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1 Companies charge huge fees to workers who migrate abroad for long-term contract jobs (as maids, construction workers, etc.). Instead, governments should arrange migration and contracts at low cost to let workers keep more of their meager incomes. E-mail
2 To reduce healthcare costs, companies that buy insurance for their employees could form a large buyers' union to bargain for cheaper prices from doctors and drug companies. E-mail
3 To strengthen an organization, plan enjoyable events for members. Build solidarity for tough tasks (negotiating, picketing) by cooperating on public service. You might clean up a beach and have a picnic afterwards. (unions, organizations, environment) E-mail
4 Declare a national day for a 1 dollar donation for people in need in or out of the country. E-mail
5 Accounting reform: Companies pay accountants now, which is a conflict of interest that has caused fraud. Instead companies should pay an accounting tax to government, which then hires accountants or uses civil servants, as for the FDA approving drugs. E-mail
6 To improve maritime safety, ships should register with a UN agency instead of individual countries, each with different laws. The agency would collect a small tax and inspect ships to impose a uniform safety standard. E-mail
7 Minimum wage for US-based companies' overseas operations: As of October 2006, US$.25/hour would be an improvement for many such. E-mail
8 In prison, use slavery as a punishment for crime. Teach prisoners something. People should benefit from prisoners, not support them. Sell items made by prisoners to earn money for governments.