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1 Use an outer layer of tear-proof paper and an inner layer of inflatable bubble-wrap to make warm, durable camping tents or emergency shelters for refugees. E-mail
2 The majority of our leisure time is spent in the comfort of our own home. Put some of that time to good use by volunteering for the benefit of worthy causes. For a huge list of suggestions visit Help From Home. E-mail
3 To increase lending, better guarantees are needed. Personal guarantees can be dictated as videoclips, perhaps notarised. Personal guarantees address the problem of no title books. In traditional societies, guarantors' assets are well known. E-mail
4 Feed hungry people around the world while playing a game that improves your vocabulary! The U.N. World Food Programme donates 20 grains of rice for every correct definition at E-mail
5 Hand Me Downs: a service pairing rich families with poor families so that instead of discarding used stuff, the rich can give it to the poor, like many extended families and close friends do with their old cell phones, toys, clothes, etc. E-mail
6 Get an affinity credit card that donates to charity for each use. Every year, dump it and change to another one because affinity cards pay out much larger charity donations upon sign up, compared to donation amounts for everyday spending. E-mail
7 Some governments give poor people cheap public housing, but they need to wait a long time to get it, they must live in a certain place, and people fake poverty to qualify. Instead, raise taxes to pay everyone cash, and let people rent wherever they want. E-mail
8 Since corruption and poverty can cause each other, it's hard for poor countries to climb out of poverty. To fight corruption, a country could volunteer to accept an outside (UN) commission and court to investigate and prosecute corruption. E-mail
9 Just as group violence is reported in the news, a place on the front page of the newspaper should be for news of young people who are making a positive difference. Maybe more people would do things to get in this article than those doing violent things. E-mail
10 As part of their professional development, doctors could spend one week each year in a free medical clinic in a poor part of their country or in a third world country. Imagine how much better a person each doctor would be from that experience. E-mail
11 Just 5-10% of our party expenses can provide a lunch to more poor children than the number of guests. Try to donate after each party and have more smiling faces than just of the guests. E-mail
12 To raise money needed by charities (such as schools) for specific needs, set up a website to allow recipients to post proposals and allow donors to choose which they will fund. DonorsChoose is an example. E-mail
13 Make a website with list of charities that now have matching donation programs, enabling you to give to a worthy cause and have your gift doubled by another donor, increasing the effect of your money. E-mail
14 Hospitals in the developed world could donate and export their old redundant equipment and furnishings to developing world countries. In many instances last year's model is much better than none. E-mail
15 Use windmills for intermittent power in poor, remote areas, as farms in the US plains formerly used to pump water. Use for water pumping and purification, or making ice for underground ice house. (development,electricity) E-mail
16 The rate of interest of World Bank & other development bank loans to a country/state should be in proportion to its population growth rate (along with other factors). This will act as an impetus to the govt. to try to reduce the PGR further. E-mail
17 Commercial Grameen bank: a bank for the poor like the original in Bangladesh, but raising capital from conventional sources (stock and bond sales, deposits). The high repayment rate (98%) and spread may attract Wall Street investment. E-mail
18 Donut shops throw donuts away every midnight. Those donuts could go to hungry children. Food wouldn't go to waste and children wouldn't go hungry. E-mail
19 Encourage organ donation by paying people to list on a central registry to give their organs after death. After death, pay a second fee to a relative if he/she allows the organs to be used. This would save many lives, and help poor families. E-mail
20 A charity "mutual fund", like Community Chest or United Way. But instead of giving to local charities, it would give to the most efficient charities in the world, as defined by cost per DALY. E-mail
21 I would like to see a set of books written by some type of UN organization that is written for individual countries to show people how to eliminate human suffering and hunger and give the people in each country the motivation to do that. E-mail
22 To reduce illegal drug crops, encourage organic farming of fruits, vegetables, medicinal herbs and flowers (exotic orchids) along with associated processing & packaging facilities, with assured buy-back under the aegis of UN. Couple with agri-tourism. E-mail
23 Arts organizations should fund programs in poor countries since the very low salaries of artists there will stretch the money much further, providing art for many more people. E-mail
24 To increase world development aid, conduct an ad campaign in rich nations to inform people of the % of the national budget spent on aid, which is now actually much less than people think and much less than people say they would prefer. E-mail
25 To slow population growth, with 2 healthy children alive each time a couple makes a baby their socio-economic supports from government should be reduced and taxes increased. E-mail
26 Require all high school students in "developed countries" to study a lesser developed country for two courses, or do some large project. Most students will retain lifelong interest in this country. E-mail
27 Human News, a website whose editorial policy is to report news with equal attention to all people, instead of more to Americans or other popular news countries. E-mail
28 Wright brothers in USA started aviation 100 years ago. Let us agree that by 2103 that the poorest person alive in the world can afford to fly in airplane. E-mail
29 Children between ages of 15 and 17 are taken to a developing country to work for six weeks at the rate of pay that the average person in the country makes. This will raise awareness of how privileged we are in the US. E-mail
30 Ayurvedic medicines and cosmetics from Himalayan village cottage-industries could be marketed to the western market through webstores as well as indirect distribution channels, fetching resources for the development of this region. E-mail
31 The United Nations should organize boycotts of oil purchases from countries with too much corruption that diverts the oil revenues to the leaders and away from the citizens. E-mail
32 To help poor people who can't afford the high price of staple foods, we can reduce food prices by cutting demand for food. Let's all eat less rice and other grains and especially less meat, which requires much grain to produce. E-mail
33 Instead of "Wheel of Fortune," show "Wheel for the Unfortunate" for the homeless, jobless, people who just got burned out of their homes, etc. The contestants on WOF always seem to have good jobs and look nice. WOU would be reality TV. E-mail
34 Go to and, directories for free click-to-donate sites. The sponsors/advertisers on the sites make the donations. E-mail
35 To slow population growth, governments can pay bi-annual birth control incentive to all childless couples. Reduce the amount to 50% after the birth of 1st child and stop this incentive after the 2nd. Recover the full amount with interest with the 3rd. E-mail
36 With people living in dire poverty, there should be a plan implemented for them, to recycle the furniture, electronics, etc., that are routinely discarded as garbage or "junk" every day! Example E-mail
37 People are setting up a Twitter account to raise $1,000,000 for charity. Can they do it? See or TwittaCause. E-mail
38 Poor people are always engaged in, mostly, physical activity and do not get good and adequate food. We can have community kitchens, run by rich people/organisations, so that poor are free from the worry of food. There is enough charity available. E-mail
39 Since people identify more with an individual victim than with whole groups, advocacy groups should raise support for a cause by publicizing one person's story. Examples: a child brain-damaged by malaria; a woman dying of TB. E-mail
40 Take government spending on military for one month and redistribute it to programs to help the poorest people permanently better their lives, such as microcredit small business programs, child vaccination, clean water, and other development programs.
41 Natural gas is burned and wasted in flares during oil pumping. Instead, it should be used to power portable generators to save the wasted energy as electricity. Develop portable, energy-intensive mini-factories to consume the electricity or heat. E-mail
42 Use adhesive bondable rigid polyolefin pipes for shallow and medium depth borewells as substitutes for rigid PVC pipes. These pipes are lead-free and vinyl chloride-free. E-mail
43 To prevent floods, encourage volunteers to build storage areas, with routes for the rain to be channeled into these storage areas. Water is good, but only if it's where you want it to be. E-mail
44 Click on PovertyFighters to donate $.25 to microcredit programs that very effectively help poor people start their own businesses to become self-sufficient. (Grameen bank, poverty lending, microenterprise) E-mail
45 To improve living standards of the poor, each poor family can be attached with a well-to-do one. The latter can help the former, viz. in sending their children to schools, advising them on health and hygiene, and planning children's higher studies. E-mail
46 Click,, & daily to donate 7.3 cups of food to the hungry for free (sponsors pay). E-mail
47 Every community should have a place where one can deposit unwanted items with no questions asked or fees charged. This would stop a lot of illegal dumping. Also, the public should be allowed to remove any item they desire, i.e. take it or leave it. E-mail
48 Help hard working farmers in poor Caribbean countries by giving their produce preferential treatments in the American and European markets. Even equal treatment would be an improvement.
49 In Haiti, a major cause of flood damage and death resulted from deforestation to provide heating fuel to an overpopulated country. To reduce flood damage and death, control population growth to that which is sustainable. E-mail
50 To increase donations to charity: since people like things named after them, build things in poor countries named after donors/sponsors (schools, health clinics, fish ponds, wells). Give plaques and photos. E-mail