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1 To live a long and healthy life, control the stomach because all the diseases start from stomach only. E-mail
2 Many people suffer from indigestion, and I was one of them. I've found that eating raw bok choy before a troublesome meal stops heartburn dead in its tracks. My goal, by sharing this, is to put Tums and Rolaids out of business. E-mail
3 Perhaps this is for people older than 50 years: If you feel the urge to eliminate, and can't, lean forward and touch the floor. Once or twice. Something happens to the abdomen, and you go. E-mail
4 Evidence suggests cow mycobacteria survive pasteurization and may cause Crohn's disease. But UHT pasteurization for boxed, unrefrigerated milk seems to kill it, thus drinking UHT milk instead of "regular" milk might prevent Crohn's disease. E-mail
5 To counteract the growing problem of obesity in our children I have conceived a device which is strapped around the afflicted child's face. There is an automated opening over the mouth which can be programmed to open at set times and for set durations. E-mail