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1 Use translation software to allow multilingual pen pals. Translates letters into other language and back again to let sender check translation. Sender may then accept translation or rephrase. E-mail
2 Find a girlfriend/boyfriend, but don't marry unless you desperately want kids. People often change drastically and inflexibly (with decreased sex drive, for example) after marriage or children, and then you're stuck. It sounds sad, but it's true. E-mail
3 If you want to do something meaningful for yourself or other people, just do it now, on the spot, so that it will make you feel you have done something in this world.
4 Write a relay book or short story: like a game of Telephone, you write one page, then pass it to a friend to write the next page, and so on. The plot turns will likely be very surprising. E-mail
5 My mother is pretty much homebound, and I like to copy IdeaExplore's ideas onto Notepad or Word and take them home for her to read. She loves it!!
6 When you are in depression, just go out and do whatever your hands can find to do. Any action or exercise will help you feel better.
7 In a large group of friends or co-workers it is impractical to have a party for each person's birthday. Instead, have one party or meal each month to celebrate everyone who has a birthday that month. E-mail
8 Community empowerment support group(s): Many people have lost touch with each other and with their communities--even in the smallest towns. Here is a way to get back in touch with both old neighbors and newcomers; form a community empowerment group. E-mail
9 A way to make a game room for any group of people in an existing website, such as Could create a sense of community and support through relaxation and fun. E-mail
10 Find interesting people on and
11 Podluck party: like a pot luck, where guests bring dishes to share, guests bring music (for iPods, etc.) to share. A way to introduce friends to your favorite music so they can discover music they'll like, and you can enjoy it together. E-mail
12 E-mail services should allow users to keep all mail forever instead of just 27 days so that very important emails may be preserved, as with Yahoo mail and Hotmail. E-mail
13 Scheduled trip to return library books: Collect the books that are due and take them back to the library for neighbors.
14 Parents and/or churches could send their college-attending students a care bag with things like writing utensils, staples, snacks, and anything else students are likely to need. E-mail