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1 Miniature Wall Refrigerator for bathroom to store medications, vitamins and other small products requiring storage under 25 degrees C.
2 Many people throw out their electronic gadgets because of simple electrical problems. To prevent this waste, basic electronics should be a mandatory course in schools so that people can fix things instead of throwing them out. (garbage) E-mail
3 A tarp or tent that covers your air conditioning unit to protect it against weathering, kind of like a carport to protect your car. E-mail
4 On toilets, have two levers or two levers intergrated into one, so that you can choose the amount of water flow down the toilet. If there is a lot or heavy material, then choose high flow, or small flow for small amounts or liquids. This would save water. E-mail
5 Almost 80-95% of the fuel used in conventional cooking, even with pressure cookers, is wasted. Most of this can be avoided by using thermally insulated cooking vessels or by transferring the vessels to insulated boxes once boiling point has been reached. E-mail
6 Vacuum cleaners use water to filter the air and hold the dirt instead of bags. It's cheaper, and you can dump the water in your garden when you are done! Some vacuums employ this technology now, but not nearly enough. E-mail
7 A worldbot: a robot controlled remotely via the internet allowing randomly selected surfers to participate in magnificent occasions for short periods of time.
8 If you want to wake up early in the morning, then before going to sleep say 100 times the time when you want to awaken. E-mail
9 Combine electric slow cooker and solar oven to have both a low energy appliance and minimal cooking temperatures.
10 Save precious minutes in the shower by hooking up an extra valve to your shower head which can allow an external canister containing shampoo, conditioner, or body wash to be manually turned on or off. E-mail
11 A device to filter the salt and microscopic organisms out of seawater, leaving it pure and drinkable. Might be a miniaturized reverse osmosis filter system operated by hand pump. E-mail
12 Develop inverter batteries using solar power. E-mail
13 World's smallest and powerful welding machine websites: and E-mail
14 To prevent formation of ice, rub table salt on the insides of your freezer. E-mail
15 Plan meals so that if oven is started, it is used for at least two items. In worst case, bake an item for next day's meal or to give a meal to a person in need. E-mail
16 A central home energy system. It takes in room-temperature air and changes it to hot air (for heating) and cold air (for refrigerator, freezer, and air conditioner when needed). Excess thermal energy is stored in a battery for later use. (appliances) E-mail
17 You can toast bread with a hair dryer. It warms and dries bread, making it crispy without burning it. Since charred food may cause cancer, this may be healthier than using a toaster. And you don't need to clutter your kitchen with a toaster. E-mail
18 One kitchen appliance for an oven and dishwasher. Save money and space by replacing 2 appliances with one. Cleans your oven as it washes the dishes. E-mail
19 A combination clothes washer and dryer that does both, so you only need one machine, and you'd never have to worry about putting wet clothes in dryer. It would recycle water. Such machines are available in some places now. E-mail