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1 I can safely paint out of reach places without a ladder. I simply superglued a paint brush to the end of a light weight pole. Works like a charm! E-mail
2 Spring arrangement in electric plug and socket may avoid loose contacts, thus improving the efficiency of electricity consumption. E-mail
3 Use caps from soda bottles to cover the bottoms of kitchen chair legs to make them slide easily and not damage the floor. Or buy felt disks sold for this purpose. E-mail
4 To clear the blocked drain pipe of your kitchen sink, push a handful of sodium bicarbonate down the drain, then stand back and carefully pour in a few deciliters vinegar. It will create gas to help push out the clog. Then add a liter of water. E-mail
5 To unclog a drain, charge an empty whipped cream can with 3CO2 cartriges. Put the can tip in the drain and hold a small wet towel around it to plug the drain. Discharge the can to force the clog down the pipe. Doesn't work if drain has a vent. E-mail
6 Smoking Shirt to let smokers smoke without leaving building: use long armed t-shirt and sheet. Cut t-shirt just under arms, cut hole in sheet, sew shirt to the sheet around hole, tape to window frame. Now you can let out the smoke without going outside. E-mail
7 A cover for a folding attic stairway to save energy loss and restore the insulation removed to install these stairs. Check out E-mail
8 To conserve energy, properly insulate your house. Check the attics, walls, and basement/crawl space, especially the spaces between the floorboards and joists. Seal the leaks, particularly the windows, doors, electrical outlets, and baseboards. E-mail
9 Make and place a round nail file--about one inch deep--under the metal part of a pencil. Held on by Velcro or tight enough to push up to its place, and stay there. To be used again and again. E-mail
10 A newly painted room smells awful with the odor of the paint. Put vinegar in a bowl to absorb the odor. E-mail
11 To prevent ant invasions, keep anything they'd eat (boxes of sugar, cookies) in ziploc bags. To stop ants from entering, trace their trail backward and block any entry hole in the wall with poster putty or gum.
12 Make drywall patches from heavy brown paper grocery bags. Then spackle as usual. This is good for holes up to 6 inches in diameter. (Home repair, construction) E-mail