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1 A separate household garbage bin, colour-coded for collection by the local garbage service, only for organic waste (eg. vegetable waste etc.) and without plastic bags, for conversion into organic manure at a central plant. E-mail
2 Am anxious for someone to invent a sweeper attachment that is long, thin piece of metal to fit in narrow spaces, such as air conditioner vents, etc. E-mail
3 Apply a traser or glow-in-dark sticker to flash lights. When the power fails, you can spot and head for the flash light in the dark. E-mail
4 How many times have you gone into the basement with your hands full, fumbling for the light switch? Rig power outlet or light with a passive infrared (pir) sensor to turn on the light when it detects a person nearby, for security or convenience. E-mail
5 A lawn mower that has a bottle that you can fill with fertilizer, pesticide, etc. While you mow the lawn, the fertilizer can be spread so that you can feed and mow at the same time! E-mail
6 Night coat for pets that has glow in the dark strips so they can be readily located at night around the house. E-mail
7 When washing dishes in your dishwasher, use white vinegar in the rinse compartment instead of those expensive rinse solutions. The dishes would never be more clean and they would actually squeak. E-mail
8 Catch gray water (from washing dishes) and use for outdoor plants, vehicles. (I've seen plans for simple filtering through sand in an old barrel).
9 Often, people throw away recyclable material just because they are too lazy. To prevent this, small recycling baskets should be kept near each garbage bin in houses so that it is easy to recycle. E-mail
10 To save space and energy, use a tankless water heater. (Example.) They last 30+ years and are safer. They are common in crowded places such as Hong Kong. E-mail
11 A Christmas tree skirt with a slit in it. This would make it easier to wrap around your tree. Make slit and add velcro to close. E-mail
12 Home Fire Protection: similar to tenting a home for termites. Sell homeowners a non-flammable tarp or sprayable material they can use to cover a home in case of a wildfire to keep it from burning. The tarp could be stored in a garage in sections. E-mail
13 Most people do not know that some appliances still consume electricity when turned "off". To prevent this waste, pass laws requiring companies to clearly state whether their product does this or not. E-mail
14 Don't buy a vacation home to use only a few weeks per year and keep it vacant otherwise: a big waste of money. Instead, rent a hotel room or flat/condominium by the week or month, which also gives you the flexibility to vacation elsewhere. E-mail
15 A Papasan chair cushion cover. E-mail
16 Instead of throwing out biodegradable materials in the trash, put them in a separate container so that you can empty them onto a compost. E-mail
17 Keep batteries in the refrigerator; they last longer. E-mail
18 Motorized trash can opener: Just push a button on the side of the can to open it. Inside and on the wall of the back of the garbage can is a motor attached to a rod that can either just push up or a rod that will unclip from the top of the garbage can. E-mail
19 Removable screen to put over a drain when washing one's hair. It will catch the hair while the water is free to go down the drain. E-mail
20 Make and place a round nail file--about one inch deep--under the metal part of a pencil. Held on by Velcro or tight enough to push up to its place, and stay there. To be used again and again. E-mail
21 If an egg falls down and breaks, after cleaning it up put some salt on it and clean it again so that it will not stink. E-mail
22 To prevent ant invasions, keep anything they'd eat (boxes of sugar, cookies) in ziploc bags. To stop ants from entering, trace their trail backward and block any entry hole in the wall with poster putty or gum.
23 Hit I am a 91 year old World War II veteran. This is my hobby. Free. To make seniors think creatively, like myself.