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1 Everyone, particularly health workers or people in areas with a lot of hepatitis, should get hepatitis A and B vaccinations. This will greatly reduce the risk of liver cancer, which is often caused by hepatitis B. E-mail
2 Sunburn in childhood increases risk of later skin cancer. Protect children from sunburn using clothing, hats, or sunblock. E-mail
3 To quit smoking or reduce the harm a bit: Before smoking, put 2-4 drops of water in the filter. Suck off excess water. Smoke. It will be smoother. Then see the dark brown deposition in filter & think how much of such dirt you have put in your lungs! E-mail
4 To stop smoking, kick the addiction before kicking the habit (patches do the opposite). I got a cigarette-sized piece of plastic tube, stuffed it with cotton wool and put peppermint oil in it. I then pretended to myself that it was a menthol cigarette. E-mail
5 A sunscreen cream that changes color as per the amount of UV absorption. This can give indication to stop sunbathing when the amount of UV ray increases. E-mail
6 At the Cancer Institute at the Medical College of Ohio physicians give the inspirational book "Healing Words For The Body, Mind, and Spirit" to incoming patients to help them deal with their fears and anxieties. E-mail
7 Chewing tobacco is an alternative to smoking to get the daily dose of nicotine. It delivers more nicotine to the bloodstream and is somewhat less hazardous though it does increase risk of fatal mouth cancer. E-mail