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1 To strengthen your gum & cure the pain due to loosening of teeth just chew a guava leaf twice a day. You can feel the difference within 2-3 days. This is my grandma's Indian recipe which I have used extensively. She still has all her teeth at 75+. E-mail
2 Bone replacement could be done with coral, as the porosity would allow vascular tissue to grow into it. Gradually it would become as good as new living bone tissue. E-mail
3 Electric tooth brushes should provide space for a sachet of toothpaste to enable the use of efficient amounts of toothpaste and even distribution in the mouth. The toothpaste will be dispensed from a hole in the center. E-mail
4 Toothpaste should not create foam. Then we would be able to see what and where exactly are we brushing and hence clean better. E-mail
5 Dental gum with ambisol (the numbing gel) in it for toothaches for those hard to reach places!!! and possibly to replace local anesthetics in dental work!! E-mail
6 We have electrical toothbrushes, water jets etc. We need, I think, an electrical dental floss. Not hard to invent. E-mail
7 To make the bathroom a safer place, walk with your weight mostly on the front of your feet. You may also walk with your heel raised. This would reduce any chance of slipping. Practise this on dry floor to be fully in control of the way of walking. E-mail
8 To prevent bathroom falls, use rubber mats on the floor. Handles can also be fixed in the side walls to hold when needed. E-mail
9 For strong bones, in addition to eating calcium and vitamin D in milk or vegetables, exercises that put moderate stress on bones (weight-bearing exercises) may help. E-mail
10 When a toothpaste tube gets to half full you have to squeeze it up from the bottom each time. Put a kitchen or office clip on the tube halfway up so it's like a full tube again! E-mail
11 Food may not provide enough vitamin D, but sunlight creates plenty when it hits our skin. Get a few minutes per week of evening or morning sun to make enough vitamin D. But avoid too much mid-day exposure, which can lead to skin cancer. E-mail
12 Pedestrian airbags: for frail elderly at risk of injury from falls; could be worn on a vest to protect the upper body and head, and pants or belt to protect the hips and legs; activated by falls just like car airbags. E-mail