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1 High school students, organize a Head Shave for Cancer Research event at your school. Have the students donate to see their favourite teachers and administrators go bald. E-mail
2 Racetrack: a good non-computer game for kids on long trips. Very simple, using only graph paper, pencil, and creativity, and teaches physics and planning ahead. Instructions. E-mail
3 When you get angry and want to yell at your family member for something not urgent, hold it in for a day and then tell him/her calmly. If you forget, that means it wasn't important anyway. It's even better if both of you practice this. E-mail
4 My mother is pretty much homebound, and I like to copy IdeaExplore's ideas onto Notepad or Word and take them home for her to read. She loves it!!
5 Super soccer: Improve fun and exercise in soccer (football) by using more than one ball so that players can spend more of their time in play and less just waiting for the ball. You may also increase team sizes. E-mail
6 When you are bored and have nothing to do, my sisters and I pretend to own our own businesses. We make paper money and food and play restaurant or motel or store. It is really fun. E-mail
7 If you enter a competition and feel really nervous, sing a really catchy song in your head. Tell yourself that you are going to do exceptionally well. E-mail
8 Babies often prefer very simple toys. Our baby enjoys crumpling a piece of paper to hear the sound. He also likes to be carried so that he can touch the clothes in our closet. E-mail
9 Learn a foreign language when you are as young as possible because it is easier than when you are older. E-mail
10 Lack of social trust leads to religious excesses. Establishing a non-political, non-religious trustworthy organisation which teaches different perspectives along solid ethical lines would help overcome social isolation. E-mail
11 Family Day. Nominate one day each year as family day. Must stay at home with your family. No travelling at all. Builds relationships within the family and keeps those polluting cars off the streets for just one day. May save lives as well. E-mail
12 Bless your family each and every day. E-mail
13 When you give gifts in your family, write the gift, the year, and who gave it to whom on the inside of the cloth wrapping. If you get a bag one year it's your to give the next. People will have memories and favourite bags that they receive. Lots of fun! E-mail
14 A non-piercing belly button ring that looks like a barbell but is held together with no uncomfortable squeezing and minimal magnetizing and stickyness. (please invent for me) E-mail
15 Build a play road in your backyard for your kids. They may use a bicycle, toy car, or roller skates. The roadway will help train your kids to drive. E-mail