40 Install a device on a vehicle that requires you to insert your drivers license. It keeps track of age, insurance, and drunk driving record, and will not let you drive if your record is bad. E-mail
41 I often lose keys and the remote control. We need a system that is hung on the wall with buttons. When you press one button, after putting some gizmo on your keys, it will beep so you can find them. E-mail
42 Honda recently added speech recognition to some vehicles so drivers can control their CD players, A/C, etc. hands-free. This has been combined with a GPS system, making it convenient to get directions while on the road. (driving, cars) E-mail
43 A smart card (a chip) could determine the telephone number in a wired telephone network (just like a mobile phone), making it possible for the user to remove that card and put it into another phone to retain his or her number when travelling. E-mail
44 A house phone (landline phone) with an mp3 player, ring-tones, and ring-backs. (ringtones, ringbacks, land-line) E-mail
45 Design programmable phones to automatically turn off & on ringing at set times. Useful to those who don't want to be disturbed (especially older people with poor memory) when they go to bed. E-mail
46 For people with very bad close-sight (thus are far-sighted), but who love to read books, an "Easy Reader" that magnifies the words. It could be a simple video camera and large screen to avoid the distortion of a magnifying glass. E-mail
47 Develop a program that is voice activated to use on the web. It would be used like a Franklin Planner. You record info all day on tape then down load using voice command to computer. This would include banking, calender, email, phone #, ext.
48 If I have a card where all my personal data is stored, and can be carried anywhere such as banks, then when I need to fill a form, I will just insert this in a card reader. It will fill in the form automatically. E-mail
49 A small sensor in the door which can detect the darkness and switches on the door step light whenever you open the door in the night to go out. E-mail
50 In India with multiple telephone service providers now a unified Phone Book (Phone Directory) has now become essential. The major organization BSNL should take the lead. E-mail