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1 If you're too busy to go to the gym and live or work in a tall building, get some quick exercise and save a little electricity by climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator. If it's too far, get off the elevator part way up, then walk from there. E-mail
2 To quit smoking or reduce the harm a bit: Before smoking, put 2-4 drops of water in the filter. Suck off excess water. Smoke. It will be smoother. Then see the dark brown deposition in filter & think how much of such dirt you have put in your lungs! E-mail
3 To stop smoking, kick the addiction before kicking the habit (patches do the opposite). I got a cigarette-sized piece of plastic tube, stuffed it with cotton wool and put peppermint oil in it. I then pretended to myself that it was a menthol cigarette. E-mail
4 To help quit smoking, carry decoy cigarettes. They look like real cigarettes but have a bad taste. E-mail
5 If everyone has at least one plant in each room, then we can have a better environment: a billion plants more. E-mail
6 Ban the manufacture of 2 and 4 stroke petrol mowers in order to cut pollution. Replace with either electric (mains or battery) mowers or push mowers -- assists in keeping your body fit as well as the atmosphere. E-mail
7 Many schools still use chalkboards. An alternative to this is to use a projector connected to a computer. The teacher could use a touchpad to write things. This would prevent chalkdust, to which many people are allergic. E-mail
8 Use solar ovens and solar powered light bulbs instead of burning kerosene or candles indoors. E-mail