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1 Make non-shaded but polarized glasses for driving at night so that reflections on the road from lights, especially when it's rainy, won't make it hard to see the lane markers, etc.
2 LEDs for flashlights. They use less power than incandescent lights but last much longer and are much brighter when several are bunched together. E-mail
3 To advertise a small business, give a free t-shirt with a big purchase. It will display the business slogan and location. To encourage customers to wear it in your area, give a 5% discount each time they wear it during a purchase. Tell me if you try it. E-mail
4 Develop baby diapers that have a permanent washable portion which holds a disposable portion. This will effectively reduce costs to the parents and waste to the environment. E-mail
5 A little alarm clock earring. Better than a plug-in alarm clock: quieter (thus won't disturb other people), cannot get unplugged, can't fall off of a night table, baby-safe (no cord that a baby could trip over or play with). May be attached by a magnet. E-mail
6 A shirt with a thin and flexible LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) or e-ink screen on the front. Download a new picture to wear every day! E-mail
7 Tattoos lasting only five or ten years, by use of special dissipating inks. E-mail
8 When you're pushing a pram in the rain and trying to hold an umbrella at the same time, why not have an umbrella that attaches to the handle bars: more hands free to hold other child's hand or do shopping. Example E-mail
9 Spectacles / head-band with a small but focused lamp (battery / solar-charged) mounted in one corner (adjustable angle), especially for reading on bed / train / aeroplane. (eyeglasses, light) E-mail
10 Earrings, necklaces, bangles, pendants, etc. with sparkling lights, powered by a watch battery. E-mail
11 Night coat for pets that has glow in the dark strips so they can be readily located at night around the house. E-mail
12 Flowers that are fake but smell real!
13 There should be a hairbrush available with hairbristles that could come up and down by a button, so that it only takes a second to clean out the hairbrush.
14 Make an infant carrier out of a nylon mesh so that a baby that can't stand up yet can shower with mom or dad, saving time and conserving water. E-mail
15 Twin Christian bed sheet set, 300-thread count, 100% cotton. Includes: flat sheet, fitted sheet, blanket, comforter, & 2 pillowcases. King or queen. The lord on the cross w/2 circles around the cross in the center w/Bible verses. E-mail
16 A t-shirt made from the kind of jelly in ice packs, but of course it would have a covering over it. You could keep it in the refrigerator before use, and it would keep you cold the whole day.
17 Air inflatable shirts can be used both at normal and cool temperatures, thus helping insulate against sudden fall of temparature between day & evening. E-mail
18 Design shoes with an assortment of color coverings that could be snapped into place. This would reduce the number of shoes required for people to color coordinate their footwear with their clothes. Just think of the space saved when traveling. E-mail
19 For warmth and protection with added fun: a blanket with arms. It could be made for any sizes from ages 2 to 100. A must for girlscouts, boyscouts, sleepovers, campers, and those who love to fish, without their blanket falling off them. E-mail
20 New, small businesses could buy their equipment, furniture, and computers cheaper by using an online auction service, such as ebay or yahoo. Those closing a business may also recover more by liquidating stock or equipment using online auctions. E-mail
21 Like electric blankets, make mattresses with a thermostat which can be adjusted for a particular temperature. E-mail
22 A sunscreen cream that changes color as per the amount of UV absorption. This can give indication to stop sunbathing when the amount of UV ray increases. E-mail
23 People searching for landmines can wear "snowshoes" of Kevlar (bulletproof vest material) to distribute weight and as partial protection. But mines may be too powerful for Kevlar to help. (safety,bomb,clearing) E-mail
24 Small pockets on the back of winter gloves for pocket change, etc.
25 Hair gel manufactured as disposable one-time use packets, like the ones used for ketchup etc. Can be sold in dispensing machines at bars/clubs or as a box. E-mail
26 Multi wash/dry/steam press wardrobe. For busy people how about a small wardrobe in which you hang your dirty washing to wash, dry, and steam iron your clothes? No work at all! E-mail
27 Water chair: Same idea as a waterbed. The chair cushion would be a water-filled pad, giving uniform support and comfort. E-mail
28 Wet clothes left on line while at work. Rain comes down and clothes are wet again! What about an umbrella on top of rotary dryer with sensor that automatically opens and closes with the onset of rain/sun? E-mail
29 How about something to reduce excessive sweating on the face, like a cream so you don't ruin all the hard work you've done to put on your make-up. E-mail
30 Toilet tissue soap spray. Enhance today's toilet tissue hook to convert the rotational motion required to pull the tissue out to spray steamed scented soap onto the tissue. Soap/water can be contained in separate boxes which can be sold separately. E-mail
31 Roller shoes are popular among little kids, but could be sold to adults as a poor man's Segway at 1% of the price. E-mail
32 A lipstick that changes color as per the pH of lips to have different colors after having a lemon juice/ soda-water/ soup/ after a face wash or even a French kiss. There can be lip gloss of various pH to adjust shades. E-mail
33 Barbers/hairdressers could make their customers more comfortable during a hair wash if they used a padded sink instead of hard ceramic to let them rest their necks and heads. E-mail
34 Make cold pillows so that when it's hot you can sleep better. E-mail
35 Make shampoo bottles with flat tops so they can be kept upside down, letting shampoo pool near the opening. People could then use the last drop without the frustration of waiting for the viscous fluid to flow from the bottom--a good selling point. E-mail
36 One pair of shoes that comes with coloring sticks and eraser so that you can change the color of shoes in minutes to match whatever you're wearing. Perfect for people who like to travel light. E-mail
37 A clip watch. You can clip it to anything like your front pocket or to your brief case or purse.
38 A dresser pocket that fits across a dresser to put extra clothing in or maybe shoes. E-mail
39 Clothing makers should reinforce the bottoms of pants pockets with stronger material. Several of my pants have holes only in the bottoms of the pockets, caused by rubbing from keys and pens. E-mail
40 Make broad-rimmed hats with a tiny fan under the top to cool the head. Then you can be protected from the sun without getting a sweaty head. E-mail
41 Make millitary dress uniforms for female members more feminine so that we don't look like women posing as men. The older styles from the 50's and 60's were very feminine; what happened to those uniforms? E-mail
42 A mattress for pets (such as dogs), with sizes S, M, L, and XL. Washable cover. Colors of the dog bed: red, white, & blue.
43 Helmets with white LED lights would be a very useful thing for the people working inside vessels. Two AAA cells can be placed at the back of the helmet. E-mail
44 Prescripted and non-prescripted eyeglasses with virtual clock in one lens. E-mail
45 Zipstring: Retractable eyeglass holder. It's a winding device that retracts a string, and on the end of the string is a ring which you slide up the leg of a pair of glasses. The winding device has a clip. E-mail
46 Boxer briefs (trunks) for females: similar to those for males. E-mail
47 Massage helmet: automated continuous head massage for people with chronic head pain that can't be relieved other ways. E-mail
48 Smart Clothes: Set the temperature of the clothes by a thermostat, to cool the wearer in hot weather or vice versa. E-mail
49 Hair dye/colour can be made as a kind of spray, like deodorant/perfume. E-mail
50 A swimming goggle that does not touch the skin (and consequently does not indent and damage the sensitive skin around the eyes). Modeled after an alligator's nictitating membrane. E-mail