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1 A skateboard lock. Skateboards are popular, so you have a chance of getting it stolen when you go somewhere where they don't allow you to bring it in. Use a lock that hooks on to the bearings and then to any kind of pole, just like a bike lock.
2 Warning flashers that actuate automatically when a vehicle slows down in an abrupt manner, when airbags deploy, or when the vehicle skids sideways. This device will caution the drivers who only watch the red tail lights in dense fog & heavy rain. (cars) E-mail
3 A basket that fits securely across the arms of a wheelchair so that a small pile of clothes, food, etc. can be carried from one room to another sure would be helpful. E-mail
4 A lawn mower that has a bottle that you can fill with fertilizer, pesticide, etc. While you mow the lawn, the fertilizer can be spread so that you can feed and mow at the same time! E-mail
5 Honda recently added speech recognition to some vehicles so drivers can control their CD players, A/C, etc. hands-free. This has been combined with a GPS system, making it convenient to get directions while on the road. (driving, cars) E-mail
6 To help learning drivers, a computer program should be developed that would be like a driving simulator. It would be no subsitute for real driving, but it would help drivers to learn the rules. (cars, driving) E-mail
7 To reduce your spending, look at an item's price and think how many hours you had to work to buy that item. If you make $10 an hour and are looking at a $60 item, was it worth six hours of your life to have it? If so, get it. But often you find it isn't. E-mail
8 Disposable covers for wheelchair wheels and baby strollers. Easier than wiping off the wheels before going indoors. E-mail
9 A custom car horn: you record your voice into it, and when you honk, it will replay your message. For example, when you honk your horn, it may say "Get out of the way!" or "Coming through!"
10 Used pantyhose make an excellent disposable collector bag for grass clippings from your power mower. They can be held in place on the mower with a short bungee cord. They are very amusing to see standing up. E-mail
11 Walking chair for invalids: uses 8 identical electromechanised legs like a spider. It could be used for overcoming many of the obstacles faced by physically handicapped people such as staircases (including spiral staircases) and rough terrain. E-mail
12 Front brake lights on cars so that pedestrians, bikers, other cars, etc., can see if a car that is coming toward them is slowing down.
13 Inflatable air bags pasted on the roof of cars can reduce heating / cooling. On moving, this will give the roof a near aerodynamic shape. It will also be easier to remove snow from roofs. Make sure that no air can get below the bag from the front side. E-mail
14 Transmission that is infinitely variable instead of having only fixed gear ratios. E-mail
15 To improve visibility, install a periscope or camera on the roof of the car. E-mail
16 For washing your car: a water hose that has a soap dispenser and a brush attached to it. The hose has a button so you can shut off the soap when you want to spray water only. E-mail
17 Paint your car with reflective paint, the same paint they use for road signs to make signs glow at night. I think the effect is created by adding small glass beads to the paint mixture. E-mail
18 If we have a clear plastic curtain with a zip, separating the front and back seats of our cars, we could use car air conditioning cost effectively, while driving alone or there is no one in the back seat. E-mail
19 A car that can change colors. The "skin" of the car is clear and can be filled with different colored fluids. These can be removed and replaced at the touch of a button.
20 Magnetic suspension for cars and bikes. (bicycles) E-mail
21 An automobile ignition system that starts the vehicle by fingerprint instead of keys. This system could also control every feature inside the vehicle, such as radio, a/c, powered seats, etc.
22 To remove plaster stains from car roof (caused by water dripping from concrete ceiling in parking garage), spray glass cleaner or just water on the spots and leave for several minutes. Then rub with cloth towel. Repeat. E-mail
23 Something to put over the windshield at night to protect it from vandals. (Recently had that happen: brick through the window). Also one to protect the back window. E-mail
24 Install detectors on your car so that if your car is stolen the police can find it easily. For example, LoJack. E-mail
25 Put carbon monoxide detectors inside cars to prevent accidental deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning. E-mail
26 Composite plastic sheet with a thin metal cladding on top could be used to build automobile body. The metallic cladding would provide the look and feel of a metallic body (with usual car paints), while the plastic sheet would be corrosion proof and cheap. E-mail
27 Fit a powerful magnetic device to all the wheel guards of vehicles to attract/remove nails and other sharp metal objects from the roads. Saves punctures in the tyres and prevents some accidents. If you use this idea, please acknowledge this source. E-mail
28 Don't hurry-scurry driving. Check how much time you save in one rush--maybe 1-2 minutes. It's worth not to save that time with a good chance of an accident of any kind. Just remember to set out early by that time of 1-2 minutes and save yourself. E-mail
29 Make the body of an automobile out of a flexible material such as silicone. E-mail
30 Don't drive alone. Instead, try riding trains, subways, or buses. E-mail
31 To save petrol, check your car tires' pressures monthly when refueling (but not after a long drive) and inflate to the proper limit. Under-inflated tires use more fuel. Plus, under- and over-inflated tires have shorter life spans. E-mail
32 Allow gas pedal in tiny cars to switch to bicycle pedal for optional use. Adds a sport tool to automobiles which helps to lose weight. E-mail
33 A solar powered car. There wouldn't be any engine because the sun would make it run. There wouldn't be any accidents where peoples' engines blow up and start a fire. Also, there wouldn't be as much pollution.
34 Deter automobile thefts by strengthening a vital part. Some car manufacturers design the vehicles with weak (cheap) metals. A device could be made to fit many makes and models.
35 What if the bottom of your car seat also functioned as a flotation device, like in airplanes? No more worry about driving off bridges. Now *that's* convenience. E-mail
36 To assist the A/C air compresor attached to the rear axle assembly of a vehicle, fix it so that the spontaneous up and down movement of the axle would pump air into a tank to supply air to the A/C. E-mail
37 Mail-order motorcycle engine repair: send it, I'll fix it and send it back. Dirt/street and more. E-mail
38 I have discovered a safety idea for spinner caps on custom rims. First a locking mechanism for the spinner cap (built in) to the cap. Plus, the tool to put them on and remove them unharmed. 100% professional, no more lead hammers. E-mail
39 Supermarket shopping trollies can be joined together with lengths of rope to make a 'train', for use in the store.