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1 Just as some people are hyperactive, some people are hypoactive. They're just not noticed because they are quiet. However, it may cause problems: aversion to exercise may harm health, and aversion to interaction may cause problems in marriage and work.. E-mail
2 People who are determined to kill themselves should do so in a way that their organs can be donated and save the lives of others. (suicide)
3 To treat Alzheimer's disease, take vitamin E, which slightly slows degeneration. Statins and anti-inflammatory drugs are being tested, but haven't yet been shown to help. (brain) E-mail
4 A simple way to remove tension, stress, or seriousness is to just breathe. Yes, when in tension, your breathing gets improper, leading to more stress. E-mail
5 Brahmi (Bacopa bacosides, an Indian herb) seems to have a brain stimulating effect. Do more controlled research and publish the results. E-mail
6 High blood pressure can cause strokes, heart attacks, vision loss, and kidney damage. Treat it by exercising, not smoking, eating a healthy diet with enough calcium and low sodium, not drinking too much alcohol, and taking diuretics if needed. E-mail
7 When you are in depression, just go out and do whatever your hands can find to do. Any action or exercise will help you feel better.
8 If you want to wake up early in the morning, then before going to sleep say 100 times the time when you want to awaken. E-mail
9 Natural anti-depressant/anxiety/phobia/brain chemical fix. Because of evolution and today's society, do we have this chemical imbalance due to lack of exercise and stressful situations? If we run from lions, would that fix this imbalance? Sports may help.
10 B+ve. Charge this into your blood stream and the dreaded enemy, '-ve', will vanish. E-mail
11 Negative ion generators may reduce indoor odors + particulates and may improve mood. E-mail
12 A reverse-learning mnemonics book for children or adults to determine where their learning patterns change at a certain age and for what reasons at that point in their life. E-mail