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1 When you buy food (like nuts or berries) that comes in a ziploc bag, after using up the contents save the empty bag to dispose of food waste for a day or two, resealing it to prevent odor. This really reduces bad smells and bugs. E-mail
2 It can be hard for truckers to find places to park. Construct parking spots or make an app to show available parking spots in real time. E-mail
3 Biplane wingsuit or hang glider or jet suit. Fold out from elbow-like joint at hands to double the wingspan. Wear on arms and backpack to have two wings for double the lift. Propel from small jets on back. E-mail
4 Use satellite internet like Starlink to work from home if can't go outside. For women in Afghanistan, dangerous places, remote homes. E-mail
5 Olds: a service to report news on old events. News often ignores items after a crisis ends. But people may still wonder what happened weeks, months, years, or decades later. Olds would follow up items that were in the news but now are ignored. E-mail
6 Hunger Helper. Alerts to avoid foods in shortage. When a crisis (drought or war) spikes the price of a food like rice that poor people need, issue alert to avoid that food. Volunteers avoiding that food reduce demand and price, helping poor avoid hunger. E-mail

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