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1 Bicycle with turning signals and green lights and a red brake light. E-mail
2 Glowing paint on 2 wheeler tyres (tires) for increased rider safety at night. The fluorescent colors can be used to create a halo warning other road users of the coming or going 2 wheeler. (bike, bicycle) E-mail
3 A cellphone charger can be developed using a computer fan. Put a computer fan to your bike. While the bike moves, the energy generated by the rotating computer fan is enough to charge a cellphone (even when the bike is moving at 20 KPH). E-mail
4 New bicycle safety flashing lights, no batteries, no gears. Uses magnet on spoke to turn magnet in generator and power the light. 1 white light in front, 2 red lights at back. Save batteries and environment. E-mail
5 Spinner rims for bicycles! I was just out in my shop building a chopper bike for my boy, and all the kids said if I could only have spinner rims! E-mail
6 Heated bicycle grips and seat, powered by batteries. E-mail
7 Bike must have the first gear simultaneously upon hand near the clutch so that biker can manage the balance easily at the starting time after kick to start. E-mail
8 Wood trimmed bicycle. Give it that luxurious look it deserves. All with leather too. E-mail
9 Reduce carbon usage by making motorcycle and small car usage safer. Paint vehicles brightly. Require brightly painted helmets. Require light reflector strips everywhere. Increase fine for dangerous driving around cycles. E-mail
10 Require bikers to get a special biker's license if they are going to ride on roads because bikers who are ignorant of traffic laws put them and cars at risk of an accident. E-mail
11 Two wheel drive hydraulic bicycle E-mail
12 Perhaps it is possible to design (wind assisted) sails to assist riders of bicycles and tricycles (rikshaws in the Asian countries). Very useful for travel in small towns and developing countries. E-mail
13 Motorcycle tyre went flat. Stranded in remote place. I have got an idea how to fix this problem. E-mail
14 Mail-order motorcycle engine repair: send it, I'll fix it and send it back. Dirt/street and more. E-mail