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1 3D printer that consumes supermarket plastic bags E-mail
2 Use an internet homepage rotating tool like Whatpage. Link to several free click-to-donate websites, and each time you open up an internet browser a different click-to-donate website will appear.
3 To make text files smaller, file compression utilities could include a pre-stored database of English words mapped to two-byte codes. Therefore, every word in this sentence could be swapped with a two-character code like "&@". Much smaller! E-mail
4 Yahoo and similar public e-mail systems should provide a way to detach the file attachments and keep the mails. It can have the filename and path of where the file has been stored. This will be useful to conserve storage space and mail history. E-mail
5 Warning flashers that actuate automatically when a vehicle slows down in an abrupt manner, when airbags deploy, or when the vehicle skids sideways. This device will caution the drivers who only watch the red tail lights in dense fog & heavy rain. (cars) E-mail
6 Bicycle with turning signals and green lights and a red brake light. E-mail
7 A skateboard lock. Skateboards are popular, so you have a chance of getting it stolen when you go somewhere where they don't allow you to bring it in. Use a lock that hooks on to the bearings and then to any kind of pole, just like a bike lock.
8 Use windmills for intermittent power in poor, remote areas, as farms in the US plains formerly used to pump water. Use for water pumping and purification, or making ice for underground ice house. (development,electricity) E-mail
9 A basket that fits securely across the arms of a wheelchair so that a small pile of clothes, food, etc. can be carried from one room to another sure would be helpful. E-mail
10 Apply a traser or glow-in-dark sticker to flash lights. When the power fails, you can spot and head for the flash light in the dark. E-mail
11 How many times have you gone into the basement with your hands full, fumbling for the light switch? Rig power outlet or light with a passive infrared (pir) sensor to turn on the light when it detects a person nearby, for security or convenience. E-mail
12 A digital camera which can be remotely activated by or attached to a passive infrared (pir) sensor for security. A similar example. E-mail
13 So that blind or immobile people can respond to people at their door, a hand-held intercom (like a cell phone) linked to a fixed intercom at the door. E-mail
14 A lawn mower that has a bottle that you can fill with fertilizer, pesticide, etc. While you mow the lawn, the fertilizer can be spread so that you can feed and mow at the same time! E-mail
15 Honda recently added speech recognition to some vehicles so drivers can control their CD players, A/C, etc. hands-free. This has been combined with a GPS system, making it convenient to get directions while on the road. (driving, cars) E-mail
16 In the multi-purpose exercise machines, add thin rubber lining to the adjustable weight plates. That stops annoying noise when they fall suddenly because of lack of control/practice with this equipment. E-mail
17 Miniature Wall Refrigerator for bathroom to store medications, vitamins and other small products requiring storage under 25 degrees C.
18 To help learning drivers, a computer program should be developed that would be like a driving simulator. It would be no subsitute for real driving, but it would help drivers to learn the rules. (cars, driving) E-mail
19 To reduce your spending, look at an item's price and think how many hours you had to work to buy that item. If you make $10 an hour and are looking at a $60 item, was it worth six hours of your life to have it? If so, get it. But often you find it isn't. E-mail
20 Place to register online if your laptop is stolen. If you are in this registry, associated software on your computer sends out a 'distress signal' over the internet with the IP address, screen name, & ISP of the thief the moment he gets online. E-mail
21 Computerised indoor swimming holes big enough for an adult and using elastic bands tied to ankles or waist to allow a person to swim. Saves space and costs. Computer to track duration and speed. Similar example E-mail
22 Glowing paint on 2 wheeler tyres (tires) for increased rider safety at night. The fluorescent colors can be used to create a halo warning other road users of the coming or going 2 wheeler. (bike, bicycle) E-mail
23 Instead of having your computer find drivers for a specific piece of hardware, have the driver itself stored on a chip within the hardware. That way you wouldn't have to go to the trouble of finding drivers for unknown hardware. E-mail
24 Disposable covers for wheelchair wheels and baby strollers. Easier than wiping off the wheels before going indoors. E-mail
25 A custom car horn: you record your voice into it, and when you honk, it will replay your message. For example, when you honk your horn, it may say "Get out of the way!" or "Coming through!"
26 Linux is a free, stable and powerful operating system. It can be used along with Samba to access files stored on Windows computers. E-mail
27 Used pantyhose make an excellent disposable collector bag for grass clippings from your power mower. They can be held in place on the mower with a short bungee cord. They are very amusing to see standing up. E-mail
28 To prevent medical problems from inhaling dangerous fumes (soldering, welding, melting plastic), a simple "fume-sucker" can be constructed using an old vacuum hose with a fan attached to one end. The hose can lead outside. E-mail
29 Walking chair for invalids: uses 8 identical electromechanised legs like a spider. It could be used for overcoming many of the obstacles faced by physically handicapped people such as staircases (including spiral staircases) and rough terrain. E-mail
30 Liquid nitrogen airplane. Instead of kerosene, fill tanks with liquid nitrogen, which vaporizes through nozzles to propel plane. Safer since no fire danger; lighter since no jet engines; no air pollution; no noise pollution. Or use compressed air. E-mail
31 Many people throw out their electronic gadgets because of simple electrical problems. To prevent this waste, basic electronics should be a mandatory course in schools so that people can fix things instead of throwing them out. (garbage) E-mail
32 Making a buddy in instant messenger (Yahoo or AOL) as an assistant will be good. e_oatbot is one. Please see what's possible with such assistants. E-mail
33 On toilets, have two levers or two levers intergrated into one, so that you can choose the amount of water flow down the toilet. If there is a lot or heavy material, then choose high flow, or small flow for small amounts or liquids. This would save water. E-mail
34 In places where computers are left on for much of the day (internet cafes, libraries, offices), these computers could be working on distributed computing projects in the background. E-mail
35 A tarp or tent that covers your air conditioning unit to protect it against weathering, kind of like a carport to protect your car. E-mail
36 Front brake lights on cars so that pedestrians, bikers, other cars, etc., can see if a car that is coming toward them is slowing down.
37 A cellphone charger can be developed using a computer fan. Put a computer fan to your bike. While the bike moves, the energy generated by the rotating computer fan is enough to charge a cellphone (even when the bike is moving at 20 KPH). E-mail
38 Almost 80-95% of the fuel used in conventional cooking, even with pressure cookers, is wasted. Most of this can be avoided by using thermally insulated cooking vessels or by transferring the vessels to insulated boxes once boiling point has been reached. E-mail
39 New bicycle safety flashing lights, no batteries, no gears. Uses magnet on spoke to turn magnet in generator and power the light. 1 white light in front, 2 red lights at back. Save batteries and environment. E-mail
40 Instead of throwing away old computers, you can use them as web servers. Computers as slow as 33mhz can be used for this. E-mail
41 A Vocal Language Translator. Speak in, select the language (English, Spanish, French, etc.), press the button to translate your language into the desired language selected. This is an excellent device for traveling to other countries. E-mail
42 Save money by reducing impulse buying and shopping for fun. Before buying an item, imagine that you could touch any item in your home and turn it back into the money you spent to buy it. Most of us would have a VERY nice pile of cash after doing that. E-mail
43 Inflatable air bags pasted on the roof of cars can reduce heating / cooling. On moving, this will give the roof a near aerodynamic shape. It will also be easier to remove snow from roofs. Make sure that no air can get below the bag from the front side. E-mail
44 To improve visibility, install a periscope or camera on the roof of the car. E-mail
45 Transmission that is infinitely variable instead of having only fixed gear ratios. E-mail
46 Catch gray water (from washing dishes) and use for outdoor plants, vehicles. (I've seen plans for simple filtering through sand in an old barrel).
47 Spinner rims for bicycles! I was just out in my shop building a chopper bike for my boy, and all the kids said if I could only have spinner rims! E-mail
48 For washing your car: a water hose that has a soap dispenser and a brush attached to it. The hose has a button so you can shut off the soap when you want to spray water only. E-mail
49 Vacuum cleaners use water to filter the air and hold the dirt instead of bags. It's cheaper, and you can dump the water in your garden when you are done! Some vacuums employ this technology now, but not nearly enough. E-mail
50 To save space and energy, use a tankless water heater. (Example.) They last 30+ years and are safer. They are common in crowded places such as Hong Kong. E-mail