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1 Website wish list: Website emergency kit. A site which allows me to rapidly construct a website for lost child, natural disaster, explosion, etc. Information on site contents, who to contact, how to get info to public, etc. E-mail
2 Feed hungry people around the world while playing a game that improves your vocabulary! The U.N. World Food Programme donates 20 grains of rice for every correct definition at E-mail
3 Use an internet homepage rotating tool like Whatpage. Link to several free click-to-donate websites, and each time you open up an internet browser a different click-to-donate website will appear.
4 People who are determined to kill themselves should do so in a way that their organs can be donated and save the lives of others. (suicide)
5 Get an affinity credit card that donates to charity for each use. Every year, dump it and change to another one because affinity cards pay out much larger charity donations upon sign up, compared to donation amounts for everyday spending. E-mail
6 The majority of our leisure time is spent in the comfort of our own home. Put some of that time to good use by volunteering for the benefit of worthy causes. For a huge list of suggestions visit Help From Home. E-mail
7 Emotion and logic are both needed for action. Logic alone can show something is true, but so what? Logic gives no motivation to act on truth unless there's a principle to motivate action: an "e-motion". E-mail
8 Save life by donating a kidney to a stranger. You may trigger a "domino transplant", in which several donors who were willing to give a kidney to a relative, but were immunologically incompatible, give instead to a stranger. Thus, many lives are saved. E-mail
9 Just 5-10% of our party expenses can provide a lunch to more poor children than the number of guests. Try to donate after each party and have more smiling faces than just of the guests. E-mail
10 I think that people need to stop having this us against them way of thinking, and peace would be better able to exist. I think that this way of thinking needs to be taught in schools, and by parents at an early age. E-mail
11 Establish a "communications link" between children of different nations, even in times of war (whenever and wherever possible), as children represent the future of the planet. E-mail
12 Transit rest homes (day care centers) in regions and countries where they are not yet common. They would help nuclear families by keeping their children for one or more days or even hours in safety so that parents can do their work in peace. E-mail
13 Wright brothers in USA started aviation 100 years ago. Let us agree that by 2103 that the poorest person alive in the world can afford to fly in airplane. E-mail
14 A convenient way to provide romantic dates for couples with no legwork. Just show up, and a menu of romantic interests is provided as "packages" that include whatever the individual enjoys, and the romance service makes the arrangements for a fee. E-mail
15 The Platinum Rule: Do to others what they like (not what you like, as in the Golden Rule). Even better, follow the Diamond Rule: Do to others what is best for all (not what you or they like). Please e-mail me if you try them to let me know how it goes. E-mail
16 Go to and, directories for free click-to-donate sites. The sponsors/advertisers on the sites make the donations. E-mail
17 WORLD SHIP FLEET: Unique, well developed, spectacular, "world's-fair-by-sea". Seven huge ships voyaging worldwide for decades for those seeking new international business or cultural and humanitarian contacts. E-mail
18 Try to reduce global DALYs (disability-adjusted life years lost) as the main goal of your charity, politics, & work. Top causes will soon be perinatal conditions, pneumonia, heart disease, & stroke. E-mail
19 Check your own income rank among everybody in the world at Global Rich List and see what your money can buy for yourself or for poor people. E-mail
20 To help poor people who can't afford the high price of staple foods, we can reduce food prices by cutting demand for food. Let's all eat less rice and other grains and especially less meat, which requires much grain to produce. E-mail
21 Nobody can carry a soap bar or dish in a pocket or purse to wash themselves. I have invented a disposable paper soap (10 strips in one packet) to overcome this problem. Similar example E-mail
22 To prevent excessive patriotism, members of Parliament from one country should be deputed to sit in the parliaments of other countries for say 3 months in a year in an UN sponsored exchange program. This should make them understand the culture & language. E-mail
23 Instead of buying products made by huge multi-nationals, actually let free-trade work and seek to buy products made in poorer countries and shipped direct to our stores. Cutting out the middlemen will help the poor producers more. Examples: tea and coffee E-mail
24 A solution to the USA healthcare crisis requires limit upon total healthcare expenditure, including medical liability insurance and electronic medical records. E-mail
25 To reduce population growth, educate and protect all children. (Some places with high birth rates also have high numbers of street children, orphans, child laborers, and very young sex workers.) People can teach, coach, and provide foster care. E-mail
26 People are setting up a Twitter account to raise $1,000,000 for charity. Can they do it? See or TwittaCause. E-mail
27 In places where computers are left on for much of the day (internet cafes, libraries, offices), these computers could be working on distributed computing projects in the background. E-mail
28 There are frequent reports of child-bashing & capital punishment of school children by teachers (sometimes proving fatal). There is an imperative need for starting an NGO 'Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children' (SPCC), on the lines of the SPCA. E-mail
29 Teach children in school that if they ever need to quickly leave a crowded place, due to a fire for example, they should walk calmly and not push, otherwise a stampede would create a jam from which few would escape. Practice it several times. E-mail
30 Smile to your neighbours and you'll see your health increase and the local community strengthen.
31 If you want to do something meaningful for yourself or other people, just do it now, on the spot, so that it will make you feel you have done something in this world.
32 Click,, & daily to donate 7.3 cups of food to the hungry for free (sponsors pay). E-mail
33 To strengthen an organization, plan enjoyable events for members. Build solidarity for tough tasks (negotiating, picketing) by cooperating on public service. You might clean up a beach and have a picnic afterwards. (unions, organizations, environment) E-mail
34 To improve living standards of the poor, each poor family can be attached with a well-to-do one. The latter can help the former, viz. in sending their children to schools, advising them on health and hygiene, and planning children's higher studies. E-mail
35 Click on PovertyFighters to donate $.25 to microcredit programs that very effectively help poor people start their own businesses to become self-sufficient. (Grameen bank, poverty lending, microenterprise) E-mail
36 Give a living native plant to plant in a garden instead of giving some exotic cut flowers which will die within 2 days. A living native plant delivers beauty many times and feeds native fauna. E-mail
37 Save money by not buying unnecessary things. Keep a list of the money saved. On your birthday, donate the total to charity. Giving that gift may feel better than anything you'd receive. If you do this, please click the "E-mail" link and let me know. E-mail
38 If you buy a $3 lunch from school every day, pack your lunch for one week every month and become a $19/month St. Jude Children's Memorial Hospital sponsor. This is a simple way to save a dying child's life. E-mail
39 Can in Hand can feed the world. Bring a can of food for the poor whenever we attend a sports event, concert, rodeo, or convention. I can take great pride and enjoyment from what my can in hand will bring to those in need as I sit down to enjoy the event. E-mail
40 To publicize IdeaExplore, each IdeaExplore user could put up a poster or pass out IdeaExplore fliers to businesses or other organizations. We could pick a certain week or day to do this, and report on any positive comments or actions.
41 Buy music by musicians in poor countries instead of from rich stars in developed countries. This will spread money to where it's most needed, as well as enriching the musical mix we hear. E-mail
42 To promote a cause, organize a "service day" on which thousands donate volunteer hours in the name of a cause. Examples: and E-mail
43 Provide technology and medicines at cost to the poor. Poor people need fishing rods, not fishes. E-mail
44 In a large group of friends or co-workers it is impractical to have a party for each person's birthday. Instead, have one party or meal each month to celebrate everyone who has a birthday that month. E-mail
45 Start a non-profit organization that helps pay education expenses for single parents, low income families, or any student who would have to drop out of college/tech school due to financial concerns. E-mail
46 People should practice the concept of ISR (Individual Social Responsibility) after starting a job. As society at large played a vital role in our growth and development since childhood, it is the right time to play a role in development of society. E-mail
47 Swear jar for first-world problems. When you complain about a trivial difficulty, write down a comparable but much more serious problem that someone in a very poor place might have, to give you perspective and maybe lead you to try to fix it. E-mail
48 Some families in the US do not have long distance phone service. My idea is to make a greeting or a Christmas card that you can send to your loved ones. It will include a 1-800-number and a pin number they can use to call you for your live greeting. E-mail
49 A rehabilitation program for people stuck in the rutt of drug dealing to help them change their lives. I am inquiring on what course of action to take. Any ideas? E-mail
50 If everyone in Texas donates $1 each day to a voluntary organization in a Third World country, it would come to $10,000,000. In short, NO poverty! E-mail