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1 A stand for a folded wheelchair so that it would not wobble when it is put in a moving vehicle. E-mail
2 If you want to wake up early in the morning, then before going to sleep say 100 times the time when you want to awaken. E-mail
3 Removable tattoos with names or letters E-mail
4 When you want to do work and do not know how to start, then start with the first thing you think to do.
5 When doing an activity, don't worry about it or view it as an observer would to the point of misery. Also, don't analyze the activity while you're doing it unless it's for improvement of the activity. This keeps the activity much more enjoyable! E-mail
6 Save money by cancelling your home phone and just using your cell phone. (budget,telephone) E-mail
7 Hit I am a 91 year old World War II veteran. This is my hobby. Free. To make seniors think creatively, like myself.