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1 Teach kids reading with their bedtime storybook. Start by teaching 1-letter words, then 2-letter words, just one each night. If he can't remember a word, then tell him, and read the previous sentence again and ask him the word again. Use praise. E-mail
2 A program in which parents are nominated for best parent(s) of the year. The government or private sector could get involved by paying their bills for a year while they give seminars and workshops to others on how to be an effective parent. E-mail
3 Transit rest homes (day care centers) in regions and countries where they are not yet common. They would help nuclear families by keeping their children for one or more days or even hours in safety so that parents can do their work in peace. E-mail
4 Racetrack: a good non-computer game for kids on long trips. Very simple, using only graph paper, pencil, and creativity, and teaches physics and planning ahead. Instructions. E-mail
5 Reduce watching TV and playing with Internet and computer. This will certainly divert your attention towards children's growth and development. Of course, you must have the strong desire to work in that direction. Your/our 'will' works. E-mail
6 Encourage kids to write new, funny lyrics to popular songs (as with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer). This game can entertain children while improving their creativity, poetry, and musical skills. E-mail
7 There are so many people who are still suffering from depression, even very young people. Why can't schools offer seminars to give practical help to young people in this area? It would help them their whole lives!
8 Points or loyalty rewards earned from purchases made on credit cards can be used towards building a fund for higher studies of children and health insurance. E-mail
9 Thing of the Month: A subscription toy service similar to the Book of the Month Club, only this club would send kids any of several collections of science related toys, like anatomy models or microscope slides. E-mail
10 Sunburn in childhood increases risk of later skin cancer. Protect children from sunburn using clothing, hats, or sunblock. E-mail
11 The parent-child divide can only be bridged if parents show they care for their children, keep open the channels of communication with them, and provide them with a companionship close enough to counter the unhealthy peer pressure often acting on them. E-mail
12 Explain things frankly but simply to kids. They can understand from a young age and may thus learn and be able to deal with reality better. E-mail
13 To get kids to eat healthy food, feed them only healthy food from weaning: diced or pureed vegetables or fish fillet cooked with rice & extra water (congee), raisins for dessert (never junk food), tiny bread pieces for breakfast (never cereal). E-mail
14 When you get angry and want to yell at your family member for something not urgent, hold it in for a day and then tell him/her calmly. If you forget, that means it wasn't important anyway. It's even better if both of you practice this. E-mail
15 To teach kids tiddiness, make cleaning fun. If my 2-year old opens a drawer and takes out a CD, I'll say, "Oh, a CD. Thank you. Please put it back in the drawer there." Surprisingly, she'll often happily comply, and I'll thank her again. E-mail
16 Do what ever you like, but before doing it consider whether what you are doing will hurt anyone. E-mail
17 Reduce population growth by delaying marriage and procreation. Ask young men and women to serve others for a period of two or three years before marrying. Offer sixteen year olds real jobs and research opportunities, then suggest they marry at 25 or so. E-mail
18 KidSmart Vocal Smoke Detector: able to play a message you record to direct your child what to do, instead of panicking your child with an alarm. Recently invented by Brent Routman. E-mail
19 My mother is pretty much homebound, and I like to copy IdeaExplore's ideas onto Notepad or Word and take them home for her to read. She loves it!!
20 Retired people should be given the option to go to underdeveloped places to guide and support people there. Many retired people feel unwanted and lonely, and this program may relieve those feelings. E-mail
21 For an all round development of children's (or even adult's) faculty of thinking, better if know "PANCHA TANTRA" stories, written by an ancient Indian scholar, Vishnu Sarma. E-mail
22 When you are bored and have nothing to do, my sisters and I pretend to own our own businesses. We make paper money and food and play restaurant or motel or store. It is really fun. E-mail
23 To make baths more fun for kids, have plastic water containers with writable surfaces for the kids to sit in them in water and write with underwater pencils/colors. E-mail
24 Child safety: with all the abductions, we need some sort of affordable child alarms, like watches, rings, or a necklace. When someone approches child all they have to do is hit a button and it sounds off like a car alarm. E-mail
25 Instead of just teaching children how to play a musical instrument, teach them how to compose music to encourage their creativity and productivity. Many computer programs make composing easy now. E-mail
26 Record every penny you spend for a month every year. This will help in planning a budget and make you aware of expenses you can cut. E-mail
27 Learn a foreign language when you are as young as possible because it is easier than when you are older. E-mail
28 If you want to have a child, do it before getting too old since ability to get pregnant declines steadily with age. E-mail
29 Right now, USA citizens are starting to think about next pandemic. Emphasis is on what government is doing. Too little focus on what individuals can do to help themselves and their community. Should be parallel activity. E-mail
30 To get your child to walk with you when he wants to dawdle or run around, ask him to find something just ahead, and then something a little further, etc. to keep him moving forward, like a particle accelerator turns magnets on & off to propel particles. E-mail
31 Put a small pencil (with an eraser) into or onto your cell phone. Also add a small piece of writing paper. E-mail
32 Make sure you meet your child's college roommate to have a good idea of the type of person who will be exposed to your son/daughter. E-mail
33 Hats in a box: Kids of all ages love hats. They love to play and pretend. Have policeman/woman hat, fireman/woman hat, cowboy/girl hat, big clown hat, etc. E-mail
34 Pray that your college student child use wisdom when making decisions, and always allow them the opportunity to call on you when they need support. E-mail
35 Let parents take their children to big hospitals and nursing homes once in a fortnight so that the children, nay, the parents, understand the problems involving population, health, development, or environment. E-mail
36 Babies often prefer very simple toys. Our baby enjoys crumpling a piece of paper to hear the sound. He also likes to be carried so that he can touch the clothes in our closet. E-mail
37 Ask your children what jumprope rhymes, singing games, or cheers they know. (These are part of traditional music.) Teach them your favorites.
38 Gender Equality: Girls should inherit their mother's surname and boys their father's surname. Thus both the parents' surnames will be passed on to the next generation. E-mail
39 Parents, make sure your child in college and his/her roommate go through safety issues; make sure they know how and where to get help in case of anything. Better to be safe than sorry. E-mail
40 Evidence suggests cow mycobacteria survive pasteurization and may cause Crohn's disease. But UHT pasteurization for boxed, unrefrigerated milk seems to kill it, thus drinking UHT milk instead of "regular" milk might prevent Crohn's disease. E-mail
41 Bless your family each and every day. E-mail
42 I have blocks set up for my 15 year old son, but he continues to receive E-mails from adult sites. A program should be written by AOL to flag any adult content to prevent this from happening. The 4-letter words alone are very crude. E-mail
43 When you give gifts in your family, write the gift, the year, and who gave it to whom on the inside of the cloth wrapping. If you get a bag one year it's your to give the next. People will have memories and favourite bags that they receive. Lots of fun! E-mail
44 Parents can help bridge the gap between themselves and all younger persons by speaking and treating these young persons as separate individuals, worthy of respect. Any person no matter what age can tell if we respect them. Take the time. E-mail
45 Parents and/or churches could send their college-attending students a care bag with things like writing utensils, staples, snacks, and anything else students are likely to need. E-mail