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1 Before starting to date, everyone should find and interview 10 married and 10 divorced people to learn how to avoid their mistakes and do what worked well. This is difficult for kids, thus high schools should arrange this as part of sex education. E-mail
2 To replace time-consuming and rigid grant applications, pay scientists a fixed salary, from which they need to pay all their research expenses, including supplies, equipment, and staff, encouraging efficient use of money to produce the best results. E-mail
3 Make an online activity for each citizen to assign spending and taxation categories of his national government. Experiencing the compromises needed to balance the budget will make people more realistic and will transmit that realism to their government. E-mail
4 To ensure science graduates jobs, universities can have contracts to be executed collectively by its unemployed students of the past 5 years with the guidence of the Prof. & using university setups. This can reduce unemployment & impart on-job training. E-mail
5 Use more retired and elderly people in daycare centers. Background checks could be used if necessary. A lot like the adopt-a-grandparent program a few years ago. E-mail
6 I think that people need to stop having this us against them way of thinking, and peace would be better able to exist. I think that this way of thinking needs to be taught in schools, and by parents at an early age. E-mail
7 A world language: Finally, a possibility of understanding, real and direct, for more than 6 billion people speaking 6,700 languages. Adopt the state-of-the-art, planned international language Fasile as the 2nd language. E-mail
8 Libraries could digitise all their books and put them on an online database. In doing so, they can offer paid online membership throughout the world. Well-known libraries would benefit from this kind of project to the maximum extent. E-mail
9 In colleges, create a service organization of computer-savvy students who volunteer to help nonprofits create webpages, teach computer skills to underpriveleged children or the elderly, etc. E-mail
10 Arts organizations should fund programs in poor countries since the very low salaries of artists there will stretch the money much further, providing art for many more people. E-mail
11 Teach more statistics and probability for real-life. Use examples from the news: polls, scientific studies, lottery, insurance, relative risks from different activities (living near a coal power plant vs. a nuclear plant). E-mail
12 Use translation software to allow multilingual pen pals. Translates letters into other language and back again to let sender check translation. Sender may then accept translation or rephrase. E-mail
13 Require all high school students in "developed countries" to study a lesser developed country for two courses, or do some large project. Most students will retain lifelong interest in this country. E-mail
14 WORLD SHIP FLEET: Unique, well developed, spectacular, "world's-fair-by-sea". Seven huge ships voyaging worldwide for decades for those seeking new international business or cultural and humanitarian contacts. E-mail
15 Many people throw out their electronic gadgets because of simple electrical problems. To prevent this waste, basic electronics should be a mandatory course in schools so that people can fix things instead of throwing them out. (garbage) E-mail
16 Monthly magazines cater to all different tastes. Visually impaired people (VIP) have all different tastes. However, monthly magazines are not normally accessible to VIPs. A sighted person could provide a reading service via the phone. (blind) E-mail
17 Many students in the developing countries are not well informed about the scientific method as a tool to search knowledge. The West may encourage this by providing skills and resources as part of aid. E-mail
18 Rather than having college graduates earn a degree with no professional experience, open a government-funded, university-related, charity business. Within this charity business, all aspects of professional work will be considered. E-mail
19 Do zero-based budgeting of education time. Decide what's worth teaching based on criteria of usefulness for job, health, marriage, finances, voting, etc. This might replace geometry & history w/home & car repair, & practical child behavior. E-mail
20 Ignore this and spoil the child. Great achievers of the day are excellent readers, and it is said that there is a sudden decrease in the reading habits of children. It is necessary that they should read more in order to become what they want in life. E-mail
21 Voluntary organizations may recruit members where people with free time gather, such as senior citizen recreation centers, game clubs, bars, or unemployment offices. E-mail
22 In many poor areas, boys are valued but girls aren't. To correct this imbalance & encourage education, tax all 10-year old boys not in school, & pay all 10-year old girls in school. Also for 20-year old male high school non-grads & female grads. E-mail
23 Publish and distribute small comic books that could be concealed in clothing. Language: Arabic. Characters: Islamic holy men as the heroes, quoting the Quoran and speaking against war. Also make children anti-war heroes. E-mail
24 To publicize IdeaExplore, each IdeaExplore user could put up a poster or pass out IdeaExplore fliers to businesses or other organizations. We could pick a certain week or day to do this, and report on any positive comments or actions.
25 Educate school kids about bad effects of transfat on health and motivate them to participate in ban on fast food joints that do not stop use of transfats in their menus. Roopa Karkhanis E-mail
26 Teach languages in primary, not secondary, school, since it's easier to learn young. Teach common, not traditional, languages: more Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Hindi, Mandarin, Portuguese; less German, Italian; no Latin. E-mail
27 Give high school graduation gifts of $100 in poor countries with free schooling. Benefits: encourage parents to keep kids in school to discourage child labor and increase education, give capital for grads to start businesses. Like Family Grant in Brazil. E-mail
28 Write a math book for teens written in a teenage style that shows actual applications for trig, calculus, imaginary numbers and other subjects typically deemed worthless by teenagers. E-mail
29 We are flooded with sms on our mobiles. In India it costs a rupee for a sms. In a year a few million sms are sent around. Even 1 paisa from each sms can contribute to a large fund that can be used for education and healthcare of underpriviledged children. E-mail
30 Start a non-profit organization that helps pay education expenses for single parents, low income families, or any student who would have to drop out of college/tech school due to financial concerns. E-mail
31 Literacy/basic education: A) Take all of the ideas for low cost computer and freeplay radio, and manufacture them in low cost nations. B) Literacy is second in importance to life saving/ life improvement, eg. HIV education, food production, etc. E-mail
32 Encourage people to migrate to villages. This will help reduce population in cities and make available more experienced people in villages. Offer land for rural service--say 1 acre of land for every 10 years of service in villages by teachers and doctors. E-mail
33 For people travelling to USA, this is a must read: Coming to America. E-mail
34 To increase the quality of engineers coming out of colleges, lecturers and professors should be the cream of the previous batches. This is only possible when that position is highly paid. Big organisations should help by sponsoring students. E-mail
35 Often school computers are not used effectively. Require schools to report how many computers they have, how many per pupil, and how they are used for instruction. This data to be analyzed by university education departments, community, and school board. E-mail
36 An inexpensive duplex printer that can print on 40 to 60 gms paper, plus basic equipment to make small books with saddle stitch. Knowledge can be spread more rapidly and authors can market books directly. E-mail
37 A cheap computer should include radio or microwave technology or one of the mobiles which will soon be out of date. E-mail
38 A rehabilitation program for people stuck in the rutt of drug dealing to help them change their lives. I am inquiring on what course of action to take. Any ideas? E-mail
39 Provide educational supplementary materials for homeschoolers, at-risk children, children with learning disabilities, early childhood learning, high school dropouts and children residing in homeless shelters who are economically disadvantaged. E-mail
40 Lack of social trust leads to religious excesses. Establishing a non-political, non-religious trustworthy organisation which teaches different perspectives along solid ethical lines would help overcome social isolation. E-mail
41 Why is the Montessori method never adopted in public education? It has 100% success in both maths and reading/writing and was produced to teach those subnormal mentally to read and write. E-mail
42 All urban poor women who work as maids or other low level jobs should be required to spend one hour in government provided class for each 30 hours worked. Classes teach legal rights, personal and family management, self defense. E-mail
43 Many people are looking for new school solutions since the public schools are such waste bins of nothingness. Go see: E-mail
44 Encourage university education in neglected subjects like law, political science, philosophy and in general all humanities. Advanced countries may provide more funds and encourage students from the developing countries to enroll in them in the West. E-mail
45 In many ways, IdeaExplore is a moderated, expanded (4 lines vs. 140 characters), and more useful version of Twitter. Can we learn anything from the Twitter experiment? E-mail
46 For all international business transactions, charge a fee for all business not conducted in some choosen "universal" language (English, French, Japanese, etc.). All proceeds to help others learn the universal language. E-mail