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1 Save life by donating a kidney to a stranger. You may trigger a "domino transplant", in which several donors who were willing to give a kidney to a relative, but were immunologically incompatible, give instead to a stranger. Thus, many lives are saved. E-mail
2 High blood pressure can cause strokes, heart attacks, vision loss, and kidney damage. Treat it by exercising, not smoking, eating a healthy diet with enough calcium and low sodium, not drinking too much alcohol, and taking diuretics if needed. E-mail
3 If you have some of these symptoms of kidney disease, see a doctor: Difficult or frequent urination, bloody urine, swollen hands and feet and eyelids, pain in the lower back, high blood pressure. E-mail
4 Many people don't donate organs because they fear they won't be reincarnated with incomplete bodies. To get more organs and save lives, spread a rumor that each organ donated adds another afterlife, as each part of a cut worm grows into a new one. E-mail