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1 Can in Hand can feed the world. Bring a can of food for the poor whenever we attend a sports event, concert, rodeo, or convention. I can take great pride and enjoyment from what my can in hand will bring to those in need as I sit down to enjoy the event. E-mail
2 A bird feeder where, whenever a bird lands on the pirch in front of the feeding dish, the perch would go down slightly like a lever, and, depending on the weight of the bird on the pirch, it would dispense the right amount of food for that weight. E-mail
3 A way to store and process animal waste (dogs and cats) into a type of fertilizer to sprinkle onto your yard flower beds, etc. E-mail
4 Community empowerment support group(s): Many people have lost touch with each other and with their communities--even in the smallest towns. Here is a way to get back in touch with both old neighbors and newcomers; form a community empowerment group. E-mail
5 Club Ed: Travel agency for trips from rich to poor parts of the world to educate people in rich countries on how poor people live, and to encourage appropriate charity. A similar example: AidCamps. E-mail
6 A soccer (football) team could launch a campaign for people to send an sms to a short phone number with the text, "Hire Kaka", saying the whole amount collected would be used to hire the soccer player. E-mail
7 Cricket boards of individual nations should start district-wise coaching centres in three areas: bowling, batting, fielding for betterment of their most respected game. E-mail