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1 Put soluble orange dye in the alcohol hand gel used in hospitals by staff and visitors. Then anyone not using it would be identified. It would wash off easily on leaving hospital. E-mail
2 To prevent hepatitis E if in unsanitary areas, wash hands after using any washroom, eat only well and freshly cooked foods, drink only bottled or boiled water, and don't eat non-peelable raw fruits or vegetables unless cleaned thoroughly. E-mail
3 Harvest CD4/CD8 stem cells from HIV patient's marrow, then modify CD receptor gene so that its protein can't bind HIV (cf the HIV immune people in NYC), then autotransplant these stem cells to give partial new HIV resistant immune system. E-mail
4 Everyone, particularly health workers or people in areas with a lot of hepatitis, should get hepatitis A and B vaccinations. This will greatly reduce the risk of liver cancer, which is often caused by hepatitis B. E-mail
5 Nobody can carry a soap bar or dish in a pocket or purse to wash themselves. I have invented a disposable paper soap (10 strips in one packet) to overcome this problem. Similar example E-mail
6 Leaves of the custard apple plant are an effective cure for head lice. Just make a paste and apply, shampoo after 1 hour, and reapply after 3 days for better results. Added benefit: your hair is soft and conditioned. E-mail
7 Repel mosquitoes: Tie a sheet of Bounce fabric softener through a belt loop when outdoors during mosquito season. E-mail
8 We have electrical toothbrushes, water jets etc. We need, I think, an electrical dental floss. Not hard to invent. E-mail
9 In Japan, people with colds wear masks to keep from spreading virus. Encourage this courtesy in other places. Doctors could give free masks to cold patients, especially kids in day care. Kids masks have cartoon characters on them. E-mail me if you try it. E-mail
10 Use a folded cloth to filter water as a very effective, affordable way for people in poor areas to prevent cholera. E-mail
11 Put a few camphor tablets in a cup of water and keep it in the bed room near your bed, or in any place with mosquitoes. E-mail
12 If you live in an area with bird flu, discourage chicken farming by not eating chicken. This would decrease the number of birds available to spread bird flu, and would thus decrease the chance of a human-transmissible virus evolving. E-mail
13 Right now, USA citizens are starting to think about next pandemic. Emphasis is on what government is doing. Too little focus on what individuals can do to help themselves and their community. Should be parallel activity. E-mail
14 Motion sensitive doors that open automatically so you don't have to touch them (maybe dirty handle). E-mail
15 Slip into mosquito net while you sleep or sit in chair, sofa etc. This requires designing special frames to hold the mosquito curtains. E-mail
16 Applying pure rose water every night before sleep can greatly help in reducing pimples on the face. E-mail
17 To prevent mosquitoes from entering windows, use mesh made up of very thin steel or plastic wires. These stop insects and let in air. E-mail
18 To reduce fumes that we breathe from mosquito repellant cake fumes and to kill instead of just repel mosquitoes, crumble and burn the cakes in a bowl in a closed room, then let the fumes out through screened windows before you stay in the room. E-mail