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1 Glow-in-the-dark window coverings: could come in cute, colorful designs to act as fun nightlights for kids; apply by heat transfer to blinds or curtains, or add the chemicals during plastic molding. View prototype. E-mail
2 Apply a traser or glow-in-dark sticker to flash lights. When the power fails, you can spot and head for the flash light in the dark. E-mail
3 Miniature Wall Refrigerator for bathroom to store medications, vitamins and other small products requiring storage under 25 degrees C.
4 To reduce your spending, look at an item's price and think how many hours you had to work to buy that item. If you make $10 an hour and are looking at a $60 item, was it worth six hours of your life to have it? If so, get it. But often you find it isn't. E-mail
5 A revolvable polygonal prism-shaped multiple photo frame to display a couple of photos at a time on a centre table. On corner table change the facing photo just by rotating. Many sweet memories to display in a small place. E-mail
6 Save money by reducing impulse buying and shopping for fun. Before buying an item, imagine that you could touch any item in your home and turn it back into the money you spent to buy it. Most of us would have a VERY nice pile of cash after doing that. E-mail
7 KidSmart Vocal Smoke Detector: able to play a message you record to direct your child what to do, instead of panicking your child with an alarm. Recently invented by Brent Routman. E-mail
8 Have glow-in-the-dark stickers pasted near bulbs that will glow in dark once light goes off. At least it will be of some help before one finds an emergency light or a candle. E-mail
9 Bathroom safety: TubSafe is an inexpensive chemical treatment that slightly roughens the bathtub surface so that you won't slip and fall. E-mail
10 Organize and find papers fast: Fold a throw-away sheet in half, title it on the folded edge, and slip in over the papers. It's much faster to finger your way through the titles than with file folders, because they have some depth. E-mail
11 Use caps from soda bottles to cover the bottoms of kitchen chair legs to make them slide easily and not damage the floor. Or buy felt disks sold for this purpose. E-mail
12 If everyone has at least one plant in each room, then we can have a better environment: a billion plants more. E-mail
13 A beautiful table can make dinner for two so inviting, and very cheaply as well. When I go to a thrift shop, I look for at least two dinner plates that match. The colors and styles may be chosen to enhance the presentation of the food. (restaurants) E-mail
14 To keep mosquitoes out, use roll-up screens on windows and sliding doors. They fit snugly in their own frame and roll up or sideways into a hidden roll after a tug on a string. E-mail
15 In offices, the handrest, backrest, and even the seating portion of the sofa and chairs can have small drawers to keep handy magazines, folders etc. & even cash also. E-mail
16 To prevent bathroom falls, use rubber mats on the floor. Handles can also be fixed in the side walls to hold when needed. E-mail
17 To inexpensively change the look of a carpeted room, add a small area carpet over top of an existing carpet. E-mail
18 A dresser pocket that fits across a dresser to put extra clothing in or maybe shoes. E-mail
19 A mattress for pets (such as dogs), with sizes S, M, L, and XL. Washable cover. Colors of the dog bed: red, white, & blue.
20 Candles will last a lot longer if placed in the freezer for at least 3 hours prior to burning. E-mail
21 An ideal accessory for the foyer is a mirror. This allows light to reflect down the hallways, and illuminate the rest of the corridor. E-mail
22 A Papasan chair cushion cover. E-mail
23 Make a wooden showcase or cabinet shaped like a cross, with glass shutters having an etched figure of crucified Jesus. Then put two identical X-mas trees or beautiful plants (maybe red roses) under the arms of the cross. E-mail
24 To reduce water consumption, use smaller than average buckets, mugs, tubs etc. and if possible taps, flush & bathtubs also. You can reduce consumption by 10 - 15%. But do not make devices too much smaller; it may not help. E-mail
25 Recycled glass could be used in craft projects--similar to breaking up tiles for use on top of mosaic tables. E-mail
26 To make safe bathrooms, it is important to make the flooring non-slippery. Many a fall could be avoided. I think we can do it with rubber mats. E-mail
27 Make candles by filling unused glasses with wax. Use a string as a wick.
28 To prevent mosquitoes from entering windows, use mesh made up of very thin steel or plastic wires. These stop insects and let in air. E-mail
29 Turn an old, flat trunk on end and install shelves to make an entertainment center, or leave down and cover with glass as coffee table.
30 If you're short on storage space, design a closet in a wall so that the closet door is flush with surface of the wall. No door handle is needed--use simple magnetic spring latches and open the door by pressing on it--thus the wall looks continuous. E-mail
31 A pillow or mattress with bumps that go up and down to massage away your headache or muscle aches.
32 Make a coffee table by laying glass over a flat ottoman.
33 Remote control porch lights. E-mail
34 Make a framed mirror by buying a painting with a nice frame and adding a mirror.
35 Space Heating Vacuum Box: A box which can have air sucked out of it to form a vacuum is placed in a room. You instantly have less volume of air to heat or cool, thus saving on fuel bills and energy. (air conditioning, heating) E-mail
36 XL flannel WWE twin bed complete sheet set: includes fitted bottom sheet, flat sheet, blanket, comforter, 2 pillowcases (any size), & curtains. Thread count: 400. E-mail